Adam Vincent Gilmer: Alarming Ponzi Scheme and Scams (Update 2023)

Adam Vincent Gilmer
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Adam Vincent Gilmer promotes himself using deceptive PR and fraudulent advertising. He uses deception and lies to establish credibility.
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Adam Vincent Gilmer

Adam Vincent Gilmer claims to be an entrepreneur who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to the United States in 1989. 

What Adam Vincent Gilmer claims about his professional life is that his firms manufacture and market certified organic consumer items through major online retailers, retail and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, health food stores, and wholesale purchasing clubs such as Costco. 

Being proud of his professional skills and work, Adam Vincent Gilmer claims that he has over 34 years of expertise in direct sales, including direct-to-consumer, Convince Stores, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), and Merchandising platforms. 

In order to fulfill his money-grubbing wishes Adam Vincent Gilmer mentions in his fake articles that his focus is narrow: how to enter the market and stand out. Adam further claims that he can help people to distribute their items by connecting them with qualified professionals. In this part, he grabs his own share of money in every “ups and downs”.

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Showcasing his professional work, Adam Vincent Gilmer says that he is also the Executive and the producer of a movie inspired by the bestselling book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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29/11/2023 Update
As of now, Adam Vincent Gilmer has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Adam Vincent Gilmer- About THriV (Adam Vincent Gilmer’s company)

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What Adam Vincent Gilmer’s company Thriv claims is that – 

THriV, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing & producing 100% USDA Certified Organic Food Products which are raw plant-based sources of superfoods. 

“Their mission is to provide essential health products to the community that are both high quality and affordable. Our network includes manufacturing facilities, quality control of the highest standard, suppliers, and distributors. With the sale of these essential health products, we are committed to improving health in less fortunate regions. Nutrition Science Laboratories (NSL), a world-class institution specializing in the creation of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, researches and develops THrV’s products.

The mission of NSL is to supply consumers with scientifically validated, high-quality products that are highly effective and give significant benefits for sustaining health and nutrition. Consumers may believe that whatever text stated on the package is accurate and the product accomplishes what it says it will do.

Government agencies are closely monitoring product safety, purity, and potency, and product quality is a crucial aspect of giving nutritional solutions. THrV products give needy communities and everyday people peace of mind that regulated compliance is being reached.” 

All this is mentioned on their website which is obviously the fake good quality content in order to attract customers.

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Adam Vincent Gilmer promotes himself using deceptive PR and fraudulent advertising. He uses deception and lies to establish credibility.

Fake PR pieces and dubious marketing strategies are being used by Adam Vincent Gilmer to advance his career. Scammers frequently use this strategy because it allows them to conceal their criminal past and present themselves as a trustworthy company.

Because it entails disseminating false information and lies, fake PR is incredibly dishonest. Adam Vincent Gilmer has also done exactly that.

The majority of paid articles use the same content, just different languages. He mentions below on social media platforms and websites about his professional image and his passion for his work.

Adam Vincent Gilmer- A deep dive into the professional environment of Adam Vincent Gilmer (As claimed by Adam Vincent Gilmer on media platforms)

Ups and Downs ( As claimed by Adam Vincent Gilmer)

“Adam has had his fair share of “Ups and Downs,” and he conducts many Business Development Workshops (3, 5 & 7 Days) to advise and help busy Independent Business Owners (IBOs) understand market demand. Please contact Adam for the 2020 schedule, or visit Adam’s calendar via the “Events” link.”

80-20 365 ( As claimed by Adam Vincent Gilmer)

“The 80/20 Rule is a deliberate focus of the 8020365 Time Management Planner! When done on a daily basis, the results are visible. “You’re living a well-planned life!” Spirit, Knowledge, Body, Time, People, and Finances are the six pillars of emphasis.

The 8020365 Time Management System combines a 1. Daily Planner, 2.Calendar, and 3.Journal all in one, with an emphasis on the 80/20 rule. Simply put, a minority of causes, inputs, or efforts (20%) frequently result in a majority of the results, outputs, or rewards (80% ROI). That is why we developed the system.

Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, developed a mathematical formula in 1906 to characterize the unequal distribution of wealth in his country, noticing that 20% of the people held 80% of the wealth. Dr. Joseph M. Juran incorrectly ascribed the 80-20 Rule to Pareto in the late 1940s, calling it Pareto’s Principle. While it is sometimes misnamed, Pareto’s Principle, or Pareto’s Law, can be a very powerful tool for helping you manage effectively. The 80-20 Rule is Pareto’s Principle.”

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Looking above Adam Vincent Gilmer’s enormous professional surroundings and various sources of income, let us now examine his reality and where he got his money.

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Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global, LLC

Reports about Jeunesse Global, LLC paint an alarming picture of the skincare company and its alleged illegal multilevel marketing scheme to recruit sales distributors with misrepresentations regarding earning potential.

Truth in Advertising, Inc. (, an independent non-profit that analyzes and exposes false advertising and deceptive marketing claims, slammed Jeunesse in 2015 for making misleading revenue claims to entice people to become distributors themselves. filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General, encouraging them to take action, in addition to explaining its findings in a warning letter to Jeunesse. discovered more than 100 instances of inappropriate health claims regarding the ability of Jeunesse supplements, creams, and gels to cure cancer, lower blood pressure, disappear psoriasis, and treat a variety of other diseases, adding to the dubious nature of Jeunesse’s operations.

Since then a lawsuit has been initiated against Jeunesse on behalf of consumers-turned-distributors believed to have lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of the company’s deceptive practices.

Adam Vincent Gilmer- How Does Jeunesse’s Supposed Pyramid Scheme Work?

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Jeunesse provides distributors with at least two distinct pay systems focused on recruitment rather than product sales.

  • Distributors at 14 different ranks make money from bonuses for recruiting and sponsoring new representatives, as well as commissions from the sale of items and services to themselves and their recruits, under the public or “binary” pay scheme. Because Jeunesse products are rarely sold to anybody other than distributors, the only way for a distributor to generate money is through recruiting – a typical example of a pyramid scheme.
  • A suspected secret, non-public compensation plan also rewards top-earning network marketers outside Jeunesse by luring them and their multilevel sales team to the Jeunesse program. Under the secret plan, these individuals may be given preferential placement in the Jeunesse pyramid – above other distributors who do not receive additional compensation for their efforts apart from the public plan.

Jeunesse has claimed that those who sign up for their business opportunity can earn more than $26,000 per week and up to millions of dollars per year in order to attract lower-level distributors, however, these revenue claims are generally baseless and unsupported. In addition, to be eligible for the public compensation scheme, new entrants must make an initial expenditure of $249.90 to $1,849.90 (a $49.95 startup fee and the purchase of product bundles ranging from $199.95 to $1,799.95). Distributors are then paid “commissions” when they and the people they recruit sell more product bundles – primarily to themselves.

Because of the compensation structure of Jeunesse, the only method for most participants to recoup their initial investment is to recruit others or sell products to themselves. Lower-level Jeunesse distributors are said to have lost millions of dollars, while those at the top of the pyramid made millions.

Reference- Is Jeunesse a Pyramid Scheme That Lures Distributors with Deceptive Income Claims? | Sommers Schwartz (

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC Claims

  • July 2019: This case was dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
  • June 2019: Jeunesse filed a motion to compel arbitration.
  • April 2019: The stay, in this case, was lifted. Plaintiffs have until May 6, 2019, to file an amended complaint.
  • March 2019: The named plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the appeal, the reasons for which have not been disclosed. (Appellate Case No. 19-10125, 11th Cir.)
  • February 2019: The parties agreed to stay this action through the outcome of the appeal.
  • January 2019: After the settlement in the Aboltin case was approved, the named plaintiff filed a Notice of Appeal regarding the decision to grant final approval of the settlement agreement.
  • December 2018: The named plaintiff filed an objection to the proposed settlement agreement reached in the Aboltin v. Jeunesse case.
  • November 2018: This case was stayed pending a federal court’s decision as to whether or not to approve a proposed settlement agreement reached in another lawsuit filed against Jeunesse (Aboltin v. Jeunesse).
  • August 2018: A class-action lawsuit was filed against Jeunesse and one of its top distributors (Kim Hui) alleging that Jeunesse is operating an illegal pyramid scheme in which individuals are rewarded for recruiting others to join instead of for selling products. The complaint also alleges that the company promises that individuals will make “streams of income” and “wealth” when, according to the complaint, those who join do not make money as promised.

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC Settlements

Those who agreed to sell Jeunesse skin care products as part of an alleged multi-level marketing scheme may be eligible for compensation from a $2.5 million class action settlement.

In a Jeunesse class action complaint, a Florida man claimed that he and others were tricked into participating in a scheme that valued the recruitment of new salespersons over real sales of skin care goods and nutritional supplements.

According to the plaintiff, Jeunesse rigged the system against distributors by requiring them to purchase a “starter kit” in order to participate in the multi-level marketing scheme.

According to the Jeunesse class action, Jeunesse’s anticipated sales and profits did not materialize, leaving distributors with unsold and even expired items.

Under the terms of the Jeunesse class action settlement, Jeunesse denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to reimburse Class Members who purchased a beginning kit in order to participate in the sale and distribution of the skin care products but did not end up making any profit after purchasing the kit.

Class Members could include persons who purchased Jeunesse items for resale but were unable to resell them and were forced to throw them away.

Kit for getting started Class Members can be paid up to the value of the beginning kit, minus any sales or commissions.

Other Class Members may receive up to 50% of the purchase price of the things they destroyed, as well as a 90% return for products they still retain but have not sold.

Active distributors will be required to quit under the provisions of the class action settlement in order to file a claim. Furthermore, the class action settlement covers the period from January 1, 2010 through September 13, 2018.

The deadline for Class Members to exclude themselves or object to the Jeunesse class action settlement is Nov. 26, 2018.

(Who is eligible) Class Members are divided into two groups:

Class Members are those who “purchased a Starter Kit with the intent of building a business as a Jeunesse distributor, rather than simply being able to buy Jeunesse products at the distributor discount… then did not earn at least as much in sales commissions or product resale profits as [they]paid for the Starter Kit (which for most people was approximately $49).”

Class Members include individuals who “purchased one or more Jeunesse products from Jeunesse with the intent of reselling those products, but… were unsuccessful in reselling those products, and [they] either still have those products in unopened condition or discarded them.”

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC Reviews

Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is from Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray and is found at, it’s a health and beauty aid company.

In this review, we aim to find out if they are a legitimate direct sales home business income opportunity or just a pyramid scheme.

It uses MLM (multi-level marketing) as its core business marketing and distribution model.

In other words, instead of focusing on actually selling the items, Jeunesse Global distributors are pushed to recruit as many people as possible for their downline.

In other words, instead of focusing on actually selling the items, Jeunesse Global distributors are pushed to recruit as many people as possible for their downline.

We won’t go into detail about the self-proclaimed anti-aging goods offered by Neither we are going to get into the numerous patent infringement lawsuits filed against Jeunesse and its owners.

However, they have been taken to court.

Member complaints have also been a major issue here.

Users of skin creams and juice cocktails who have tested and reviewed their goods have reported widely mixed results.


The number of complaints regarding the items much outnumbers the so-called positive reviews, which appear to have been produced by Jeunesse distributors themselves.

Or even corporate workers to compensate for the numerous accusations lodged against them online.

Most persons operating as starting distributors in practically any MLM / multi-level marketing type of organization will face 97% to 99% failure rates, and is no exception.

To sell the Jeunesse goop, you will need to invest money in fees, sales kits, advertising, marketing, and promotion, among other things.

And, of course, give the top 1% of members their opulent high-paying jobs.

Your losses are exactly how the top earners make their money. Most new members will come in, and give it a try for anywhere from 1 to 6 months, only to realize that it is a complete waste of time and money to continue.

During those 1 to 6 months, they earn the top 1% of their fortune. The claims of success made by the top 1% are based on the tragedies of others.

That’s a fantastic business model, guys… really excellent.

Jeunesse’s 30-day refund policy does not include any shipping costs. And there are additional hoops to clear in order to qualify for that refund.

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While this may not be a deal breaker for some, it could wind up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of money depending on the level you entered.

We cannot recommend as any kind of viable way to earn a living. Even if you have a huge list of blindly faithful followers who will buy anything from you. is not the way to earn a substantial income from home for the average person.

Some of the comments and reviews by people who have had an experience with are shown below:

One of the customers writes that- 

“I wouldn’t consider or recommend anyone to doing business with Jeunesse / Jeunesse Global, or Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott Lewis, and a hidden smoke screen member named Adam Vincent Gilmer. There support team in Utah or the Headquarters in Florida ( Altamonte Springs Florida 32714) / (650 Douglas Avenue Altamonte Springs Florida 32714 ) Have no idea how to handle most or any calls no matter what the issue is.

For example, For say calling to ask if is there any known issue with the Jeunesse website, get told none at all, then say Well while writing a ticket report and hit send, that the server on the Jeunesse site timed out leading to the ticket never sent, hence wasted time to write it in the first place. Suddenly they say YES we are aware of that issue and working on it. Then remind them that they were just asked if there were issues and how long it takes for the issue to be fixed. The answer is they don’t know, yet.

Scott Lewis and the team advisors for the website should know the time frame of when it would be fixed. I would know an ETA of an issue seeing I am in that world of tech-savvy world and certified in fixing issues.

We here in Las Vegas Nevada were taken for a ride and poured our hard-earned money, time, and efforts to only be destroyed by Adam Vincent Gilmore’s MYSMGR program that thousands of dollars spent on, and yet throws away an opportunity for the Las Vegas team to knock it out of the park with a Trade Show event to be held at The Las Vegas Convention, Center during Mr. Olympia 2015, never get Jeunesse/ Adam Vincent Gilmore, Randy Ray, and Wendy Lewis, and Scott to come out to really blow it out of the park.

Instead, the entire team in Las Vegas sat working hard on dead inbound phone calls to answer Adam Vincent Gilmore’s My Social Media Gold Rush program.

The funny part is while running a self-ad on my behalf, had the phones ringing more than his TV or radio show ads and got scrolled when I came in with a person who could speak 7 different languages, was from Romania, and was so excited and couldn’t wait to talk with Adam Vincent Gilmore, even if they did talk, the lead went to sleep after many attempts to inform Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott, & Adam Vincent Gilmore the importance it was to help out on our event and got NO SUPPORT.

It is funny how a company can say they are ” One Family, One Team”, which I can tell you is far from the truth. Also funny to see those who found that Jeunesse/ Jeunesse Gis Global is a scam that they are selling the products on Amazon, E-Bay, Craigslist, and many other areas that I found for far less than it was originally bought for, and their answer would be all you had to do was “Get Two the Store, and it is PAID for You”, well when you have bad folks like Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Scott, Adam Vincent Gilmore, Bob Noxon, Gary C Davis, that is only there to Taking Your Money and Not even care what happens to you at all.

For me I don’t need that kind of Family at all, to me you became my worst friend ever and have put Jeunesse/ Jeunesse Global on blast to a global world of not to do any business with them whatsoever.”

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Adam Vincent Gilmer- Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi scheme worked by Adam Vincent Gilmer)

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Ponzi and pyramid schemes share many similarities and are built on the same concept: naive people are duped by unscrupulous investors who promise them tremendous profits in exchange for their money. Unlike traditional investments, these schemes can only provide constant earnings as long as the number of investors increases. When the number fades, so does the money.

Ponzi and pyramid schemes can exist indefinitely as long as financial withdrawals are matched by monetary inflows. The primary distinctions between the two schemes are the items that schemers provide their consumers and the framework of the two schemes, although both can be devastating if broken down.

  • Ponzi and pyramid schemes involve unethical investors defrauding naïve people by promising them enormous profits in exchange for their money.
  • Investors in Ponzi schemes donate money to a portfolio manager and are paid out with monies contributed by later investors.
  • The initial schemer convinces other investors to recruit others (and so on), and new recruits pay the person who recruited them for the chance to participate or possibly sell a specific product.
  • These schemes promise enormous results but frequently fail to deliver investors with financial papers.
  • If you feel you’ve been a victim of financial fraud, including Ponzi and pyramid scams, contact local authorities, the SEC, and/or the FTC.

Adam Vincent Gilmer-How Adam Vincent Gilmer worked his pyramid scheme named by Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC

fiR9hRcmh0kBHFnb2ZT9VvuURcaaJhNq7KjBtv0Bx 15E gOVYdUGIrL5beYi2YRxMFKvz21A1D67LnnQn3wC4tzn1NATW4UuUXhyyxnXw5h5q2Y

Pyramid schemes are a type of financial deception. They can be camouflaged as legitimate-looking money possibilities. Pyramid schemes promise high returns for a small investment and frequently claim a means to make income passively. To participate, individuals must pay an entrance fee and/or purchase products/services.

These individuals are then asked to recruit other participants for the scheme. People at the top are paid the highest, receiving a part of the money contributed by new recruits. Those at the bottom of the pyramid earn little to nothing, especially if no new employees are hired.

Modern Millionaires

Get Justice Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Adam Vincent Gilmer, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Bottom Line

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There are two other critical aspects to consider: The only guilty party in a Ponzi or pyramid scheme is the person who invented the corrupt business practice, not the participants (as long as they are uninformed of the criminal business activities). Second, a pyramid scheme is not the same as a multi-level marketing effort that delivers legitimate items.

Adam Vincent Gilmer: Alarming Ponzi Scheme and Scams (Update 2023)
Adam Vincent Gilmer: Alarming Ponzi Scheme and Scams (Update 2023)

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