K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. – A Fraudster Scamming Through Instagram Review 2023

If you’re interested in beauty and cosmetics, chances are, you have come across K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. aka Beauty by Dr. Kay. 

She is a plastic surgeon and an IG influencer who uses social media to gain clients. Online, she acts like a caring and seasoned professional. However, in reality, she is a careless, greedy, and unprofessional influencer who doesn’t care about the ethics of the medical industry. 

I’m not the one saying all this. It’s her clients. If you move on from her Instagram posts and read the various Dr. Kay Durairaj reviews available online, you’ll realize that she is not what she claims to be. 

In the following review, I have shared some of those 150+ complaints to help you understand whether Dr. Kay is worth your time and money: 

Who is Dr. Kay Durairaj? About Beauty By Dr. Kay

K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. is an online influencer and a facial plastic surgeon who runs the clinic Beauty By Dr. Kay. It’s located in Pasadena, California and its address is 800 Fairmount Ave S #325, Pasadena, CA 91105, US. Their contact number is 626-316-7033. 

Her Instagram handle is @beautybydrkay which has over 5,000 followers. 

She offers many services to her clients including: 

  • Kybella fat melting
  • Under eye filler
  • Sculptra butt lift
  • Botox lip flip
  • PRP hair therapy
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelift
  • Chin implant
  • Neck lift
  • Otoplasty
  • Facials & chemical peels

And plenty of other services. 

Dr. Kay received her surgical training at UCLA and claims to take a natural approach to facial rejuvenation. On paper, Beauty By Dr. Kay seems like an amazing option for anyone who wants to get facial cosmetic services. 

However, K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. has received a lot of complaints for treating every client poorly, unless they are an Instagram influencer.  

She has received 100+ complaints about botched procedures and neglecting the interests of her clients. The next section of this review will share some more reviews on K. Kay Durairaj, M.D.:

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Client Spent $775 On One Lip Injection and Received Two Terrible Bumps on Her Lips Instead

beauty by dr kay review

Anjali shared that the above review was quite difficult for her to write but she wanted to share her experience with others. She had seen a lot of positive reviews for K. Kay Durairaj, M.D.’s lip injections so she thought it would be worth the price. 

Anjali spent $775 for 1 syringe on her bottom lip. She had asked for “lip cleavage” but the injection left her with 2 huge and uneven bumps instead. 

They had assured her that the bumps would go down with massaging and her lips were only taking longer to heal. However, after around 2 months of massaging the bumps constantly, they didn’t go away. 

Anjali highlights that she has now become self-conscious about people seeing these bumps when she talks or smiles. Moreover, she has had to spend over $2000 to fix her lips but they don’t look the same anymore. 

 She points out that all of the money she spent on her lips went down the drain. Also, Anjali wishes that she hadn’t paid much attention to the social media glamor of Dr. Kay and instead, had looked into her more. Anjali points out at the end of her review that Dr. Kay pays for positive reviews so you can’t trust them. 

She has shared a screenshot of the payment she made to this clinic and a picture of her lips after the procedure to show the kind of results she received here. 

beauty by dr kay review

Here is a picture of her lips. You can see how prominent the two bumps are:

beauty by dr kay review

“Dr. Kay Durairaj Discriminates Against Her Ethnic Clients”

beauty by dr kay review

Melinda was a first-time patient here. She had driven for over 70 miles to reach the clinic. Melinda shares that she had chosen Beauty By Dr. Kay because of the videos she had seen on Instagram. 

After she got there, she had to wait for a long time. Then, a gentleman came in and put numbing cream on her face. However, it wore off by the time K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. saw Melinda. 

Kay started the injections but stopped after seeing Melinda grimacing with pain. She points out that Dr. Kay is not as friendly in real life as she acts in her IG videos. 

Melinda is in her late 50s and expected Dr. Kay to behave as she behaves in her IG posts. However, she was disappointed to see that her behavior was completely different in real life. 

Kay suggested Melinda get a facelift (which cost $30,000) with an under-eye lift (which cost $8,000). 

Melinda asked Kay if she could make her look a bit refreshed with fillers just like she does on her IG posts. So, Kay injected some Botox with cheek and jawline filler. 

Melinda highlights that 7 days passed and she didn’t notice any difference. The Botox is okay but it’s obvious that Kay didn’t use enough of it. Furthermore, the space between the brows looks just the same as if nothing had been done there. 

Melinda highlights that she expected K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. to do a better job. If she knew that there was no point in the fillers, she could have told this to Melinda but chose to remain silent. Melinda shares that she could have spent that money on additional surgery. 

She points out that Dr. Kay doesn’t treat her ethnic and “not wealthy” clients as she treats her other clients. They had told Melinda that she should expect the results in 14 days but nothing happened. 

Also, the drive was over 3 hours long and she had to wait there for 2 hours. Dr. Kay only saw Melinda for only 20 minutes. 

Melinda doesn’t recommend this place to anyone older, or ethnic, or doesn’t have a good IG page with tons of followers. 

Below are the pictures Melinda shared alongside her review:

beauty by dr kay review
beauty by dr kay review
beauty by dr kay review
beauty by dr kay review

K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. Made the Clients Wait for 3 Hours, Kept Filming IG Videos, and Offered a Discount if They Posted a 5-star Review

dr kay durairaj reviews

April had visited Beauty By Dr. Kay before but this time her experience was horrible. The nurse she saw on her first visit was quite sweet and didn’t try to push her into something she wasn’t ready for. Also, that nurse didn’t try to make her feel insecure about herself. 

However, April can’t say the same about Dr. Kay. It had been around a year since she had visited this place so she decided to give it another go. April and her friend booked an appointment and found out that it was with Dr. Kay and not with the nurse.

She thought that K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. would be better but she was mistaken. April and her friend had managed to book their appointments back to back with April’s appointment at 2 PM and her friend’s appointment at 2:15 PM. 

They got there at 1:45 PM. April shared that they had pre-purchased one of Dr. Kay’s monthly specials two days before their appointment. There, they asked her about the special but no one at the clinic had any idea about it. 

April shares that Kay’s staff had no clue what they were talking about and acted as if Kay hadn’t released anything of that sort. 

Even though April and her friend had arrived on time, they had to wait for over 2 hours to see Dr. Kay. They kept hearing other patients ask about the doctor over and over again. It took her so long that April’s lidocaine wore off and her friend hadn’t even received a cleanup for her face. 

Then, April noticed that all of the patients had been waiting there for over an hour. Dr. Kay arrived after making them wait for 2.5 hours. 

Moreover, she didn’t even apologize for making the clients wait for so long. She had her camera crew following her everywhere. Kay started telling April that she was pretty and started telling her what was wrong with her face for the camera. Moreover, she didn’t know about the treatment April wanted to get there. 

However, she pointed out the areas on her face and talked as if she knew exactly why April had gone there. April says that it would have been better if Dr. Kay had examined her face instead of merely acting like it in front of the camera. 

She was so distracted that she left one cheek of April higher than the other. Then, she made April and her friend wait for an hour more before doing the fillers on her friend. 

April says that it doesn’t make any sense. However, K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. knew that they were upset and offered them a discount if they posted a positive Yelp review.

After April and her friend’s procedures were complete, they had to wait for an additional hour because the staff couldn’t do anything properly. By that time, April had already spent around 4 hours at the clinic. 

April shares that she overheard the front desk staff talk loudly about specific patients calling in about their lips blistering out. They didn’t care about HIPAA violations. 

Then, the staff tried to overcharge April by $600. When April highlighted that the total was incorrect, the staff member gave her a horrible look as if she had done something wrong by pointing out her mistake. 

April says that Beauty By Dr. Kay is a joke. Dr. Kay only cares about taking your money and seeing clients who have large social media followings. It was a horrible experience. 

Client Paid $3000+ to K. Kay Durairaj, M.D., and Received No Results, Kay Refuses to Issue a Refund

dr kay durairaj reviews

Like most of Dr. Kay Durairaj’s reviews I have shared here, this one also concerns the horrible unprofessionalism of this social media influencer. 

Tiffany shared that she had been on Dr. Kay’s social media for a couple of months and signed up for one of her specials. She is 39 years old and had noticed that her temples were a little sunken and her jowls needed a tiny lift. 

The package she bought cost her $3250. When she got there, she had to wait for a long while. However, she expected the wait so that didn’t bother her much. 

She noticed that there were people everywhere in the clinic and they all seemed stressed. Some patients had been waiting for longer than her and were complaining. Moreover, some of them tried to reschedule their appointments. 

As she waited for Dr. Kay, a nurse came in and Tiffany shared her concerns with her. The problem is, Tiffany, had paid to see K. Kay Durairaj, M.D., not the nurse. Their pricing differs. 

Hence, it bothered her. Once Kay came in, she addressed her concerns with her and Kay mentioned that her jawline and cheeks were already defined so she didn’t need any filler. 

Tiffany asked her what she could do to fix the issues bothering her and Kay proceeded to put filler into her cheeks for a lift that was already there. Moreover, she put some filler along her jawline which seemed unnecessary. 

When Tiffany asked her about the purpose of the filler Kay advised her it would help with the issues. 

Tiffany highlights that 2 months have passed since she had the procedure and there has been no change in her appearance. She feels as if she paid to inject water into her face. For a price tag of $3250, she expected to see some sort of result. However, she received nothing but disappointment. 

Later, Tiffany reached out to the clinic and asked for a refund. They asked her to come back in and share her concerns again. The clinic wanted to put more filler into her face and Tiffany had had enough of it. 

Now, Tiffany only wanted to get a refund because she felt as if Dr. Kay scammed her out of $3k. 


3 months later, Tiffany shared an update on her dispute with Beauty By Dr. Kay. She highlights that Dr. Kay keeps refusing any refunds; she instead asks her back to get more work done on her face.

Tiffany says that this is not about putting more filler in her face. It’s about the initial experience she had with this place. 

One of her friends had also seen Dr. Kay for treatment. During her procedure, they asked her if they could record a TikTok while treating her. Tiffany highlights that Dr. Kay had 4 people dancing in the room when she was performing the procedure on her friend. 

Moreover, the procedure didn’t yield any results for her friend as well. Tiffany shared that she will share this issue with her bank and hopefully, get some compensation. 

You should stay miles away from doctors who don’t care one bit about their clients. Not only does it put you at a higher risk of losing your money but it can also lead you to get botched results. 

Hence, you might end up spending more to fix the issues the treatment should have fixed before. There’s no shortage of negligent cosmetic “experts” in the industry as well. 

Dr. Simon Ourian is another notorious doctor who has botched countless procedures and doesn’t care about the results he delivers, according to the complaints people have posted against him. 

Dr. Kay Lost a Long-time Client Because of Her HIPAA Violations and Poor Customer Service

dr kay durairaj reviews

The reviewer says that she had been coming to Beauty by Dr. Kay before she had become a social media influencer. Usually, she liked the work of this clinic but her last visit forced her to look elsewhere. 

The reviewer shares that Kay’s office decor has become extremely kitschy with a clear agenda of using client selfies in front of the decor to self-promote. While the reviewer has no issues with this marketing agenda she doesn’t like how the customer service has degraded here. 

The reviewer points out that the customer service here focuses more on their IG followers than the welfare of their clients. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on social media growth. But it should not come at the expense of your client’s comfort. 

The reviewer highlights that the front desk staff at Dr. Kay’s is extremely rude and abrasive. Whenever the reviewer came in, she had to complete the same paperwork over and over again only because they hadn’t been professional enough to store her data correctly. 

Furthermore, the reviewer highlights that the biggest issue here is the numerous HIPAA violations. She shares that she is in the same industry and finds it worrisome how poorly the staff handles sensitive client information here. 

For example, the reviewer says that she knows all about the woman who was waiting in the waiting room the last day asking for threads. The reviewer points out that it’s extremely disturbing how these people handle their client’s data. 

When she was having her treatment, the staff kept walking into her room talking about other clients, and slamming doors behind them. The reviewer says that this happened at least 5 times during her treatment. 

According to the reviewer, there was a considerable lack of respect for all the clients at this clinic. The reviewer used to go there to take care of herself but it doesn’t seem worth it anymore. 

K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. Botched a Lip Filler Procedure After Making the Client Wait for 1.5 Hours

dr kay durairaj reviews

Jay doesn’t recommend K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. because of the horrible experience she had here. She shares that it has been 2 days since her procedure and her lips look horrible. 

First, they asked her to take a seat and wait to get checked in. Then, they helped this certain girl who got there 15 minutes after Jay to get checked in right away when Jay was still waiting. 

The receptionist knew because Jay gave her a look but she proceeded anyway. Then, she came back and told Jay that someone else would check her in in a few minutes. 

Jay points out that the clinic of K. Kay Durairaj, M.D. was fully staffed but they made her wait for an hour and 30 minutes. 

She was not expecting this. After waiting for an hour in the waiting room and getting checked in, she decided to say something to the staff and the doctor. Note that all this time the staff and the doctor were simply hanging out and chatting about different stuff. 

Dr. Kay didn’t apologize to Jay. Instead, she told her that she would be next 30 minutes later, and then her assistant attended to her. The assistant asked if they had given her a numbing pad and Jay said no. 

Moreover, Jay didn’t get the filler she wanted because the assistant didn’t like using Juvederm. Jay highlights that it was extremely painful and she was crying. 

Also, the clinic was so cheap that it didn’t even try to numb her. The reason why Jay posted her review was that they botched the procedure. 

Her lips are extremely uneven. Her bottom lip looks lumpier on the right side and there is no filler on her top lip. Jay is extremely mad at the terrible experience she had at this clinic and now she will have to go someplace else to fix the issue. 

Dr. Kay Doesn’t Treat Her Non-Influencer Clients Professionally, Botched Another Procedure

dr kay durairaj reviews

Here, the reviewer recommends trusting every bad review on Dr. Kay because they are the most genuine. She shares that Dr. Kay glorifies the influencers and offers them free treatment. 

The reviewer points out that if the influencers had to pay and wait just like the rest of the clients, they wouldn’t hesitate to give it a 1-star review. Also, the reviewer highlights that if you complain about the long wait times, they claim that it’s because Dr. Kay is in high demand. 

The reviewer says that no one should have to wait for 3 to 4 hours. By this time, the numbing cream wears off and you have to go through a very painful procedure. 

Moreover, what you see on IG is far from reality. Dr. Kay and her staff don’t behave like that in reality. She makes you wait for long hours and comes back in with a bunch of syringes to shove them all in your face so quickly that you can’t even say Ouch. 

The reviewer says that she left the clinic feeling upset and disheveled. She was not happy with the results at all. 

Also, the reviewer doesn’t recommend the home products as they all are ineffective and overpriced. She points out that she is not the only client complaining about the horrible customer service of this clinic. Every negative review talks about the same issues. 

So, there must be something seriously wrong here. 

The reviewer highlights that unless you’re an influencer who doesn’t pay, don’t bother coming here. There are plenty of other medspas and clinics in the region which are better equipped and offer better customer service. 

Also, don’t trust what you see on Instagram as it’s all fake. After the treatment, the reviewer had lumps and bumps all over. She looked worse than when she went in. Moreover, she still has hollowing under her eyes and the filler didn’t do anything. 

It was a terrible experience. 

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Verdict – Don’t Trust K. Kay Durairraj, M.D. aka Dr. Kay

After going through this 100+ Dr. Kay Durairaj reviews it’s obvious that she doesn’t care one bit about her clients. She has manufactured a fake persona for her Instagram followers. What you see online is far from reality. 

Her clients receive terrible treatment and horrible customer service. She refuses to own up to her mistakes and forces her customers to wait for hours in the waiting room. 

Kay and her staff violate HIPAA regulations regularly and don’t care about the consequences. She is only an IG influencer, not a medical practitioner. Hence, avoid. 

2 Total Score
A Scammer, Nothing More

Dr. Kay scams people by claiming to be something she isn’t. Unless you are an online influencer, don’t expect any professional service here. Her clients complain about her overpriced products, 2-4 hours+ of waiting time and botched procedures. Avoid at all costs!

2.5Expert Score
1.5User's score
  • None
  • Excessive pricing
  • Discriminates against clients
  • Extremely long waiting times (2-4 hrs)
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  1. 0.5

    I had an appointment for a lip flip because they altered the contour of my upper lip and found bumps on it. I was utterly dissatisfied with the procedure, despite their insistence that they had performed it correctly. I would not recommend this location to anyone, as it is a complete waste of time and money. Stay away from them.

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  2. 0.5

    I arrived for my facelift appointment and waited; the doctors were busy with another procedure, and there was a lot of paperwork and tests given to me before the procedure; it took my entire day, but I was unable to meet with the doctor for the procedure; the receptionist informed me that my appointment dates had been rescheduled. I was displeased with the treatment’s outcome since they messed up my face; there was redness and stinging at the surgical site. Please do not select any type because they completely ruined your case.

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  3. 0.5

    Although I had a consultation with them for a chin implant, selecting them for the procedure was my biggest mistake because they were unprofessional and incompetent, and changed the structure of my face, making it extremely embarrassing for me to keep my face covered.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: fake untrustworthy
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  4. 1

    K Kay Durairaj is a fake person. What you see online is the total opposite of what she is like in reality. I went to see her and hated every minute of it.

    She is a liar. Don’t trust everything you see on social media.

    - CONS: Fake Liar
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  5. 1.35

    Dr. Durairaj shouldn’t even be called a doctor. She is pretentious and fake. So fake that it disgusted me when I first visited her clinic. She is among the worst doctors out there who would keep ignoring you until she finishes her recordings. Never and I suggest never go to her. The staff was a little better even though they have their own issues.

    - CONS: Fake Selfish Pretentious
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  6. An Instagram celebrity whose IRL behavior is different from their on-camera behavior. Yeah, no surprise. Then again, people shouldn’t trust their online celebrities with even a toy let alone your body.

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