Cheryl Guz Attorney: Is She An Unethical Lawyer?

Cheryl Guz Attorney
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Cheryl Guz Attorney Faces Disciplinary Action in Arizona

Cheryl Guz Attorney obtained a legal license from the state of Arizona in 1995 after completing her studies at the Golden Gate University School of Law. Nevertheless, her legal profession suffered a setback when the Arizona State Bar determined her culpability for multiple incidents of wrongdoing.

Cheryl Guz Attorney was accused of engaging in a consistent series of improper behaviors. This sweeping accusation implies a persistent and recurrent breach of ethical & professional norms during her career as a lawyer. 

The details of these occurrences were not explicitly mentioned in the given information, allowing for different interpretations concerning the character and seriousness of her behavior.

Furthermore, Cheryl Guz Attorney has been accused of engaging in unethical practices by sharing legal fees with individuals who are not licensed lawyers. Fee-splitting, when not compliant with legal laws, can give rise to moral issues and undermine the integrity of professional processes. 

Attorneys must strictly adhere to set criteria to uphold transparency & professionalism in their financial transactions.

In addition, the Arizona State Bar has determined that Cheryl Guz Attorney is guilty of inadequate supervision of her office workers. Oversight plays a vital role in the legal field by ensuring that all individuals within a law firm adhere to ethical principles and professional norms. 

Cheryl’s lack of success in this matter may have had a role in the purported sequence of improper behavior inside her profession.

Cheryl Guz Attorney is facing another grave accusation of neglecting to protect client assets. Lawyers are given the responsibility of prudently handling client funds, and any carelessness in this matter can result in serious repercussions. The claim implies a violation of trust and a possible threat to the financial welfare of her clients.

Furthermore, Cheryl’s purported lack of care resulted in the misappropriation of customer money. Conversion refers to the illicit utilization or misappropriation of someone else’s assets, namely in this instance, the monies belonging to a client. If these claims are substantiated, they suggest a grave breach of legal and moral responsibilities, which could lead to substantial harm to clients.

The Arizona Supreme Court, which has the highest constitutional power in the state, imposed a 4-month suspension on Cheryl Guz’s Attorney’s law license as a disciplinary action in response to the allegations. This suspension is a punitive measure designed to ensure that Cheryl is held responsible for her alleged misbehavior.

Notwithstanding undergoing disciplinary action, Cheryl Guz Attorney persists in practicing law at the Guz Bruen Law Group PLLC, situated at 10451 West Palmeras Drive in Sun City, Arizona, as of April 2020. 

The consequences of this suspension on her professional life & image in the legal profession are yet to be determined, as well as her response to the concerns presented by the Arizona State Bar.

involved in discillinary action, Cheryl Guz Attorney.

The article explores the punitive measures encountered by Cheryl Guz Attorney engaged in the profession in the state of Arizona. Guz obtained a law license in 1995 upon completing his studies at the Golden Gate University School of Law. 

Nevertheless, her legal profession has been under scrutiny as a result of claims of wrongdoing, resulting in disciplinary proceedings initiated by the Arizona State Bar.

Guz is being charged with the following offenses:

  • Engaging in a Pattern of Misconduct: Cheryl Guz Attorney was convicted of participating in a persistent series of unethical and unprofessional behaviors in the field of law, indicating a repeated violation of established norms. Regrettably, the precise particulars of this purported misbehavior are not disclosed.
  • Cheryl Guz Attorney was accused of engaging in improper fee sharing with individuals who are not licensed lawyers. Fee-splitting is an activity that must comply with legal restrictions in order to uphold openness and integrity in the field of law.
  • Inadequate Oversight of Office Personnel: Guz was accused of neglecting her duty to adequately monitor her office personnel. Effective oversight is essential to ensure that every member of a legal organization conducts themselves ethically and adheres to established professional norms.
  • Negligence in Protecting customer’s cash: Cheryl Guz Attorney has been accused of negligence in safeguarding customer cash. Attorneys have the responsibility of prudently handling client finances, and any failure to do so might constitute a significant violation of trust.
  •  Guz’s incompetence resulted in the conversion of client funds. Conversion refers to the illicit utilization or misappropriation of someone else’s belongings, specifically in this instance, it relates to the funds of a client.

Cheryl Guz was subjected to disciplinary action by the Arizona Supreme Court as a result of the alleged wrongdoing. The court imposed a four-month restriction on her legal license as a punitive action. The expulsion is a punitive measure for the stated infractions and seeks to ensure that Guz is held responsible for her behavior.

Although subject to disciplinary action, Guz is still actively practicing law with the Guz Bruen Law Group PLLC in Sun City, Arizona as of April 2020, as mentioned in the article. The article lacks details regarding the potential consequences of this disciplinary action on Guz’s professional trajectory, public image, and her efforts to rectify the concerns highlighted by the Arizona State Bar.

What is Disciplinary Action? 

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Disciplinary action pertains to the actions implemented by a governing entity as a reaction to infringements of established regulations, standards of behavior, or ethical norms within a specific business. 

This action is commonly implemented against individuals who have been proven to have committed misconduct, neglect, or other activity that violates the established standards of their line of work.

In regulated fields such as law, medicine, finance, or other professions, disciplinary action is commonly launched by the appropriate regulating or licensing body. This regulatory body examines grievances, conducts adjudications, and evaluates evidence to ascertain if a licensed professional has contravened the regulations regulating their field.

Disciplinary measures can assume diverse manifestations, contingent upon the gravity of the transgression and the particular legislation in effect.

Who is Cheryl Guz Attorney? 

Cheryl Guz Attorney and the owner of Cheryl Guz Law. Cheryl Guz Law focuses on implementing estate strategies to avoid the administration of probate, while also offering advice on the formation and organization of startups. 

Ms. Guz is committed to providing affordable legal representation that is readily available to entrepreneurs and consumers. Cheryl has the role of adjunct professor of Business Law and Ethics at the Colangelo College of Business, a division of Grand Canyon University situated in Phoenix, Arizona. Cheryl assists business clients in forming Arizona corporations. 

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Consequently, she is engaged in a legal process to disclaim responsibility. To know more about her, you may learn from the link: Cheryl Guz Attorney.  


Cheryl Guz Attorney, who obtained her law license in 1995 from the state of Arizona, has been subjected to significant disciplinary measures by the Arizona State Bar. 

She has faced allegations of participating in a consistent series of inappropriate actions, such as unlawfully dividing legal fees, failing to adequately oversee her office workers, and ignoring to protect client cash, resulting in the misappropriation of client assets. 

While the precise particulars of these accusations have not been revealed, they indicate a grave transgression of ethical and professional norms.

Cheryl Guz’s law license was suspended by the Arizona Supreme Court for a duration of four months, highlighting the gravity of the allegations. Nevertheless, she persists in her legal business, and the lasting consequences of this disciplinary measure on her professional reputation are still to be determined. 

Furthermore, it remains ambiguous as to what specific actions she may undertake in order to effectively tackle the concerns brought forth by the Arizona State Bar. 

The legal profession eagerly anticipates additional updates regarding Cheryl Guz’s response & the ramifications of this punitive measure on her professional trajectory.

Cheryl Guz Attorney: Is She An Unethical Lawyer?
Cheryl Guz Attorney: Is She An Unethical Lawyer?

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