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Reading is essential because it helps your mind to grow and expand, helps you to control your emotions, and you get to know your worth. The book allows you to learn new things and explore new ideas. Reading books improves your knowledge and teaches you new things. Reading will help you discover yourself, as it will open up new dimensions of thoughts for the reader. You will try to connect the emotions, experiences, characters, and events in the books with yourself.

The book imparts valuable lessons from years of experience. Readers get to read the books in a few weeks or days, thereby living years of expertise in considerably less time. Book authors spent many years writing a single book clear, indicating the hard work and dedication revealed.

A book improves your focus and concentration. If you want to improve your concentration power, then reading books have a constructive habit that will help you achieve that. Reading helps us to teach our brains to focus our attention and modernize our lifestyle. Reading improves your spiritual body. They can make us sad, happy, loved, jealous, betrayed, and so on. The books are thus a combination of various mixed responsiveness that ultimately help us grow intensely.

Books are great authorship of inspiration. When we read inspirational books during moments like when we feel down and dash. When we lose hope, interest in life, and want to give up, books can change our way of thinking by giving us confidence and motivation. We can derive great motivation from them and transform our lives positively.

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Reading expands our knowledge and enhances our state of reasoning. Every book you read, you get to learn new things. The more you read, the more you get to know different places, different cultures, different people, different behaviors, various beliefs, and backgrounds. You also know the inside information that otherwise you wouldn’t have known. Books also broaden your imagination and enhance your creativity. Apart from this, mismatched innovative specialties, plots, and accession trigger your inventiveness as well.  At the end of it, you become both visionary and artistic.

I have known the importance of reading books and articles, and that is the reason I went to search for bestselling books to read.  Books can take you to places you have never visited. Good books will always motivate you in reading them and implementing whatever you have learned. I bought a book from Matthew Pollard, one of the “leading authors” in the world now. I had little knowledge about Matthew Pollard, but because a friend referred me to one of his books, I did not hesitate to purchase the book.

Authors have an excellent reputation for readers because they provide all the information in their written texts. Matthew Pollard’s book entitled ‘The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and shy can outsell anyone’ recommended to any serious reader. That book meant for people who have lost focus in life and have nothing valuable to offer to the World. Reading the book did not bring change in my life, and that is why I cannot recommend people to read the book.

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Matthew Pollard should not appear in the list of best authors because he has a bad history. The author tarnishes the name of the writing industry, and people will think that all authors write unnecessary information. His practicing license should be taken away from him, and all his books removed from the market. He is a disgrace to other cool authors and community in general.

This article focuses and is a revelation to the public before they get defrauded with the author of the book. I will analyze some complaint from the book readers and give out the way forward to follow. I will enlighten the public and reveal the awkward content written by Matthew Pollard in his book.

About Matthew Pollard

More about Matthew Pollard

He was born in February 1984, having attained 35 years of age. He has never disclosed the exact area where he was born.  He has also created a precise period. The close sources indicate that he has 50 years. Matthew corrupted the officials so that his book appear on the best selling list. He is said to be an internationally “recognized” speaker, author, consultant, blogger, coach, mentor, and a sequential business guy with five multi-million dollar business success comedy under his belt. All this recognition in his biography is from his family members who want to make him appear famous, and yet he is unpopular. The credentials might be fake just like him, and people should not focus on them.

Occasions where Matthew Pollard has involved himself

Matthew Pollard is not a theorist; his methods come from hands-on, real-world experience. He has over three thousand five hundred businesses. The over five hundred firms he has registered under his name grabbed from people, and others belong to his family. Matthew Pollard is a rapid growth person responsible for five multi-million dollar business success stories before age 30. He is the bestselling author of The Introvert’s Edge, endorsed by 50 plus industry experts, and the host of The Introvert’s Edge podcast. Mr. Matthew Pollard has conducted many interviews with many different personalities. The discussions he attends are stage-managed to boost his characters. Various institutions have handed him awards and honors through marred ways. Unfortunately, whatever you see on the internet about this guy is meant to decorate the con in him.

His social media platforms

Matthew Pollard avails himself of all social media platforms. On LinkedIn, found at Matthew Pollard, CSP-Founder-Rapid Growth Coach/LinkedIn. He has six jobs listed on his page. LinkedIn is the World’s largest professional community. On, the account holder is Matthew Pollard-Rapid Growth Coach. On the facebook pages, Mathew Pollard has the official page with one thousand seven hundred likes. On the twitter handle, the account bears the name Matthew Pollard, CSP (@Mathew Pollard_)/ Twitter.

All social media platforms have fake followers to lure potential buyers into purchasing their books. Matthew has exploited his family, people, and friends by giving them money to follow him on all platforms. All the massive amounts of money you hear he makes is a lie, and his main area of concern is to steal from innocent buyers. Kindly if you are following him at any of the platforms, you have to unfollow him immediately before you get harassed.

Reading Matthew Pollard book The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and shy can outsell anyone

The book title and content found in it are very different things. I would get the knowledge of how my shyness will surpass my products in the market. The material was far away from the title that the author was talking about multi-billion businesses. This indicates that the book was out of order from the start.

All I wanted was to get equipped with the knowledge from the book to improve my circumstances. The author takes a lot of time writing about the other books he has written without focusing on the main agenda of the book.

Matthew Pollard talks of his businesses, how he makes billions of dollars profit, and yet that is not the title to write. Reading the book will waste your precious time that can use to do other constructive things. He does not deserve the awards and honors given.

What was all about Matthew Pollard book

Matthew Pollard’s book is all about the achievements he has made in the business industry. He praises himself too much, and he does not focus on the title of the book. The results he talks about are all lies and want to attract people in his team. The book title and content do not match; therefore, it is not recommended to read. The book will consume lots of your time, and yet the results won’t reflect. Find another book to read instead of this Matthew’s lame content book.

My expectation from Matthew Pollard book versus the reality

I had high expectations when I took a step to purchase the book. My main aim was to get knowledge in the entrepreneurial field. I wanted to understand the skills needed in the expertise and how I can make large profits in my business. However, to my surprise, the book talked differently as per my expectations. The author’s choice of words was critically out of order. The title did not rhyme with the context in the book. The reality is that the book talked of multi billion companies without focusing on how shyness can outsell anymore. The author should have stuck to the topic and address the audience he had planned to address when he was writing the book.

Reactions from Matthew Pollard on his book

Out of my busy schedule, I created some time to visit Mr. Matthew Pollard. Of course, the author of the book that I had bought and read The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and shy can outsell anyone. I had not personally met the author, and the first assignment was to meet the author in personality and complain about the book.

My journey bore fruit because I met Mr. Matthew Pollard. After lengthy discussions about the book, he did not give me a solution to my troubles. He instead offered me other books from his shelves to continue reading at a fee. I did not want to waste more cash in purchasing other books from the same author who has disappointed me in the first book. I left his office vowing to tell people the throw-away books he authors every time.

I tried to imagine how the first book had given me a hard time and sleepless nights thinking of my few dollars spent in purchasing it. Mr. Matthew Pollard scammed my hard-earned money, alongside many other victims who have fallen into his trap.

Complaints You Need To Read

Complains from other victims

1 21

When you read everywhere on social media platforms, people are complaining very much about the author and the books. Mr. Matthew Pollard neither listens to them nor comment on complainants. All Mr. Matthew Pollard does is to continue marketing his unsensible books and attracting innocent people to loot their money.

2 18

Some have traveled from different parts of the World to listen to him in his motivational talks only to land on unnecessary kinds of stuff. A lot of money has been spent on discussions, but people cannot feel the impact of attending boring shows. All the shows and books mislead people, and the public needs to aware of the lame books of Matthew Pollard.

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Mr. Matthew Pollard doesn’t fit in an “author” or “speaker” title. This is because of his bad habits of selling bizarre editions and conducting shows that have no benefit to the attendees and the viewers.

Review on The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and shy can outsell anyone book

When you purchase a book, you’re always eager to read it and finish on time. But the better part of the book is understanding what the author says and implementing in such a way the book will have the help you significantly. The Matthew Pollard book is worse, and you can achieve nothing from it except the stress of wasting your time and money.

The author uses ambiguous words to describe different characters at the point in the book, which makes understanding of the book a bit challenging. The rhythm of the book does not flow professional as required. The choice of the words of the author is pathetic, and improvement is must he initiates.

A good book should use the language that is good and appealing to the reader. The use of proper language will motivate readers to go deeper into the book text. The book should feel honest, and the characters should feel real. Mr. Matthew Pollard’s books lacked these characteristics. The books short of in fiction, where most often the readers look for adventures, action, passion, suspense, and experience the story themselves.

Review Verdict


Expanding your knowledge through reading is one of the best things you can offer to your mind. The mind needs renewal, and this achieves my reading as many books as possible. The books will equip you with the best knowledge that you can put into practice and achieve greatness. This is the power of reading good books

However, some books cannot expand your mind and give you the facts needed to succeed in life. Reading books from Matthew Pollard will derail your energy and time that could have used in doing other activities. The books have no focus, and the title of the book is offside according to the text. Besides, the book is costly, and it is valueless to the readers.

Matthew Pollard’s professionalism is fake, and he needs to refund people the money he has taken from them all these years. The shows he keeps hosting every month as people from different parts of the World come to attend should also abolish. People should avoid associating with Matthew Pollard in any way. He is just a fake ass guy who focuses on trafficking good-for-nothing books to beget pennies in his deep and wide pocket.

Readers need to look out to any activities organized by Matthew Pollard, whether on social media platforms or anything bearing his name. It is better to be cautious of the events from him than your money gets swindles by Matthew Pollard through the selling of unworthy books to you or following his online presentation. You have to stand up and resist all his services and their sales.

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    I really don’t know what the fuss is about. This article looks like it was written by a $2 per hour ghost writer from India, or badly generated through ChatGPT. No way under the sun that you can call Matthew Pollard anything but an awesome writer and entrepreneur.

    + PROS: Awesome book Great course Great online content
    - CONS: None really
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    This is the owner of this site a racist here is his words.
    Don’t remove it that’s fine your dealing with an internet expert I have my own ways on addition to a lawsuit.

    “Yes, of course you are. Pool little us black guys, always waiting for the white master to teach us how to live our lives.”
    Nikolas the owner of

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  3. Dorron Shapow needs a new pair of glasses, or better comprehensive skills to understand who is being racist here. Us, a bunch of Black and Brown guys, or Mr. White Shapow or Mr. “My-Ancestors-owned-Slaves” Pollard?

  4. I apologize for my response…it was clearly a miscommunication. I

  5. The new “dog whistle”. calling people racists. As a white guy, the only racists i know, are black people who blame white people for everything.
    Just review the material and stop trying to make political statements.
    And for the love of God, learn how to properly form a coherent thought into a correct sentence.

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