Armand Puyolt Vida Divina: Is He Promoting Ponzi Schemes?

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Vida Divina is owned by Armand Puyolt and has its headquartered in California, United States, and appears to be a company within the multi-level marketing (MLM) sector focused on reducing weight.

Armand Puyolt serves as the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Vida Divina.

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Armand Puyolt once held the position of master distributor at Total Life Changes. According to an article released on BusinessForHome by Ted Nuyten, it is stated that Puyolt reportedly earned two million dollars in 2012 & three million dollars in 2014.

Armand Puyolt’s promotional strategy with Total Life Changes revolved around the assertion that the business’s goods effectively treated his cancer.

Image of Armand Puyolt.

During an advertising call conducted in 2015, Armand Puyolt reminisces about the inception of the business in question, Total Life Changes.

Consequently, in my opinion, just prior to the commencement of the launch, I experienced a physical breakdown, necessitating my immediate hospitalization.

Upon admission to the healthcare facility, the medical professionals accurately prognosticated a remaining lifespan of six months due to the diagnosis of cancer.

Thus, I experienced a malignant neoplasm in close proximity to the cardiac region, namely located within the cardiac & pulmonary structures.

The development of an additional malignancy within my gastric region, accompanied by the incipient formation of benign neoplasms in various other anatomical sites.

After a period of six months, the utilization of the goods that were discovered by my spouse and assembled for the purpose of Total Life Changes resulted in a gradual decline or deterioration of the desired outcomes. Regarding the health issues that I encountered.

After the passage of 5 years, it is noteworthy that my anticipated demise, which was projected to occur five years prior, has not transpired. Furthermore, recent medical examinations, specifically a comprehensive full-body inspection, have revealed an absence of any indications of malignancy.

I can confidently assert myself with a high degree of certainty. I did not utilize any kind of medicine. I refrained from using any pharmacological substances. The individual employed Iaso tea and Iaso Gano for their personal use. I employed the Iaso Chaga product.

Iaso is the primary line of items offered by Total Life Changes.

Armand Puyolt launched his professional life in multi-level marketing (MLM) in 1996 by becoming an associate of ACN. In the year 2000, Puyolt departed from ACN, which stands in order to become part of Metabolife International.

In the year 2005, Metabolife received a conviction of engaging in the act of submitting deceitful returns for taxes & subsequently faced a financial penalty of $600,000.

William Bradley, the proprietor of Metabolife, admitted participation in the act of dodging a substantial sum of money in taxes & subsequently received an imprisonment of 6 months in a federal correctional facility, followed by a period of 2 years under probationary supervision.

Metabolife initiated the process of filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in 2005 as a result of declining sales & the mounting liability of more than one billion dollars in injury-related lawsuit lawsuits associated with the use of Metabolife 356.

In order to satisfy creditors and resolve pending personal injury claims, the business opted for the sale of its assets, which encompassed various furniture, and property, including a substantial assortment of artwork, in late 2006. 

According to Armand Puyolt Vidia Divina’s LinkedIn description, he asserts that he departed from Metabolife International in 2004, which was a year prior to the commencement of the business’s regulatory problems.

In 2005, Armand Puyolt established an MLM training firm, and in 2007, he became a member of Kyani. In 2009, Puyolt transitioned from his position at Kyani to assume the role of Master Distributor at Total Life Changes.

Armand Puyolt asserts that he contributed fifty percent of the initial capital investments required for the establishment of Total Life Changes.

Gerard Puyol departed from Total Life Changes in May of 2016. The announcement of the debut of Vida Divina was made immediately afterward.

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Product Line by Armand Puyolt 

At present, the Vida Divina webpage does not offer any specific information regarding the goods it sells.

There are numerous exceptional goods that are currently in development. Please anticipate additional information in the near future.

According to sales demonstrations conducted by partners, it has been confirmed that the main good offered by Vida Divina is a tea designed for weight loss. This tea bears a resemblance to the Iaso type of tea, which is also associated with Total Life Changes.

Compensation Plan by Armand Puyolt Vida Divina

The Vida Divina incentive program remunerates affiliates based on their ability to generate retail sales & recruit fresh affiliates into the Vida Divina network.

Residual commissions are disbursed utilizing a binary payment framework, whereas matching commissions are distributed via a unilevel team that extends up to seven levels below.

Affiliate Ranks by Armand Puyolt Vida Divina

The Vida Divina reward system consists of a hierarchical structure of fifteen affiliate positions.

In addition to their individual requirements for admission, the following are listed:

Ranks Generate and Maintain 
NoRank 120 PV a month120 PV a month
NoRank2 300 GV a month120 PV a month 
NoRank3 600 GV a month120 PV a month 
Apprentice 1200 GV a month120 PV a month 
Bronze 2500 GV a month120 PV a month 
Silver 5000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Gold 10,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Platinum 20,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Sapphire 40,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Ruby 60,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Emerald 80,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Diamond 100,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Blue Diamond 250,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Black Diamond 500,000 GV a month120 PV a month 
Crown Diamond 1,000,000 GV a month120 PV a month 

PV, an acronym for “Personal Volume,” encompasses the cumulative retail revenue produced or the item purchases placed by a partner.

GV, an abbreviation for “Group Volume,” refers to the total amount of sales created by the downline of an affiliate in a multi-level marketing organization.

Retail Commission by Armand Puyolt Vida Divina

Vida Divina compensates its affiliates for the occurrence of retail client sales.

With the Vida Divina remuneration scheme, sale royalties are characterized as the monetary discrepancy between the wholesale cost and the retail price for goods that have been purchased.

Recruitment Commission by Armand Puyolt Vida Divina

Individuals become affiliated through Vida Divina by purchasing a “Starter Pack,” the affiliate who attracted them receives a portion of the commissionable traffic that is produced.

The amount of commissionable traffic created is contingent upon the initial expenditure made by a freshly acquired member of Vida Divina throughout their registration process.

Multiple affiliate marketing demonstrations assert that the price range for the Vida Divina Starter Set spans from $150 to $1200.

The proportion of the produced commissionable volumes that gets paid out is contingent upon the position of the recruiting associate.

  • Gold or lower- 50%
  • Platinum- 55%
  • Sapphire- 60%
  • Ruby- 62%
  • Emerald- 64%
  • Diamond to Black Diamond- 68%
  • Crown Diamond- 70%

The commissionable volume is denoted as the entirety of the monies disbursed for the acquisition of a Vida Divina Starter Pack.

It is worth noting that the commission structures mentioned below seem to be programmed with a maximum limit of 70% per enrolled affiliate.

Residual Commission by Armand Puyolt Vida Divina

The disbursement of remaining commissions in Vida Divina is facilitated using a binary remuneration framework.

A binary incentive system is characterized by the placement of a partner at the apex of a binary team, which is thereafter divided into two distinct halves.

The binary team structure is established by the hiring of new Vida Divina associates, both directly and indirectly.

Additional levels of the binary squad are formed as necessary, wherein every level that follows accommodates twice the number of places compared to the preceding level.

The generation of the subsequent level of the binary team occurs through the division of the two roles from the first level, resulting in the creation of an additional two positions for each.

The binary team’s third level comprises a total of 8 places, as well as subsequent levels continue to follow this pattern.

Sales volume is created through many channels, including retail sales, recruiting of new partners, including purchases made by current Vida Divina affiliates.

At the conclusion of every month, Vida Divina does a comprehensive calculation of the amount of sales achieved by each side of the binary partnership. The associates are subsequently remunerated with a proportionate share of the sales volumes that are created by their less productive binary side.

Ranks Percentage 
NoRank 5%
NoRank2 6%
NoRank3 8%
Apprentice 10%
Bronze 11%
Silver 12%
Gold 13%
Platinum 14%
Sapphire 15%
Ruby 16%
Emerald 17%
Diamond 18%
Blue Diamond19%
Black and Crown Diamond20%

Matching of Binary Bonus 

Affiliates of Vida Divina are entitled to a 50% check match on binary earnings that are disbursed to affiliates they have directly recruited.

The Matching Binary Bonus is accompanied by a leftover component that is disbursed through a unilevel payment scheme.


Mortgage Bonus 

Associates of Vida Divina who have achieved the Ruby rank or higher are eligible to receive a monthly Mortgage Reward.

Affiliates Matching Bonus 
Ruby $500
Emerald $1000
Diamond $1500
Blue Diamond$2000
Black Diamond$2500
Crown Diamond$3000

Joining of Vida Divina, Armand Puyolt 

The acquisition of a Starter Pack is a prerequisite for obtaining affiliate membership with Vida Divina.

Regrettably, the official website of Vida Divina fails to offer the pricing details regarding their Starter Pack.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Armand Puyolt but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Multiple affiliate advertising demonstrations assert that the price range for Vida Divina Starter Packages falls within the range of $150 to $1200.


In the previous year, Armand Puyolt Vida Divina expressed his profound affinity for the operations conducted at Total Life Changes, stating that he had become deeply enamored with the company’s endeavors.

A year subsequent to his departure from the organization, he proceeded to establish a replica of said corporation.

One of the main issues related to Total Life Changes pertains to the company’s prioritization of affiliate recruitment above its retail business.

Total Life Changes implemented a built-in conversion process whereby anyone who made a purchase of $40 or more on items was immediately enrolled as an affiliate. Additionally, the company offered recruiting fees as part of its compensation structure.

The primary drawback of a multi-level marketing (MLM) prospect that heavily relies on acquisition is undoubtedly the potential decrease in the acquisition of fresh affiliates.

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Considering the cancer treatment assertions made by the business’s creator, the pay plan focused on hiring, and the evident endeavor to replicate the past success of Total Life Changes in terms of recruiting, it seems likely that Vida Divina will encounter a more rapid fall compared to its predecessor. If you want to know more about the MLM scammer, you may learn from the link: Armand Puyolt.

Armand Puyolt Vida Divina: Involvement in the Total Life Changes MLM Scam

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Fallon exhibits a notable inclination for delving deep into the realm of cryptocurrency advertising.

Total Life Changes asserted that TLC Coin possessed attributes that extended beyond the realm of traditional cryptocurrency.

In actuality, TLC Coin exhibited characteristics typical of a multi-level marketing scheme in the realm of cryptocurrency, mostly driven by the intention to exploit financial gains.

The introduction of TLC Coin by Total Life Changes occurred in February of 2022.

CRzuAU9kr YRK3o4Pkv 1xYMOrlMH9YfSCMcKMl gTTcZ7VPDj vDUOVey7i2IqO0UzOpBCDgd4RgTid5SCu4YDxz PlphAvN9cVynmKICGf3JC5NOUyfvqhZH3BykL8Z98 6 NCP5gkfc5Pb9SHNg

The TLC Coin is widely regarded as a BEP-20 cryptocurrency with questionable value and credibility. 

The process of setting up for such events requires only a few moments and entails minimal or negligible expenses.

Total Life Changes: Another MLM Scam Armand Puyolt Promoted 

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Who is Jack Fallon? 

Total Life Changes (TLC) is a company that performs within the multi-level marketing industry, specifically focusing on the nutrition & skincare sectors. 

The organization is led by its CEO & creator, Jack Fallon. Before that, Total Life Changes was predominantly sold via SeAcai, which was positioned as a “division” of the corporation.

The decision to revert the name of the business that Total Life Changes seems to be in line with a strategic initiative aimed at expanding the range of products offered by the organization.

The Total Life Changes Product Line 

Total Life Changes is a company that offers a variety of goods in the fields of beauty & food, which are marketed as the name of the company “Iaso” (pronounced ee-ahh-so).

There is no discernible distinction between consumers and associates when considering yearly expenses of $40 or more.

As an aspiring affiliate, it is advisable to inquire with your prospective colleagues regarding the ratio of retail consumers to associates they possess.

If there is a lack of customers at the store or the revenue from sales they produce is significantly overshadowed by that of recruiting partners, it is advisable to exercise a considerable amount of care while considering the Total Life Changes offer.

Consequently, a comprehensive record of Fallon’s involvement in multi-level marketing (MLM) ventures previous to 1999 remains elusive, thereby precluding a definitive determination of his potential association with any additional MLM enterprises that existed before the establishment of Total Life Changes.

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