Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Allegations of Illegal Prescriptions & Fraud? Let’s Unveil the Truth!

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD
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Dr. Nikesh Seth faced serious charges. Find out what the charges were and whether you should be concerned or not in this detailed review.

Allegations of fraud and illegitimate prescriptions, as well as subpar medical care, have been made against Dr. Nikesh Seth, MD. Let’s go into the tale in order to learn more about his charge.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD proclaims himself a skilled pain management specialist. He established Integrated Pain Consultants, which has amenities in Scottsdale, Mesa, and Phoenix, Arizona. He is double-board qualified in interventional spine and pain management. 

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Dr. Seth earned a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland before enrolling at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, where he earned a Doctor of Medicine.

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The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas, is where Dr.Nikesh Seth MD MD finished his residency after undergoing in-depth training in pain management at the esteemed MD Anderson Cancer Center. After completing his residency, Dr. Seth was chosen specifically for the Interventional Pain Management Fellowship at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. 

So far, we have covered a lot of great things, but now I’d like to introduce you to some of the less favorable anecdotes about the life and profession of Dr. Nikesh Seth MD.

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30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Charged with Various Accusations

Despite holding such a prestigious position in the state of Arizona, he nevertheless exposed his wrongdoings in his actions, which brought him into the accusation area. He is now accountable for the claims he made in the following sections:

  • Inappropriate Prescriptions 
  • Bribery
  • Consumer Fraud
image 69

The AZ attorney general has charged Dr. Nikesh Seth MD, the founder, and CEO of Integrated Pain Consultants, with over-prescribing a potent opioid after a female patient accused a staff member of assaulting her while she was under the influence of medication.

According to court filings, the Dr. Nikesh Seth MD pain treatment clinic in Scottsdale, where a staff member was accused of sexually abusing a patient while they were asleep, has come under legal criticism for the way he gave strong medicines.

Additionally, according to 12 News, the clinic’s owner, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD, was detained the past week in Scottsdale on accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol. 

To go deeper into the story related to sexual assault you can follow the following link:

(Medical worker at Scottsdale pain treatment center accused of sexually assaulting sedated patient | 12news.com)

According to the police report, Seth was stopped by an officer while driving a Lamborghini, and a blood test revealed that he had more alcohol in his system than was permitted.   

Seth was charged with giving patients incorrect fentanyl prescriptions in 2017.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich of Arizona claimed in a civil action that Dr. Nikesh Seth MD and two other physicians received “hundreds of thousands of dollars from Insys in sham ‘speaker fees’ as compensation for prescribing huge quantities of Subsys medication to patients.” We will talk about it later.

Fentanyl in the form of Subsys, manufactured by Chandler-based Insys Therapeutics, is sprayed beneath patients’ tongues.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the medication has been approved for the “management of acute pain in adult cancer patients who have previously received and who are sensitive to around-the-clock opioid therapy.”

In an investigation being heard in Boston, the founder and top executives of Insys was accused of paying doctors to administer a highly addictive and occasionally lethal medicine to people who did not have cancer.

After Dr. Nikesh Seth MD and the two other doctors argued that the federal Affordable Care Act overruled state law regarding payments to doctors by pharmaceutical firms, the Arizona litigation against Seth was dismissed last year.

The doctors including Dr. Nikesh Seth MD claimed that by revealing the Insys payments, they conformed with federal law.

Seth disclosed that he received more than $230,000 from Insys in both 2014 and 2015.

Whether to appeal the judgment or modify the lawsuit is being considered by the AG’s office.

About Insys Therapeutics

image 68

An American specialized pharmaceutical firm called Insys Therapeutics has its headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. Subsys, a sublingual liquid version of the opioid fentanyl, was its main selling item. An exceptionally potent and quick-acting opioid called fentanyl is used to treat cancer patients’ pain peaks.

The company, which was founded in 1990, and its management are dealing with legal difficulties relating to the opioid crisis and company marketing practices, including claims of accepting bribes and using false advertising. A jury trial that concluded in May 2019 resulted in the conviction of several business executives for fraud.

In 2019 Insys declared bankruptcy. The lawsuit was filed just ten days after the business settled two distinct criminal and civil lawsuits with the U.S. Justice Department for a total of $225 million.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Unfair deal with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office

image 67

The Chandler-based opioid producer and two doctors who were accused of accepting bribes have reached settlements, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Mark Brnovich, the attorney general for Arizona, alleges that these medical personnel gave extremely addictive medicines to patients who didn’t require them.

Brnovich said that his office had reached consent judgments with two pain management specialists: Dr. Sheldon Gingerich of Tucson and Dr. Nikesh Seth MD of Scottsdale.

In order to resolve claims made by the office that the doctors accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in “speaker fees” from Chandler-based Insys Therapeutics in exchange for prescribing Subsys, an opioid prescription drug containing fentanyl, the settlement requires both doctors to pay a combined total of more than $500,000, according to a news release.

Using the Insys speaker program to pay physicians for prescribing Subsys was illegal, according to the former vice president of marketing of the firm, who confessed as much in 2019.

One of the most powerful medicines a doctor may prescribe, Subsys contains Fentanyl. Its potency surpasses that of morphine by a factor of 100.

One squirt of the Subsys spray, which is available in extremely potent quantities, might easily result in the death of a person who is not used to using opioids. The co-director of opioid research at Brandeis University, Andrew Kolodny, called these weapons fatal.

For the treatment of cancer patients’ pain, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Subsys.

Chargers of Consumer Fraud against Dr. Nikesh Seth MD

image 71

Brnovich alleged that doctors wrote several Subsys prescriptions for patients who didn’t need them in the consumer deception or fraud action. The business, he claimed, gained millions from their “deceptive scheme, but put countless patients in harm’s way, exposing them to intolerable and unwarranted hazards of addiction and death.”

Only three Scottsdale-based doctors—Gingerich, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD, and Dr. Steve Fanto—were responsible for 64% of the company’s Subsys sales in Arizona, according to the lawsuit.

Gingerich earned more than $43,000 in payments from Insys, according to Open Payments, a nationwide transparency initiative that gathers and distributes data about financial ties between the healthcare sector and providers. Gingrich received more than $26,000 from Insys in 2015, according to Open Payments.

According to state authorities, between roughly 2013 and 2015, Insys paid Gingerich at least $80,000 to get him to prescribe Subsys and raise the quantity and dosage of prescriptions he issued.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD was required by the settlements to forfeit $229,000 and pay Arizona an extra $145,000. Dr. Gingerich was required to lose more than $80,000 and pay the State more than $50,000.

For the next ten years, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD wasn’t allowed to accept any cash or gifts from any producers, distributors, or marketers of prescription drugs, according to the settlement.  Dr.Dr. Nikesh Seth MD strongly denied engaging in any wrongdoing, and the consent judgment won’t be interpreted as a confession of guilt.

The Tucson doctor will be permanently prohibited from prescribing restricted medications, accepting money from pharmaceutical companies, or keeping payment earned for practicing medicine, according to the proposed Collaborative Judgment with Gingerich.

Despite denying all claims made in the paper, Gingerich consented to the settlement in order to avoid the costs and ambiguity of further legal action.

According to Brnovich, people place sacred confidence in physicians, especially when they’re prescribing opioids. They will bring to justice anyone who betrayed their confidence and improperly benefited from Arizona’s opioid crisis.

Insys’s unlawful and unethical opioid sales activities were the subject of multiple defendant lawsuits brought by Attorney General Brnovich, according to a press release. The settlements represent the most recent step in that litigation.

Insys’s former vice president of sales reached a $9.5 million settlement with the company, and the company’s former CEO reached a $2 million settlement. Federal accusations were accepted by Insys, which thereafter filed for bankruptcy and ceased to exist.

In addition to John Kapoor, the owner and former president of Insys, the AGO is still suing him.

The Consequences

image 72

Nikesh, a physician in Scottsdale, was forced to pay more than $400,000 to resolve allegations that he used so-called “speakers fees” from a now-defunct organization to raise the number of opioid prescriptions he was prescribing.

Dr. Steve Fanto accepted the settlement offer to have his case against Insys Therapeutics, which Attorney General Mark Brnovich had brought in 2017 on behalf of the state, dropped without admitting any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit was brought against the Chandler firm because of what the state claimed were activities meant to boost corporate profits at the cost of patient safety. These actions included utilizing unfair and misleading marketing techniques.

Approximately nine Subsys prescriptions were written by the three doctors cumulatively each month before receiving payment from Insys, the attorney general claims. That number increased to around 62 prescriptions each month after the checks were initiated, he claimed.

Additionally, I already informed you about the settlement reached by Tucson residents Sheldon Gingerich and Dr. Nikesh Seth MD. In order to comply with the agreement, the two had to pay the plaintiffs a total of $500,000 to end the legal dispute.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: His case-establishing efforts

image 73

According to court documents, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD’s involvement in the Attorney General’s action was terminated in 2018 due to a conflict in federal law. 

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office claims the medication producer was involved in a fraudulent operation to defraud insurers and patients, but a Valley doctor who accepted substantial payments from the troubled firm denies any wrongdoing.

In a case against Dr. Nikesh Seth MD for consumer fraud, which the Attorney General’s Office filed in late August, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD was specifically identified as a defendant.

Seth replied that being linked to it, there were legal matters happening that he was unable to answer for. But they’ve taken the proper steps.

A public relations company contacted a news channel that past week with a request for an interview with Dr. Nikesh Seth MD about the opioid epidemic and what his practice is doing to “help end opioid dependency.” The presentation, which was given two months after Seth had been sued by the Attorney General’s Office, left out the state’s grievance against the physician. 

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD was questioned by a news channel about his connection to Insys throughout the interview. The remarks made by Seth are the three doctors listed in the state’s consumer fraud action against Insys, a Chandler-based pharmaceutical business that manufactures a potent opioid painkiller known as Subsys, to make any public remarks.

A former Insys worker who was interviewed by a news channel claimed to have specific memories of forging patient records for Dr. Seth’s patients.

Dr. Seth claimed that he was neither involved nor ignorant of what was happening.

Unfortunately, if they did, the corporation has a problem, he added. They created a script that they believed would benefit patients. They were unsure of how patients received their scripts.

According to the complaint filed by the Attorney General, Dr. Nikesh Seth MD generated the second-highest volume of Subsys prescriptions between March 2012 and April 2017. Records reveal that he received 884 prescriptions altogether for Subsys, almost all of which were written between mid-2014 and mid-2016.

To know more about his interview you can follow the following link:

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Is he a Good Doctor?

image 74

To comprehend this point, we must look at a few key components of Dr. Nikesh’s medical background. So let’s have a look. Please review the screenshot below first:

image 75

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD, (“Respondent”) decides to permanently abandon any right to an appeal or hearing with regard to this order for a letter of warning and probation; he also acknowledges the Arizona Medical Board’s (the “Board”) jurisdiction and gives his approval for the Board to enter this order.

The Board is the legally designated body in charge of policing and regulating the allopathic medical profession in the State of Arizona.

According to Arizona Medical Board, all of Dr. Nikesh Seth MD’s treatment-related points were underlined to demonstrate and take into account the therapeutic qualities. 

He treated several patients but what were the consequences? We can judge it by the complaints about him.

The Board opened case number MD-17-0646A after obtaining a complaint about Nikesh’s treatment and care of a 57-year-old male patient (“GP”). The complaint claimed that Dr.Nikesh Seth MD had neglected to perform examinations, performed procedures improperly, failed to obtain informed consent, improperly supervised staff, prescribed improperly, and failed to keep appropriate medical records.

image 76

On January 26, 2017, GP (Patient) began treatment with Dr. Nikesh for the treatment of pain. The GP had a history of neuropathic pain during chemotherapy and discomfort in the lumbosacral axial spine. 

Before meeting Dr. Nikesh, GP had tried several adjuvant drugs before failing, therefore he was still using a chronic opioid medication. In addition to the Oxycontin and Tramadol ER that GP had already been prescribed, Dr. Nikesh added Oxycodone 5mg for breakthrough pain at his initial appointment.

After then, Dr. Nikesh saw his doctor for medicine every four weeks. Dr. Nikesh carried out a bilateral sympathetic nerve block on May 9, 2017.

Dr. Nikesh said that he thoroughly examined GP during each visit over the course of the Board’s inquiry. Dr. Nikesh pointed out that fresh information was not updated and that it looked that part of his notes had been replaced by new notes in the electronic medical record.

About Case no: MD-17-0701A

After getting a complaint regarding Nikesh’s care and treatment of a 55-year-old female patient (hereafter referred to as “KP”), the Board opened case number MD-17-0701A on the grounds that inappropriate radiofrequency ablation was performed, proper treatment was not provided, and prior authorization was not obtained.

image 77

KP was first examined by Dr. Nikesh for fibromyalgia, neck, back, and shoulder discomfort on June 8, 2017. KP was using temazepam, atenolol, simvastatin, thyroid, Phenergan, Percocet, cyclobenzaprine, and Vicodin ES at the time of her initial visit. 

The lumbosacral spine had a reduced range of motion with discomfort, positive facet loading on the left, and negative straight leg lifts, according to Dr. Nikesh. The lumbar L3, L4, and L5 would be ablated using radiofrequency on the left, according to Dr. Nikesh’s approach. KP signed a contract for a prescription for long-term pain relief.

On June 23, 2017, under anesthesia, Dr. Nikesh conducted a radiofrequency ablation (RFA) on the left spine at L2, L3, L4, and L5. KP authorized treatment and provided consent for left RFA at L3, L4, and L5. The written and confirmed permission with the patient was checked intraoperatively.

Therefore, the issues we addressed with Dr. Nikesh above were not the only ones; the Arizona Medical Board also received close to nine to ten more complaints against him for the way some of his patients were treated. What are you going to say now about Dr. Nikesh and his treatment?

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Case Conclusion

The subject matter of this document and Dr.Nikesh Seth MD fall under the Board’s authority. Failing or declining to maintain proper records on a patient, the behavior and conditions mentioned above are unprofessional conduct.

The actions and situation qualify as unprofessional behavior engaging in any behavior or activity that might hurt or be detrimental to the public’s or the patient’s health. That may be dangerous.

There was a Letter of Reprimand given to Dr. Nikesh Seth MD.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD was given a 2-year probationary period with the following requirements:

  • Continuing Medical Education 
  • Chart Reviews
  • Obey all Laws 
  • Tolling
  • Probation Termination
Dr. Nikesh Seth MD lawsuit

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Reviews Exposed By Clients & Victims

Now allow me to show you a few of the negative evaluations of Dr. Nikesh that are very realistic regarding the services he and his clinic rendered.

#1. Effects of Dr. Nikesh Seth MD’s absence 

You can see how the client scored significant factors pertaining to the company’s services in the review up top.

#2. Unreliable policy

image 79

The client is criticizing his clinic’s dishonest policies in the aforementioned statement.

#3. Rude Staff

image 81

The client is complaining in this complaint about how the staff at Dr. Nikesh Seth’s clinic is extremely unfriendly to his patients and clients


Finally, we can state with certainty who Dr. Nikesh Seth MD is. He might not be as reliable as he claims to be. His prescription serves as the main storyline point for his whole medical career, which is also connected to litigation. The fact that so many additional physicians are participating in this connection at the same time is completely bizarre for mankind.

Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Allegations of Illegal Prescriptions & Fraud? Let’s Unveil the Truth!
Dr. Nikesh Seth MD: Allegations of Illegal Prescriptions & Fraud? Let’s Unveil the Truth!

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  1. After reading this, I was moved to tears by how someone abused anyone and how the individuals who came to address their problem could not support this type of treatment from the staff.

  2. It is difficult to comprehend why these doctors lack compassion for their patients, as the world is always willing to abuse their influence and lose interest in the field once they attain a position. Thus, it is extremely embarrassing for Dr. Nikesh that he did not demonstrate the same affection and care for his patients.

  3. People are readily fooled by such bogus prescriptions, and they suffer the most as a result of their inability to identify these doctors. People who were experiencing these issues were required to register complaints and file cases against these types of doctors who were performing these kinds of crimes in public.

  4. When it comes to your health, it is of the utmost importance to avoid these repulsive, irresponsible physicians who can place your life at risk; therefore, you must make the right choice.

  5. These doctors were conducting consumer fraud for their gain since they didn’t care about patients or customer values. It is best to avoid these types of doctors.

  6. Assaulting female patients is something that people like Nikesh Seth have done because they are ignorant of the psychological and physical effects such an act may have on a person. These surgeons have no place in society and belong in prison.

  7. It is difficult to see the government and medical authorities take no action on this matter, even though there have been thousands of complaints about it.

  8. The court filed the lawsuit against Nikesh Seth because this doctor recommended higher doses of pharmaceuticals, which constituted consumer fraud because they were misleading their patients to make more money from them.

  9. I agree with the authors because it is evident that these medical personnel do not care about their patients, as evidenced by persons having to wait for their turn and appointments being delayed. Furthermore, they overcharged them for the treatment.

  10. These doctors were unprofessional and didn’t know how to carry out the treatment or speak with the patients; these doctors only care about money and nothing else.

  11. There have been numerous accusations filed against Nikeh because he was involved in unlawful money laundering, receiving thousands of dollars as speaker fees.

  12. Why isn’t the media addressing these reports about doctors who are engaging in unethical behavior while claiming to be licensed? After engaging in such behavior, they were simply removed from the spotlight.

  13. In my whole medical career, I have never seen an instance where doctors engaged in consumer fraud and other unlawful actions.
    A stern disciplinary action must be taken by the higher medical authority.

  14. These doctors are primarily concerned with money because there are no appropriate explanations of hospital policies, and people are trapped in the clinic’s toxic environment because the staff is unskilled and does not listen to their patients. Before taking any further action, people should look into the doctor’s medical history.

  15. These doctors lied about their medical licenses because they had little experience in their sector and claimed to be professional md; it is best to avoid such doctors.

  16. People like Nikesh Seth were doing defective procedures, causing people to be unable to satisfy their needs and encounter many problems before and after treatment; it is best to avoid these types of doctors that truly do not care about their patients.

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