Chunzhi Fang: Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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Based on the available information, it is evident that Chunzhi Fang, a citizen of China, assumes the position of authority over AnzoCapital LLP, an entity supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

As per the reports, the extent of his power over the whole Anzo Capital Group remains uncertain. According to the LinkedIn page of Andrew Michael Wood, he holds the position of Compliance Officer and Compliance Director at Australian AETOS Capital Company.

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Anzo Capital Group, operating in Australia, functions as an Australian Financial Services Authorised Agent of Focus Markets Pty Ltd, a brokerage firm duly regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission under its license number 514425. 

Based on the information provided by the ASIC registration, it was observed that Anzo Capital has undergone deregistration.

Since July 2023, Anzo Capital has established a regulatory entity known as AnzoCapital LLP, which shares a comparable name. The company is subject to oversight by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

Formerly identified as JJ Gard Group a limited liability company the organization currently functions under its revised appellation. 

STRUCTURE OF Anzo Capital Group by Chunzhi Fang.

The founding members of AnzoCapital LLP consist of three entities, namely Jjg Holding Ltd., Min Tai Consulting Lts, & XYJ Global Investment Limited. The original two entities have registrations in Seychelles, while the final entity has registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Anzo Capital, controlled by Chunzhi Fang engages in foreign business through partnerships with Anzo Capital Limited in Belize, subject to regulation by the International Financial Services Commission, & Anzo Capital Ltd in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Compliance Verification

As per the reports, they claim that the registration was completed and the process as residents in the European Economic Area along with additional jurisdictions using Anzo Capital’s offshore version, encountered no complications. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that the offshore companies functioning in Belize & SVG, as evidenced on the website, are responsible for managing this offshore variant. 

It is worth mentioning that these businesses do not possess the requisite regulating authorizations to offer financial services within the regulations established by ESMA.

While inhabitants of the European Economic Area were previously allowed to open accounts having a ratio of leverage of 1:1000, it is crucial to acknowledge that in both EEA jurisdictions along with other Western countries, ordinary investors are subject to a maximum ratio of leverage of 1:30.

One notable benefit is the impossibility of making a pre-KYC deposit, which guarantees that the Anzo Capital staff carries out a comprehensive examination of the required documents. 

Regrettably, inconsistencies between the documentation submitted and the overseas onboard data have led to the non-activation of our identities.

It is noteworthy to mention that the web address, as listed in the FCA Financial Registry and undergoing oversight by regulators in the United Kingdom, appeared to be inaccessible.

It also gives rise to difficulties regarding classifying sites that fall within the purview of FCA oversight.

Based on those findings, it has been determined that Anzo Capital will be included on our roster of entities that warrant strict monitoring due to potential violations of compliance.

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Customer’s Review: Chunzhi Fang’s Anzo Capital 

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  • The withdrawal request made to Anzo Capital has remained unapproved for two months!!

According to the customer, he claims that the withdrawal request made to Chunzhi Fang’s Anzo Capital has remained unapproved for two months. The request for more documentation is being made persistently to prolong the progression of the procedure. 

He has supplied them with all the essential and additional information. “The frequency of their responses to my emails is infrequent. It is advisable to refrain from depositing if one wants to avoid financial loss.”

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  • Anzo Capital is a Fraud!!

The company known as Chunzhi Fang’s Anzo Capital has been accused of fraudulent activities, as it has failed to process my withdrawal demand for an extended period and has also unjustifiably reduced my profits by providing illogical explanations, according to the reviews of one of the customers.  

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The client said that he has been employed as a dealer & an Investment Banker (IB) at this organization since November. He has been attempting to initiate the withdrawal of his funds for an amount of time exceeding three months, yet he has encountered repeated delays from the relevant party. 

These delays have manifested in the form of requests for audio recordings & various records, which both myself and his clients have diligently provided in response.

Chunzhi Fang’s Anzo Capital terminated both our administrative account and MetaTrader account after three months. Presently, there is a lack of response to the electronic correspondence that he sent.  

The customer claims that he thinks that he has been subjected to fraudulent activities, with Anzo Capital purportedly absconding with our monetary resources.

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  • Individuals engaging in fraudulent activities!!

the customer complains that the team has engaged in a collaborative partnership with the organization for around six months, during which the customers have conducted multiple transactions of varying magnitudes. 

Nevertheless, despite the business’s request for many papers and films, customers encountered difficulties in withdrawing the wealth had generated. 

The retrieval of the capital invested in a firm, including initial capital contributions, is not possible for any accumulated profits. They are unable to engage in effective contact with the business in question, despite our efforts to maintain a good relationship.

It is strongly advised against engaging in any commercial activities with this particular corporation, as it has been determined to be fraudulent in its entirety.

It is strongly advised against engaging in any business transactions with this particular corporation due to its fraudulent nature.

  • Deceptive Company Alert!!

The clients have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company’s extensive record or confirmation requirements for their withdrawal request. Despite completing the necessary procedures, the organization failed to release the funds and instead retained the customer’s money. 

Furthermore, the clients encountered difficulties accessing the company’s portal and discovered that their accounts had been deleted. 

These experiences have led to allegations of insecurity and deceptive behavior associated with Anzo Capital. It is advised to exercise caution when considering engaging with this specific business. 

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About Chunzhi Fang’s Anzo Capital 

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Anzo Capital Limited operates as a regulated foreign exchange broker, subject to oversight by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Please locate the most optimal reviews of Forex brokers. The whole management of the company is overseen by Chunzhi Fang. If you want to know more about the company, you may learn from the link: Chunzhi Fang

Final Thoughts 

Anzo Capital Group functions as a legitimate agent of Focus Markets Pty Ltd, an ASIC-licensed broker having license number 514425, within the Australian financial services sector. 

According to the ASIC registry, it has been found that Anzo Capital has undergone deregistration. The data provided prompts inquiries regarding the dependability and adherence of the company Anzo Capital within the Australian context. You may follow the link, to know more about Chunzhi Fang: Chunzhi Fang

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