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Sushil Mantri: Was He Really Detained in a Money Laundering Case? (2024)

Sushil Mantri of Mantri Developers
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Sushil Mantri, Director of Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd. was detained by The Enforcement Directorate Sleuths on Friday within the provisions of the Prohibition of Money Laundering investigation. 

On Saturday, defendant Sushil Mantri appeared in a municipal court. He is going to participate in the ED’s trial for around ten days. 

According to a news release issued by the ED, Sushil P Mantri, Director of Bengaluru-based real-estate firm Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd., has been detained for association therewith a money laundering case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Case Act, 2002. 

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In March 2002, the Enforcement Division launched this Money Laundering case inquiry on behalf of an FIR filed in Subramanyapura Police Station regarding the residential property firm as well as its director, Sushil Mantri, along with any workers. 

Many buyers and investors have filed complaints against them at the police department as well as the ED, stating that the charged organization & individuals are involved in the Money Laundering investigation. Potential purchasers were enticed with rosy-colored designs or deceptive pamphlets, as well as false delivery timeframes and window decorations. 

They received over 1,000 rupees crores in funding advances through several customers, however, the units in which they made investments weren’t handed up after a period of seven to ten years. 

During the probe, it was claimed that the organization provided several Ponzi-like frauds, such as buy-back strategies, in addition to advance cash received for the properties. According to ED, in certain cases, firms did not reimburse the money to buyers despite clear instructions from the real estate regulatory agency (RERA).

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is an illegal process that involves concealing the origin of illegally obtained funds and transforming them into legitimate sources of income. This is done to evade prosecution, conviction, and the seizure of criminal proceeds.

In its official statement, ED stated that a large sum of cash was gathered from customers and intended to finance the building, but was transferred by the corporation’s administration for staff usage or other illicit purposes.  

Recently, the corporation has remaining loans from multiple lenders totaling over Rs. 5000 crores, among which about Rs. 1000 crores are past due, and a few of the loans are classified as assets that are not performing. 

According to ED records, it was also studied throughout the probe that the company cross-collateralized its property to several banking institutions to take numerous loans on the same commodities. 

CID arrests Sushil Mantri’s son for allegedly defrauding homebuyers

Son of Sushil Mantri, owner of Mantri Developers Limited

Sushil Mantri and his son Pratik Mantri were detained by the Criminal Investigation Department in 2019, for their involvement in two distinct complaints brought towards them at the Cubbon Park Police Station.  

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Sushil Mantri is one of the world’s best businessmen and the CEO and Managing Director of Mantri Developers Private Limited, a well-known real-estate builder situated in Bengaluru. 

Based on the investigators’ findings, the Criminal Investigation Department apprehended the father & his son in a money laundering case on Friday evening & ensured both of them would appear in the presence of the Magistrate on Saturday. The presiding judge has ordered that they be held in court custody till the 12th of September. 

Yet, the CID started looking into instances involving laundering funds so they were assigned to it as well. Six FIRs were recently lodged accusing the father & his son, with charges ranging from fraud to violation of the agreement along with additional IPC provisions. According to the article, a number of the allegations were ultimately dropped. 

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Mantri Developers Private Limited deceived them, according to the allegations made before them in their final days by collecting cash from them on their assurance of providing them properties through different schemes. 

The ED had already detained Sushil Mantri in money laundering crimes. By obtaining an interim abduction notice on the Provisional Money Laundering Act, the enforcement agency additionally seized real estate worth Rs 300.4 crores belonging to Mantri Developers Pvt. Limited. The ED investigation is additionally being looked into. 

Sushil Mantri; detained by the Karnataka CID after being apprehended by the ED 

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Director Mantri Developers, Sushil Mantri

Sushil Mantri, Director of Mantri Developer Pvt. Ltd., was detained through the Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department after his company was suspected of defrauding prospective homeowners. a report from CID sources of information, Sushil Mantri has been placed in court detention until the 12th of September. 

Buyers claimed Sushil Mantri of stealing their cash, while FIRs were filed in Bengaluru. The Enforcement Directorate apprehended him in June after launching an investigation during March of the current year, yet he afterward received bail from the judge. 

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As word spread about the arrest of Sushil Mantri, the director of Mantri Developer Inc., many purchasers rushed to the CID headquarters to submit the events and papers about these frauds, all in the interest of vengeance. The authorities responded by saying the police will look into the situation. 

According to an official announcement issued by the ED, numerous homeowners filed an accusation of deceit that occurred to them, while others additionally claimed that their identities were duped by misleading data regarding delivery timelines, and the business gathered over Rs 1,000 crores from different shareholders. They claim that despite waiting between seven and ten years, residents were never awarded control over their flats.

Throughout the probe, it was additionally found that the business marketed several Ponzi-like plans, such as Buyback Strategies, whereby purchasers were providing cash advances for their residences. Subsequently receiving clear instructions from the Property Regulatory Authority, the company failed to repay the purchasers in numerous situations. 

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According to the ED investigation, the funds received by shareholders were dispersed for personal gain by the company’s leadership or various fraudulent purposes, and subsequently, the endeavors were thwarted by criminals. 

In recent years, the corporation has had a loan balance of approximately Rupees five thousand crores from different banks, among which approximately Rs 1,000 crore is overdue, and a few of the debts have been designated as nonperforming loans to the benefit of their clients. It was also uncovered that the company cross-collateralized its property with other banks to obtain numerous loans on identical commodities. 

The owner of Mantri Developers, a real-estate player, is changing the landscape of Bengaluru

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The Effect of Real Estate on Bengaluru’s Transformation

Bangalore’s change over the past ten years has been exceedingly amazing. The crowning jewels of Karnataka’s capital include IT Gardens, residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, & the amenities accessible in it. 

Nevertheless, there’s a commonality that all of these new developments have in the same namely real estate. Prime property players all across the country, like Mantri Developers Founder Mr. Sushil Mantri & family. Significant industries are working together to reshape Bangalore, India:

  • Recreational resources- Cafés, lounges, shopping malls, and restaurants in Bengaluru offer plenty to offer everybody.  Developers of real estate have concentrated on the location or region of business buildings, which has instilled the impact of Western culture in individual everyday lives. Mantri Square Mall is an excellent instance, featuring more than 250 retailers, nearly two million square meters of time, a bowling center, & an enormous dining area in Bengaluru.
  • Modernization and technological advancement- Technological developments seen in various nations are being implemented in Bengaluru housing. The World Wide Web of Things, or IoT for short, has changed the way individuals view technology in the fields of offerings, safety, or everyday life. Both kinds of property have instilled the concept of contemporary design into newly constructed buildings.
  • Office buildings- The moniker of the “Silicon Valley” of India represents the center of the city of Bangalore development. Technology titans across the globe opened headquarters in freshly expanded facilities, creating unprecedented work prospects. It was the explanation that individuals from every aspect of existence established their businesses in Bengaluru.
  • Luxury living quarters- Experienced real estate companies such as Mantri Developers transformed the real estate market. Sushil Mantri, the owner of Mantri Developers Ltd. has raised the level of standard of living for Bangaloreans with residences, extremely luxury, semi-luxury flats, & affordable homes. Having developments all across the metropolitan area, such developers have served an important role in delivering a nice living to both families and employed people.

Customers’ Reviews

  • Customers have shared their thoughts and ideas about Mantri Developers Limited. In this real-estate firm, I invested in 2013 and am still signing my unit for the K block of the community that was built by them. 
  • Mantri Developers Limited is a sham real estate company. The building of the projects was halted without adequate notice to the stakeholders. The majority of the real estate is unoccupied, with no relation to legal issues. All of the construction has come to a halt in the middle, leaving it unfinished. Residential properties are experiencing numerous construction-related issues, including water supply issues, among others. Do not purchase!!
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  • The investors have said that the company is a hoax. When one of the clients visited Mantri Lithos approximately a year ago, they stated that possession would begin in September, but there has been no development since. It is preferable to hire a different builder!!
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About Shushil Mantri

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Mr. Sushil Mantri is the CEO & MD of Mantri Developers Private Limited, based in Bengaluru which is one of India’s fastest-growing property development firms. He additionally served as President of the CREDAI Karnataka state branch. Mr. Sushil Mantri was honored as an Innovative Pioneer in the Real Estate Sector in the year 2016. He was also named a Business Doyen by Builders. 

About Mantri Developers Pvt. Ltd. 

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Mantri Developers Private Limited is a well-known builder of outstanding homes, Technology parks, shops, colleges, and universities. It was founded by Sushil Mantri, founder, chairman, and managing director. 

Mantri Developers Private Limited is an Indian real estate company that has built buildings in places that include Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, & Pune. The buildings serve a variety of uses, including homes, businesses, food and beverage, charge, elder existence, or teaching.


Mantri Developers Private Ltd. specializes in building and constructing. The business builds homes, offices, green spaces, shopping malls, business structures, & schools. Mantri Developers offers various real estate services to their consumers in India.

Hence, according to ED and CID findings, Shushil Mantri, founder of Mantri Developer Pvt. Ltd., is a major liar. They have not delivered apartments to buyers of real estate for nearly a decade, despite collecting 90-100 % of the purchase price. Following enrollment, some prospective homeowners have not received the keys to their homes, causing CRM to fall ahead over the past three months.

Sushil Mantri: Was He Really Detained in a Money Laundering Case? (2024)
Sushil Mantri: Was He Really Detained in a Money Laundering Case? (2024)

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