Phoenix Pawn and Gold: Scamming Clients and Getting Exposed

Phoenix Pawn and Gold is a pawn shop located in Phoenix, Arizona that offers a range of services including pawn loans, gold buying, and selling of new and used items such as jewelry, electronics, and musical instruments.

Here’s a review of Phoenix Pawn and Gold based on customer feedback:

  1. Some customers have reported long wait times to speak with staff or to complete a transaction, which can be frustrating.
  2. A few customers have reported receiving low offers for their pawned or sold items, though this seems to be a rare occurrence.
Phoenix Pawn and Gold review

Here are some examples of negative reviews that have been reported online:

  1. Some customers have reported being given significantly lower offers than expected for their pawned items, leading to a sense of unfairness and dissatisfaction.
  2. Others have reported experiencing rude or unprofessional behavior from staff members, which can be particularly challenging when trying to negotiate or resolve an issue.
  3. Some customers have reported issues with pawned items being lost or misplaced by the shop, which can result in significant financial losses.
  4. There have been reports of long wait times and delays in the pawn process, which can be particularly challenging for customers who are in need of quick cash.
  5. Some customers have reported feeling pressured into accepting unfavorable loan terms or fees, which can result in significant financial losses.
Phoenix Pawn and Gold review


It’s necessary to keep in mind that these reviews and complaints may not necessarily reflect the experiences of all customers, and it’s always a good idea to do your own research and due diligence before using a pawn shop. Additionally, it’s important to be cautious of any shop that has a high number of negative reviews or complaints, as this may indicate a pattern of poor service or unethical practices.

Some more Phoenix Pawn and Gold reviews of clients are attached below:

Phoenix Pawn and Gold review
Phoenix Pawn and Gold review
Phoenix Pawn and Gold review

The above reviews are a clear indication that Phoenix Pawn and Gold is not a reliable business and should be avoided at all costs.

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  1. Phoenix pawn shows dishonesty to their customers. They rob many peoples and they easily convinced people to do dealing with them. Peoples are unaware of these fraudsters and started dealing with them and in the last, they have to face losses.

  2. Nowadays there are lots of people who were unable to recognize the proper platform from where they were able to get reasonable prices of the product. People have to pay higher prices while dealing with these fraudsters whose aim is to generate their own wealth.

  3. This store is not good for purchasing precious ornaments, they were selling the jewelry at an exorbitant price. As compared to market rates the prices are so high. I purchased the ring and they charged me $750, there are major differences in the prices because the same ring is priced at $450 in the market.

  4. This store is selling garbage to its people. They are an unreliable source for purchasing or selling anything. They were not giving a proper discount to their customers. Avoid Phonix Pawn at all costs.
    I want higher authorities to take action on this shop they were doing suspicious activities in their shops. And not giving fixed rates to their clients.

  5. A friend of mine purchased a used laptop from this shop. A week after the laptop is not working properly. He files a complaint but they started blaming him. And tells that they were not responsible for that.

  6. The whole process is time taking. They were not doing their tasks efficiently, and they were not providing cash on time. People were not getting their payments on time. I sold some items to them, but they were unable to provide my amount on time.

  7. I’m unable to raise a proper loan from this company. They were granting me loans that have high rates of interest. And I’m unable to pay the interest amount. Due to This, I have to suffer heavy losses.

  8. The people are not getting the proper amount for their items and this store is unable to solve the problems of their customers but they know how to make more money from their customers.

  9. The needs of the customers should be satisfied. Their interest is not fulfilled while doing transactions with this store. The service which is provided by this shop is not up to the mark, and they are showing unethical behavior to their customers.

  10. It is better to check the product before purchasing or selling them in pawn shops. Phoenix pawns were doing fraudulent activity with their customers And violating the principle of business.

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