Steve Marino MI Rep: Where is He Now?

Text exchanges and other court documents show state Rep. Steve Marino Mi swore to destroy Mari Manoogian’s life, cursing at her and wishing her car burst on her way to work. So, come let’s know more about him & his allegations.

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Steve Marino Mi and Mari Manoogian have been accused of abuse and threats. Manoogian sought a personal protection order against Marino for emotional, verbal, and physical assault after their breakup. Marino, who denies misbehavior, is facing public backlash over claims.

Manoogian’s court filings show Marino’s alarming texts and words. Marino used obscenities and pledged to “destroy” Manoogian in an undated message, hoping her car would explode on her way to work. Manoogian feels Marino is emotionally disturbed since she began aggressive conduct in early 2020 after their four-month romance ended.

Manoogian described Marino’s abuse and threats in court. She said that he had cursed her and threatened to blow up her automobile. Marino’s text messages threatened to confront her at work.

Manoogian revealed being physically molested at Marino’s residence. Marino allegedly forced her to cry by hugging her.

Lisa McCormick gave Marino a personal protection order to safeguard Manoogian from irreparable injury. Manoogian’s lawyer, Kelly McClintock, submitted evidence and claims to get this one-year injunction.

Marino’s attorney, Mike Rataj, said he will apply to throw down the confidentiality order and debate the matter in court rather than in the public. Marino has called the claims politically driven character assassination and denies any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Michigan State Police are investigating, and House Speaker Jason Wentworth removed Marino from all committees. Given the scenario, House Minority Leader Donna Lasinski allegedly moved Manoogian’s parking spot. In the Michigan State Legislature, the case has caused debate.

Text Message Stalking Charges Dropped for Rep. Steve Marino Mi

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The district attorney’s office in Ingham County, Michigan, has made the decision not to press charges of stalking against Macomb County Representative Steve Marino in connection to text messages that were sent to state Representative Mari Manoogian. Marino was accused of mistreating his family by Manoogian, a previous love partner of Marino’s who is now estranged from him.

It has been verified by Sarah Pulda, who is head of the section that investigates sexual assault, domestic violence, and crimes committed against children, that she concluded that filing charges was not appropriate in this instance. She stated that she was unable to establish the case beyond a shadow of a doubt, which was the reason she decided not to pursue charges. 

The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office had received a case from the Michigan State Police in which it was requested that charges be filed for stalking. Under the legislation of the state of Michigan, the offenses of harassing and stalking are treated similarly for all intents and purposes.

Mike Rataj, an attorney for Marino, would not comment on the ruling but did express thanks to the prosecutors for making the correct choice. Rataj stated that there were no actual grounds to sustain a prosecution of stalking, and he presented his evidence to back this claim.

The attorney who is defending Manoogian, Kelly McClintock, has declined to comment on the current circumstances. Manoogian, a Democrat residing in Birmingham, had claimed that Marino, a Republican residing in Harrison Township, had harassed and threatened her on many occasions after the two had broken up in 2019. 

Marino admitted that there was a contact between the two, but he categorically rejected the charges of abuse, calling them a “politically motivated character assassination.”

Manoogian took action by submitting a report to the Michigan State Police and seeking a personal protection order from a court in Lansing. Both of these measures were taken in response to the threat. The injunction was given as a result of her request, which contained printouts of multiple text conversations in which Marino insulted her, used foul language, and even expressed a wish for her vehicle to blow up. 
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According to the papers from the court in Ingham County, Michigan, Marino sent one undated text message in which he said, “I’m making it my life mission to destroy you.” In his capacity as Marino’s legal representative, Rataj has promised to contest the personal protection order. 

McClintock noted that she would abstain from publicizing the decision to not seek criminal charges until the pending legal actions relating to the personal protective order are finished. This indicates that the decision not to file criminal charges was made before the personal protective order was issued.

After becoming aware of Manoogian’s charges in September, Republican House Speaker Jason Wentworth of Farwell removed Marino from his committee responsibilities. Wentworth hails from Farwell. Even though Marino is permitted to vote on the floor of the House, he is required to do so while under the supervision of superiors at arms, a requirement that he has not fulfilled since he was removed from his position. 

According to a representative for Speaker Wentworth, there are currently no preparations in place to reinstate Marino’s committee assignments. This information comes from the House.

About Steve Marino Mi

The beginning of Steve Marino’s career in politics was marked by his election in November 2016 to the House of Representatives in Michigan, when he was elected to represent the people of Harrison Township in addition to sections of Clinton and Macomb townships. A more in-depth investigation of his past and current endeavors, on the other hand, discloses some areas of his life that may be seen unfavorably.

About education, Marino was born in Harrison Township and attended L’Anse Creuse High School for his secondary education. After that, he went on to receive degrees in Economics, Public Policy, and Public Administration, as well as Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy from the James Madison College at Michigan State University. 

Even though these academic accomplishments might appear to be remarkable at first glance, one can reasonably wonder whether or not they transfer into successful leadership and decision-making in the political arena.

Before entering the legislature, Marino’s professional career included time spent both as a Macomb County Commissioner and as the proprietor of a local firm. Additionally, he has expertise working in both the public and commercial sectors, with a particular focus on public relations and campaign funding. 

Disbelievers may suggest that this diversity of experience might lead to potential conflicts regarding interests or an insufficient amount of attention to the needs of his constituency. While this diversity of experience may be viewed in a favorable light, critics may say that it could lead to any of these issues.

Marino served as a Macomb County Commissioner for many years, during which time he was both the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Board of Commissioners and the Chairman of the Committee for Justice and Public Safety. These positions may be considered to be part of normal political functions; nevertheless, they may also raise questions over the impact of party politics as well as the extent to which he serves the best interests of his community.

In addition, the fact that Marino is a member of many different committees and organizations may be seen in an unfavorable light. His involvement in the National Association of Counties’ Steering Committee on Finance, Pensions, and Intergovernmental Affairs, as well as the Michigan Association of Counties’ Economic Development Committee, might be seen as potential entanglements with bureaucratic red tape. 

Even though he served as Macomb County’s delegate to the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Executive Committee and as a member of the Macomb Health Department Hearing Board, his participation in these committees could be seen as potential entanglements.

Furthermore, his involvement in local community organizations such as the Harrison Township Zoning Board, the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy and Military Affairs Committees, and the L’Anse Creuse Public Schools Foundation may be viewed with distrust regarding whether or not he genuinely represents the concerns of his constituents or is more aligned with the interests of these organizations. This is because there is a possibility that he is more aligned with the interests of these organizations.

In conclusion, even though Steve Marino’s political career and connections can be depicted in a favorable light, a more critical perspective might raise doubts regarding the possible influence that his varied experiences and affiliations might have on his capacity to successfully serve and defend his constituents.

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The district attorney’s office in Ingham County, Michigan, has chosen not to charge Macomb County Representative Steve Marino Mi with stalking over text messages to state Representative Mari Manoogian. 

Because the prosecutor couldn’t prove the case, the ruling was made. Marino’s attorney thanked the ruling, but Manoogian’s did not. For aggressive and threatening text messages, Manoogian filed a personal protective order against Marino. Marino calls the claims political character assassination. The House Speaker dismissed Marino from his committee in response to the matter. There are no intentions to resume his committee work.

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