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GMB Group: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (2024)

We have a lot of ground to cover before we can begin discussing topics that are related to GMB Group, so let’s start by addressing some of the more general questions about our website. As a direct consequence of this, I proceeded to investigate the matter further and came across a number of serious questions pertaining to the GMB Group.

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GMB Group: Establishment & Information

GMB Group, widely referred to as GMB eCommerce, has come under fire for the lack of openness on its website regarding its ownership and leadership positions. This lack of information that is both obvious and believable regarding the people or organizations that are behind the company creates questions about its accountability and reliability.

Our Methodology

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It is common practice for stakeholders, such as customers and potential business partners, to rely on such information in order to make well-informed decisions. 

Although GMB Group does give executive data, the names listed below are made up and the photos used are stock images:

xwgcYM34ss1xUqKdrJ3d2i5zGMc6gl APANbZRAO5Emr3sAihj5FPOukdzKYAviU7Q55PgFkoPbx7OPk540PHs57gl7H fZjS8OsE1bwX RuDWiMRLuuYtDs2IvIlj43Z9cEZRw7ICN6Azz43rJnjUs

The GMB Group conducts its business on the internet through website domains such as and, both of which were privately registered in April and May of 2023, respectively. 

These domains have just recently come into being after a very brief period of time. On the other hand, the company makes an effort to create the impression that it has a made-up history by asserting that it was founded in the year 2018 in Denver, which is located in the United States.

GMB Group offers to create incorporation documents for GMB E-Commerce Co. Ltd. in the state of Colorado so that the manufactured history would appear more legitimate. 

These certificates are offered as evidence that the organizations in question are legitimate. It is vital to keep in mind, however, that the simplicity with which con artists can establish front companies using fictitious information renders these credentials almost useless.

These credentials should not be considered credible indicators of the legitimacy of the organization while performing due diligence in the context of multi-level marketing. 

It is not necessary to have any significant ties to the USA in order to acquire them because they may be acquired with little effort and for a reasonable charge. In light of this information, the truth of the statements made by GMB Group and the organization’s actual relationships are called into question.

Its official Facebook Group, which carries an interestingly called moniker, adds to the suspicious aspect of GMB Group, which already had some doubts about its legitimacy. This contradiction raises additional questions about the company’s trustworthiness and openness in regard to its business practices and relationships.


This is evidence that the GMB Group is managed by someone whose first language is not English. When we take a peek at the source code of GMB Group’s website, we can, without a doubt, see Chinese:
JdbyH p4xNT1VuLaYSr9T2LEthSYIIKtA9PY8J LAh96mfbOUV9UvVPqQLh5lw 05iNlnz5zpNA0888iVW TwER 1Q1bCAovE9HrYOfEZodjAfZaII0ZDvZz3a 3JJ0kwFWVSbHC6tmtzqld2w8zGZY

This would indicate that whoever is in charge of GMB Group currently has some sort of connection to China.

Regarding marketing, it looks like GMB Group is focusing exclusively on the Dutch market.

If a multi-level marketing (MLM) organization is not clear and forthright about who runs or owns the business, you should always give joining the business and/or giving them any money careful consideration before making a decision.

How does the GMB Group work?

Now, if we are going to discuss the operational procedure of GMB Group, we can break it down into the following points:

  • Products of GMB Group 
  • Compensation Plan 
  • Affiliate Ranks
  • Referral Commissions
  • ROI Match
  • Rank Achievement Bonus

Products of GMB Group

GMB Group does not have any items or services that are available for retail sale. Affiliates can only advertise GMB Group affiliate membership itself as a product or service.

GMB Group: Compensation Plan

Tether (USDT) is purchased with money invested by GMB Group affiliates. This is done based on the expectation of receiving the returns that have been advertised:

VIP LevelInvestment (USDT)Daily Earnings (USDT)Duration (Days)
VIP1300Up to 12365
VIP2700Up to 27365
VIP31600Up to 60365
VIP43350Up to 120365
VIP5Details UnavailableDetails UnavailableDetails Unavailable
VIP6Details UnavailableDetails UnavailableDetails Unavailable

The GMB Group’s multi-level marketing (MLM) arm receives compensation for the successful recruitment of affiliate investors.

GMB Group: Affiliate Ranks

Within the framework of the compensation plan offered by GMB Group, there are four different affiliate ranks. The following criteria, together with their respective qualifications, are associated with each of them:

RankDownline SizeVIP2 or HigherVIP3 or HigherVIP4 or Higher
Rank 1501050
Rank 210020100
Rank 320002010
Rank 48000200100

Referral Commissions

The GMB Group distributes commissions for referrals on invested capital down the following three tiers of recruitment (unilevel).

Affiliate LevelCommission Rate
Level 1 (Personally Recruited Affiliates)5%
Level 24%
Level 32%

It is important to keep in mind that a GMB Group affiliate will only receive referral commissions on the investment tiers at which they have personally invested.

For example, suppose a member of the VIP4 tier successfully recruits an affiliate who makes an investment at the VIP6 level. In that case, the VIP4 tier member will only get the referral commission rate for VIP4 (5% of 3,350 USDT rather than whatever the investment level at the VIP6 level is in USDT).

ROI Match

On daily returns that are paid to downline affiliates, GMB Group provides an ROI Match to its members.

The Return on Investment Match is given out at the following three levels of recruitment:

Affiliate LevelCommission Rate
Level 13%
Level 22%
Level 31%

In the same way that referral commissions work, GMB Group affiliates will only earn the match up to the tier that they themselves have invested at.

GMB Group: Rank Achievement Bonus

Affiliates that qualify for Rank 1 or above are rewarded by GMB Group with the one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses listed in the following table:

Rank 1Watch, Electronic Product, or Gold Jewelry worth 700 EUR
Rank 2Watch, Electronic Product, or Gold Jewelry worth 1400 EUR
Rank 3Watch, Electronic Product, or Gold Jewelry worth 2000 EUR
Rank 4Mercedes-Benz Car worth 50,000 EUR and a Complimentary VIP4 Investment

What is the process of joining GMB Group?

There is no charge associated with becoming an affiliate member of GMB Group. In order to fully participate in the income potential that has been linked, a minimum investment of 300 USDT is required.


Ponzi schemes that involve apps with “click a button” interfaces, such as the one run by GMB Group, are one type of such scheme. Participants are persuaded to believe that they might gain money by merely pressing a button within an application in the form of a con job. The placement of orders with various online shops is thought to be the engine behind the generation of this cash.

The following is a description of the purported operation of the scheme: The GMB Group asserts that it has business relationships with various internet vendors, including eMAG, BOL, wehkamp, and Mediamarket. 

Affiliates, also known as participants, are given the instruction to log onto the app and click a button. It is speculated that the clicking of these buttons would result in the placement of goods orders with the online stores that are partners in this scheme.
ijBnt0MiagbT4we0Dn7LF2D x404ihYDbAAintTrzpDeHdNvoAib bthXIAhBxzpYQhZOUpSfabY4Grl40wYRKpM6YuAf7maZ1FFES wHpwSupo45Rcl1ua tWbXGD8ysfRv P XOSe5ouCTj9OKOek

The most important problem, however, is that this procedure does not make any sense at all. It is not possible for a customer to place a legitimate order with an online store simply by clicking an icon in an app. 

In point of fact, it looks like what GMB Group is doing is using fresh investments to pay back earlier shareholders, which is a typical feature of Ponzi schemes.

Similar schemes based on the “click a button” concept, such as DF Mall, GoodbuyKK (GoodbuyKK: “Click On” App Ponzi Scheme (2024) (, and Fyndiq2, have already been found to be fraudulent and have failed. In point of fact, there have been 73 recorded occurrences of similar “click a button” app Ponzi scams. The majority of these schemes have a brief existence until they inevitably fail.

When these schemes are discovered to be fraudulent, the perpetrators would often delete both their web pages and their mobile applications without providing any advanced warning. As a result, the vast majority of investors are left holding the bag for their monetary losses, which is an inevitable consequence of Ponzi schemes.

It has been hypothesized that a gang of con artists operating out of China is responsible for the increasing number of “click a button” app Ponzi schemes like the one run by GMB Group.

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