Cannon Kirk Property: Are They Facing Lawsuits? Let’s Uncover The Truth! (New Update 2023)

Cannon Kirk property
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Cannon Kirk Property Group is facing lawsuits for their construction projects. Find out why in this detailed review on Gripeo.

A real estate company, Cannon Krik Property Group, has been accused of not paying its debts on time and is also facing legal action. Let’s delve deeper to learn more about this organization and uncover some unspoken details:

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Since its founding in 1981, Cannon Kirk Property has created more than 4,500 families in Germany, the UK, and Ireland. Cannon Kirk Property claims to provide high-quality, dependable, and sustainable homes that contribute to creating a sense of place.

Along with UK projects in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, and Glasgow. Cannon Kirk property has built residences in some Irish communities like Glenageary, Sutton, Stepaside, and Malahide. 

Cannon Kirk property still has work to do as they have plans to build homes in Malahide, Donabate, Dundalk, and Kill. They are also part of a group building a large-scale housing project in Sherford, England.

A 300,000 square meter mixed development project is also claimed to be finished by Cannon Kirk in the England city center of Coventry. 

Cannon Krik Property: Court Case Involving a Massive Housing Project in North Dublin 

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Following a gathering of neighborhood residents on Tuesday,6th of  December 2022,  one of the largest residential developments permitted under State fast-track development regulations, consisting of more than 1,300 planned components, in Donabate, northern Dublin, seems ready to face a High Court challenge.

To soothe community worries, the development company Cannon Kirk Property has proposed to modify the projected €360 million Corballis East project and cut back on the number of flats in a new planning application.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Cannon Kirk Property has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.
Cannon Kirk Property news

However, local opponents who talked with The Irish Times claim they intend to file a lawsuit “regardless” to revoke the developer’s current authorization under the terms of the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) regulations.

A Bord Pleanála granted SHD approval for the project last month. It is planned for a location adjacent to the Dublin-Belfast rail route and the Malahide estuary, a delicate natural area. After Drumcondra’s 1,600-unit Holy Cross development, it is thought to be the second-largest SHD project in the State.

Obtaining permission to build 346 homes, 625 apartments, and 352 duplex units—which local opponents claim are also effectively apartments—Cannon Kirk Property, owned by Mayo brothers Michael and Cathal Cannon and real estate entrepreneur Owen Kirk, gained the site’s approval.

That week, the developer declared that it understands the “concerns” of neighborhood opposition and that it will submit an application to the local Fingal authority early in the following year for a scaled-back permit outside of the SHD procedure. The “majority” of apartment buildings would be demolished, and the height of the surviving buildings would be lowered, according to the plan.

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Later, Cannon Kirk Property explained to The Irish Times that the scaled-back plan will see an increase in the number of houses by over 200 to 545 but a decrease in the number of apartments by more than 450 to 162. Overall, there will be 1,059 fewer units in the revised system than there were previously (1,323).

According to Michael Cannon, the updated strategy “could be helpful to align with our respective goals and perhaps address local concerns.” The Cannon Kirk organization Aledo Donabate, which is in charge of the project and intends to own it, also claimed to have “reached out” to its regional adversaries.

The group received an email from Aledo on Tuesday, according to David Fletcher, chairman of the Donabate Community Council, which rejected the plan, but reacted by stating that the offer was “inappropriate.

“Whatever is being presented right now is irrelevant. If another planning proposal was denied, they would still utilize the Strategic Housing Development as a backup, he noted. The community council will attempt to raise to €40,000 from locals to support the action, according to Mr. Fletcher, who stated that the council is “planning to proceed regardless” with a judicial review case.

The beginning of the entire procedure was the appropriate moment for consultation with us, he claimed.

Unable to be reached for additional comment regarding the possible legal action, Cannon Kirk.

If the developer had first proposed a “more appropriate scheme,” according to local Fianna Fáil councilor Adrian Henchy, They could have lived with it. Although their plan has a much too pronounced imbalance favoring apartments over family homes, they are not anti-apartments in this region.

Additionally, Mr. Fletcher stated that the neighborhood’s physical and social infrastructure was not yet ready to support the number of new residences that developers planned to erect nearby.

The location has been owned for many years by Cannon Kirk Property. Oaktree Capital, who funded the company’s escape from Nama in 2017, is presently assisting it.

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Cannon Krik Property: Exited Nama but why?

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Before continuing, it is important to understand the Nama Project, in which Cannon Krik Property was participating.

On Friday, June 23, 2017, Dublin-based homebuilder Cannon Kirk Property left Nama after securing funding from US private equity behemoth Oaktree to assist it in paying off the money it owes to the State’s bad bank.

Upon agreeing to lend Cannon Kirk Property more than €100 million to help it repay its Nama loans at face value and also provide it funding for growth, Oaktree agreed to take an ownership share in the company, according to a source who knows about the agreement.

The source refused to provide any other financial information, such as the size of Oaktree’s investment in Cannon Kirk Property or the sum of money owed to Nama by the company before the restructuring agreement.

According to sources, Cannon Kirk Property, controlled by the Mayo brothers Michael and Cathal Cannon and the developer Owen Kirk, has a pipeline of roughly 3,000 homes spread out over projects in the UK and Ireland that are scheduled to start in the next year. 

The company has recently focused much of its efforts in England, where it has construction sites in Cambridgeshire and Plymouth. However, it also has locations in north Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Louth in its portfolio.

According to Michael Cannon, CEO of Cannon Kirk Property, in reply to queries from The Irish Times, they replied that “Oaktree is a solid collaborator who has taken an extended perspective on investing in Ireland.” “They have acknowledged the dire requirement for housing in Ireland, and we look forward to expanding the business and providing the market with much-needed supply.

However, an Oaktree official declined to comment.

Cannon Kirk Property: What was the reason behind the rejection of Nama’s bail report?

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Cannon Kirk Property Group is facing serious challenges

To revive a multi-million pound GBP project that has been plagued by delays, Coventry City Council is planning to invest in a development by the Irish real estate company Cannon Kirk Property.

The council has launched a joint venture with Friargate LLP, a Cannon Kirk Property, to accelerate the construction of a second building and guarantee the long-term sustainability of the £100 million (€112 million) Friargate growth, a significant urban regeneration project that is situated next to the train terminal in the center of the city.

The council reportedly purchased the Friargate site interest earlier in that week, according to a report in the Coventry Telegraph, to assist the developer in paying off a balance owed to Nama and allow for an extension of the development, which served as loan collateral.

The story has been rejected by Dublin-based Cannon Kirk Property, who said that Nama was abandoned earlier that year after receiving funding from US venture capital behemoth Oaktree to assist pay off its unpaid debts with the State’s bad bank.

Coventry Council announced that it was “getting ready to take on 50% of Friargate LLP to accelerate the area’s regeneration and ensure that investment in Coventry continues.

Two Friargate and Cannon Kirk Property:

image 86

As much as £150 million has been allocated by the Midlands region’s Combined Authority to assist Coventry’s regeneration, so the move is anticipated to help unlock further funding. To construct Two Friargate, the second structure on the 37-acre property, Friargate was to be given about £51 million of this.

The urban revitalization project, which consisted of 25 buildings and 3,200,000 square feet of mixed-use space, was included in a Grade A office space, new houses, shops, restaurants, and two hotels. One of the intended structures, an 11-story tower that was to be designed for 1,350 Coventry City Council employees, is the only one that has been finished so far.

In 2012, the development was granted planning permission. The Coventry Telegraph’s article, which Stephen Reynolds of Friargate LLP described as “absolutely inaccurate,” disappointed him, he told The Irish Times.

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They were contacted by the council about this. They own a portion of the land, and we have an agreement that allows us to draw down a portion of it, so we’ve had a partnership of sorts with them for the past five or six years. As a way to assist in raising more funds, they are now proposing to formally establish the connection as a joint venture, he said.

Although there had been some delays, Mr. Reynolds continued, these were mostly due to problems with utilities.

The fundamental issue that has troubled them for the previous 12 to 18 months, but is now almost completely fixed, has been bringing utilities on site, he continued. As a result, the site had not advanced growth as quickly as it’d like.

Cannon Kirk Property: Checkpoint Charlie Site

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The Cannon brothers’ most well-known acquisition occurred in 2007 when they paid €29 million for development land at the site of Checkpoint Charlie, the renowned crossing of borders between east and west Berlin during the Cold War. 

Loans from the AIB that were eventually assigned to Nama were used to pay for the purchase. The plots were subsequently sold to a German developer two years ago for roughly €85 million, with the revenues, it is believed, being used to pay down the company’s Nama liabilities.

The bad bank allegedly threatened to levy a €15 million loan redemption “penalty” on Cannon Kirk Property when the company attempted to refinance its debt elsewhere, prompting the company to file a lawsuit against Nama in early 2022. After that, the case, it is understood, was resolved.

In recent years, Oaktree has been one of the most frequent purchasers of troubled Irish loan portfolios, the majority of which have gone into an Irish entity known as Targeted Capital Opportunities.

Project Emerald and Project Ruby were two portfolios that Oaktree acquired from Nama in 2016 for a total par value of €4.7 billion. The majority of the loans were backed by commercial real estate, including several residential buildings in Dublin.

Four years ago, Oaktree partnered with Nama and the real estate firm Bennett for the development of land in Dublin’s docklands, involving the construction of €450 million worth of commercial space and apartments on property close to Facebook’s European headquarters.

In recent years, an affiliate of Oaktree, Mars Capital, has also purchased hundreds of millions of euros’ worth of Irish mortgage debt, including loans produced by the Irish Nationwide Building Society and the once-subprime Springboard unit of Permanent TSB.

How Cannon Krik Property is Mesmerizing its Customers Through Its Website?

image 89

Over the coming years, Cannon Kirk Property plans to build over 1,000 residential apartments in the Greater Dublin Area, Kildare, and Dundalk, according to advertisements from Cannon Krik Property. In the UK, we are also continuing to deliver additional houses. Choose one of the advancements from the list below for further details about our selection:

image 90

Wow! Such lovely constructions, but what do you think of the synopsis I gave you about Cannon Krik Property? Will it hold given that they are not obedient to follow through with it? Which do you believe?

About Oaktree Capital Management

image 91

Alternative investing techniques are the area of expertise for Oaktree Capital Management, an American worldwide asset management company. The corporation was in charge of $164 billion in client assets as of March 31, 2022.

A team that had previously collaborated at the TCW Group commencing in the 1980s co-founded the company in 1995. Oaktree Capital Group LLC went public on the NYSE on April 12, 2012, under the ticker symbol OAK.

 The purchase of 62% of Oaktree Capital Management by Canadian firm Brookfield Asset Management for about $4.7 billion was announced on March 13, 2019, according to Brookfield Asset Management. 


A large-scale housing project in north Dublin was challenged in court “regardless” of any plans to decrease it. Now we know what were the actual reasons behind it. Donabate’s €360 million Corballis East project by Cannon Kirk Property has encountered strong local opposition. To settle his debts, The Cannon Krik Property turned to other organizations such as the US private equity firm, Oakland Capital Management, and many more. They ought to be taken to court since that was completely unfair.

Cannon Kirk Property: Are They Facing Lawsuits? Let’s Uncover The Truth! (New Update 2023)
Cannon Kirk Property: Are They Facing Lawsuits? Let’s Uncover The Truth! (New Update 2023)

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