Earlene Buggs: MLM Scammer on the Run (Update 2023)

Earlene Buggs
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Earlene Buggs, a notorious name in the MLM industry, has a history of fraudulent activities. Her reputation as a major player in Ponzi schemes has led to significant financial losses for unsuspecting investors.
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Earlene Buggs, a notorious name in the MLM industry, has a history of fraudulent activities. Her reputation as a major player in Ponzi schemes has led to significant financial losses for unsuspecting investors. This article aims to draw attention to the dangers of MLM fraud and Ponzi schemes by concentrating on Earlene Buggs’ actions.

It emphasizes the significance of conducting thorough research before participating in any investment opportunity, particularly in the MLM industry where dishonest actors may prey on people’s dreams of financial success. In the end, Earlene Buggs’ experience serves as a warning against MLM fraud, urging readers to be watchful and knowledgeable while evaluating investment options.

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A Brief Introduction to Earlene Buggs

Firstly, who is Earlene Buggs? To put it simply, she’s a scammer on the run. Buggs is a prominent figure in the MLM industry, with a track record of promoting and profiting from Ponzi schemes. On social media, she cites herself as co-founder of iBuumerang, an MLM company run by her husband, Holton Buggs.

A History of Fraud: From iBuumerang to Traders Domain

Earlene Buggs’ history of fraudulent activities traces back to iBuumerang, a travel company launched by her husband in 2019. As the company’s web traffic began to plummet towards the end of 2021, the Buggs decided to venture into a new scheme, Meta Bounty Hunters.

The Earlene Buggs launched Meta Bounty Hunters, an NFT Ponzi scheme, in early 2022. The scheme was primarily marketed to iBuumerang affiliates, who were promised significant returns on their investment. However, as with most Ponzi schemes, the venture quickly collapsed, leaving investors with considerable losses.

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The Earlene Buggs didn’t stop there. They were also involved in Traders Domain, another Ponzi scheme that saw an estimated $500 million pass through in crypto alone. Earlene Buggs reportedly had a balance of over $17 million in Traders Domain at its collapse.

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Holton Buggs

Holton Buggs, a well-known individual in the MLM sector for more than three decades, has come under fire for his role in marketing Ponzi schemes. Despite having a lot of expertise, he has been linked to dubious behavior. He was formerly recognized as a successful member of Organo Gold, but in 2018, he damaged his image by seeking to recruit distributors of Organo Gold into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scam. After the failure of this project, he introduced iBuumerang in 2019.

Earlene Buggs Husband

Buggs’ project, iBuumerang, had a decline in site traffic in late 2021. In early 2022, in search of fresh opportunities, he joined up with Travis Bott to introduce his own MLM crypto Ponzi scams, Meta Bounty Hunters and Meta Bounty Huntresses. Unfortunately, both strategies failed after Traders Domain’s demise later that year. In addition to using Trader Domain as a conduit for his scams, Buggs also hired directly there.

It’s assumed that Buggs’ efforts included a sizable percentage of iBuumerang distributor targeting on the Ellev8 platform. Additional Traders Domain accounts linked to Buggs include the sizable ones MBH Iconics, Buggs Legacy, MBH Reserves, Meta Bounty, and MBH Escrow.

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In spite of these accusations, Buggs opted not to answer Coffeezilla’s questions. Overall, Buggs’ transition from a prominent member of the Organo Gold organization to the contentious area of cryptocurrency MLM Ponzi schemes has sparked serious worries within the sector.

Michael Shannon Sims


With an estimated net worth of $84,739,551, Michael Shannon Sims has been connected to many MLM Ponzi schemes connected to Traders’ Domain. He was crucial in managing the financing for various scams, including the use of Algo Capital for money laundering. Sims identified himself as the Director of International Business for Algo Capital, which failed as a result of the failure of Traders Domain.

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Sims is also a founding member of the MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scam OmegaPro. By attending their Florida launch ceremony in 2022, he appears to have had a hands-on role in Holton Buggs’ Meta Bounty Hunters and Meta Bounty Huntresses Ponzi scams.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) brought legal action against Sims and other defendants over Traders Domain in February 2023. In response, Sims agreed in March 2023 to an asset freeze pertaining to the CFTC’s $145 million complaint. However, it’s still unclear how much Sims was involved in the Traders Domain fraud.

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Sims was contacted for comment by Coffeezilla, a YouTube video producer. Sims expressed skepticism and questioned the veracity of the material when proof of his involvement in Traders Domain was provided.

As a result of his involvement in many MLM Ponzi schemes, particularly those connected to Traders Domain, Michael Shannon Sims has been the target of legal litigation and regulatory investigation.


Ties to Other MLM Scammers

Earlene Buggs’ fraudulent activities are not isolated. She is part of a network of scammers that includes other well-known figures in the MLM industry. One such figure is Holton Buggs, a top MLM recruiter with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Despite his reputation and experience, Buggs has been implicated in several Ponzi schemes, tainting his career and trustworthiness.

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Holton Buggs was the top MLM recruiter for Traders Domain, with an estimated return of over $125 million. Like his wife, he too has a long history of promoting and profiting from Ponzi schemes. His involvement in MLM fraud began with his attempt to funnel Organo Gold distributors into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme in 2018. This attempt fell apart, leading Buggs to launch iBuumerang in 2019.

Robert Rakowski 

Successful MLM businessman Robert Rakowski was a high earner for the organization Organo Gold, which was once affiliated with Holton Buggs. In the multi-level marketing (MLM) system used by Organo Gold, distributors receive commissions on both their own sales and the sales of the team members they have brought on board.

Alan Bagamaspad

A guy named Alan Bagamaspad, who is said to live in California, is thought to be a native of the Philippines. He has spent a considerable amount of time promoting MLM (multi-level marketing) cryptocurrency Ponzi scams.

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WoToken, an MLM crypto Ponzi scam that was introduced in 2019, is one of the schemes he was involved in. In such schemes, investors are frequently guaranteed significant returns on their capital, which is financed by the capital of newer investors. These profits, however, frequently depend on a steady stream of new investors, rendering them unsustainable over time.

Unfortunately, WoToken’s unstable structure led to its eventual collapse. The WoToken co-founders were detained in China in 2020, most likely as a result of legal troubles stemming from their participation in the Ponzi scam.

The Aftermath: Scammer on the Run

Since the collapse of Traders Domain and Meta Bounty Hunters, Earlene Buggs has been on the run. The magnitude of her fraudulent activities has not only led to significant financial losses for investors but also tarnished her reputation in the MLM industry.

Investors who were lured into these schemes with promises of high returns are now left with nothing but regret. The financial loss coupled with the betrayal of trust has left many in dire straits, with little to no chance of recovering their investments.

A Warning to Potential Investors

Investing in MLM schemes can be a risky business, and the case of Earlene Buggs serves as a stark reminder of this fact. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before investing your hard-earned money.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. High-return investments often come with high risk, and in the case of MLM schemes, the risk often outweighs the potential rewards.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

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It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.


Earlene Buggs’ history of fraudulent activities in the MLM industry has left a trail of financial ruin and broken trust. Her involvement in Ponzi schemes like Meta Bounty Hunters and Traders Domain serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of investing in MLM schemes.

While Buggs remains at large, it’s essential for potential investors to stay vigilant and avoid falling prey to such scams. Always conduct thorough research and consider the potential risks before investing your money.

Remember, legitimate investment opportunities won’t promise guaranteed, high-returns with no risk. Be aware, be informed, and stay safe from scammers like Earlene Buggs.

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Earlene Buggs: MLM Scammer on the Run (Update 2023)
Earlene Buggs: MLM Scammer on the Run (Update 2023)

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