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Sergey Kosenko: Did He Drive with a Woman Tied on His Car? (Update 2024)

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Entrepreneur Sergey Kosenko has a significant social media fan base.

Kosenko was reportedly born in Hungary, although he was born on August 23, 1987, in Russia. It is unknown if he received a degree from either Moscow State University or the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, where he purportedly studied.

In 2014, Kosenko launched and expanded a retail clothes company, although it has been claimed that there were supply chain problems, leaving many of his customers without goods. Later, he started writing and developing a YouTube and Instagram social media presence. His YouTube videos frequently cover business and finance-related subjects.

He made an appearance on the Russian reality television program Island of Heroes in 2020, where he and other semi-famous people had to make it through a harsh environment on an island with few resources. 

Kosenko and Artem Nikolaev started the non-fungible token (NFT) project Amazy in 2022. According to the project’s description, a lifestyle app offers cryptocurrency prizes for exercising.

The next year, Kosenko founded Habibi Real Estate, a real estate company, in Dubai. According to reports, the corporation has a real estate investment portfolio worth more than $50 million.

Kosenko frequently makes headlines for the bizarre acts he pulls on social media. For instance, he hosted a sizable party in Bali in 2021 despite social restrictions put in place to stop the fatal COVID-19 virus from spreading. He was abusing his guest visa by traveling to Bali for business purposes as well. Kosenko was expelled from Indonesia and given a minimum six-month entry ban.

Local Russian officials started looking into Kosenko in August 2021 after he drove about with his girlfriend shackled to him and tied her to the top of his car. Kosenko defended his actions by saying it was part of a test of trust that the pair had already performed numerous times. The woman also had duct tape covering her lips. The event drew criticism online, and he was fined about $10.

What media is talking about Sergey Kosenko

-The Moscow Traffic Inspectorate is looking into influencer Sergey Kosenko.

-He was seen driving a car while bound to a woman who was strapped to the roof in an Instagram video.

-Kosenko has previously encountered criticism for online stunt videos.

According to reports, the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate is looking into a Russian influencer who purportedly tied his fiancée to the Bentley’s roof for a film. 

Sergey Kosenko, an influencer with more than 5 million Instagram followers, is well-known for his explosive online persona and penchant for risky behaviors in real life. 

According to The Moscow Times, he was expelled from Indonesia in January for hosting a party that was against COVID-19 regulations. According to The Daily Mail and other media sites, Kosenko received backlash online in December after posting an Instagram video of himself and a woman riding a motorcycle off a pier into the ocean in Bali.

Kosenko drove a bluish-green Bentley while his girlfriend, bound by a set of ropes and taped at the mouth, laid on the roof in the now-famous video, which has received over 86,000 likes and was uploaded to Instagram on Monday. The woman’s right hand was shackled to Kosenko’s left hand. The fast-paced hip-hop song “P—- BOY” by Russian trap artist Egor Kreed played in the background.

While declining to reply right away, Kosenko wrote in Russian that he had done it “already 20 times.” According to sources, Kosenko claimed in the comments that the couple’s “trust tests” together included having his girlfriend ride on the roof.

The Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate appeared to refer to the incident in a statement they posted on the messaging app Telegram not long after the footage was made public. The organization claimed to be “investigating” an online clip of a girl being restrained to the roof of a moving automobile. 

The Bentley didn’t belong to Kosenko, according to Life, a magazine of various genres funded by Russia’s Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication, and it was also subject to 68 outstanding fines.

In a subsequent Instagram post, Kosenko stated that he and his girlfriend had expressed regret and had been fined 750 RUB, or around $10. Whether this fine was connected to the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate’s inquiry was not immediately apparent. 

The internet fad known as “trash streaming” or “thrash streaming,” which includes internet streamers performing risky activities live on camera while supporters contribute money and encourage the performers, appears to be the inspiration for Kosenko’s viral stunt. The pattern has drawn lawmakers’ ire and has been blamed for several fatalities. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Russian influencer drove around Moscow while fastening his girlfriend to the roof of his vehicle.

Sergey Kosenko

Sergey Kosenko, a Russian influencer, posted a video on his Instagram page in which we can see him riding on the roof of a car with his girlfriend as they drive through Moscow.

The fact that the couple was handcuffed made the ride more challenging, and unsafe, and undoubtedly increased the female passenger’s sense of fear on the roof. As we can see, Sergey Kosenko tied his lover up with a rope and tape, as per the rumors, to make her believe she could trust him.

It is safe to assume that Mikhail Litvin, who set fire to his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S worth $270,000 because he was dissatisfied with the car’s reliability and bad customer service, lost the race of the insane to him.

With five million followers, Sergey Kosenko was only fined 750 rubles or roughly 10 euros. He posted a mocking apology to his fans, who were undoubtedly not impressed with his most recent endeavor when the punishment failed to convince him to change his mind: “I sorry. Also apologizing is Ilona. We regret the 750 rubles we lost.

By the way, Sergey Kosenko is renowned for giving risky and fantastic performances to gain likes and attention online. It is unclear if he will face harsher punishment given that he sets a very poor example for many young people who look up to him.

Sergey Kosenko: Who Is He? Influencer Performs ‘Trust Test’ Drive With Girlfriend Tied to Car Roof

Sergey Kosenko was driving around Moscow’s streets while holding his girlfriend to the top of an expensive vehicle. According to sources, it was presumably a “trust test” for her. The woman’s limbs are shown strapped to a Bentley in the same video, which has now gone viral and sparked a lot of indignation.

She also looks to have tape covering her lips, so that’s not all.

Just continue to the very end. I’ve already done it 20 times. Have you? Kosenko posted a loop of the video to his Instagram page. More than a million people have viewed it. 

What You Should Know About Sergey Kosenko and His Media Attention

Although the couple frequently publishes humor, particularly “trust tests,” some admirers felt Kosenko went a little too far with this one. Netizens believe that Kosenko’s decision to broadcast the automobile stunt to five million followers comes off as “irresponsible” given the rise of the culture of social media challenges, which have a history of even proving fatal for those who attempt them.

According to sources, Sergey Kosenko received a 750 ruble fine for his reckless driving, which he laughed off as a “shame” to have paid. According to reports, there are 68 unpaid fines on the borrowed Bentley he was operating. 

In a statement, the Moscow traffic authorities said they were looking into the incident, which might have resulted in criminal charges being filed against the influencer if his partner had been hurt.

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