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You may know Jeb Blount from his numerous guest posts spread around the web. Or, you may know him as a sales expert. But they all are fake personas, the reality is way darker and that’s Jeb doesn’t want you to know what. You might’ve seen Jeb give a great speech somewhere and you might wonder if he’d deliver a great speech to your team too when you hire him. However, don’t get your hopes up. That’s because the Jeb Blount you see online is very different from the Jeb Blount in reality. The real Jeb Blount doesn’t give great speeches. He just promotes his products, eats all the food he can, and leaves.

My company had made the mistake of hiring Jeb and we regret it to this day. It cost us a great client. It also cost us a large sum of money because Jeb didn’t deliver what he promised. He ruined our reputation in the market because of the event he had spoiled.

I checked online and I realized that Jeb misleads people to buy from him. That’s why I thought it was important to expose him. This guy is a criminal and it’s vital that you stay away from him. Whether you’re an event manager or a manager in a big corporation, you should read this review so you can understand how terrible this guy is.

Who is Jeb Blount?

Bio and Profession

Jeb Blount is a keynote speaker, sales professional, and trainer. He has authored multiple books which are Fanatical Military Recruiting, Sales EQ, People Love You, Inked, People Buy You, and many others.

He is also the owner of a website that offers courses to sales professionals to improve their skills. His people like to say that Jeb is an industry veteran with decades of experience.

They also like to claim that Jeb is an authentic and influential keynote speaker.

Apart from these facts, you won’t get to find out anything else about Jeb. His website, his store, they all just keep praising him like he is the best sales trainer out there.

Now that I’ve shared the claims of his website, let me share what I think of the guy.

His bio is a hoax. Sure, he must’ve written those books but it’s highly possible that he just hired a bunch of ghostwriters to do the job for him.

And apart from his books and Salesgravy, his bio doesn’t mention anything relevant. They don’t say what he used to before he became a trainer, where he’s from, nothing like that. It begs the question, ‘What are they trying to hide?’ Are they afraid that if someone finds out Jeb’s past, he or she won’t be impressed? In any case, they just keep praising him everywhere, from his LinkedIn profile to his website’s bio.

They praise him this much so you may start believing that Jeb is a legitimate expert. I thought of him as an expert too until I had that irritating experience with him. Before that, I used to believe everything his websites says. Now, I’m certain that his website is filled with numerous false claims.

We Regret Hiring Jeb for Speaking

I’m with an event management company. One of our clients was holding a special event and wanted an expert keynote speaker for the same. They told us what kind of keynote speaker they were looking for and we thought to hire Jeb for it. We all thought Jeb was a sales expert and the event was based on business growth so he would be perfect for it.

We looked into some other options but none of them seemed as good as Jeb Blount. Eventually, we settled on him and contacted his team through his website. We didn’t get any reply for 2 days. Then, we finally got to hear from those guys when they told us that they’d be happy to help.

Apparently, Jeb’s company works a little differently. They will first visit your office and meet your team to make the ‘speech’ personalized. We all were really excited for that meeting. But when the person who was supposed to meet us didn’t arrive until a week before the event.

And when he did, he didn’t do anything productive. We paid for his visit, and all he did was just visit the office, talk to the manager for 10 minutes and left. From that moment on, we were a little skeptical about Jeb’s speech. One of my colleagues had even started recommending everyone to look for someone else but it was already too late because we had paid Jeb an advance.

Jeb arrived 3 days before the event. We were paying for everything so he didn’t care about anything too. I was one of the few people from my company who met him and at that time he seemed like a good person. We didn’t know how malicious he is until he delivered his speech at our event.

We expected Jeb to teach the employees about sales and leadership but he did neither of those things. He spoke about his books, his experience, his company and everything you can imagine a narcissist would speak about.

Apart from one or two motivational one-liners, he didn’t say anything useful. His speech was boring and tiring. Moreover, we had hired him to speak for 60 minutes but he didn’t even speak for 30 minutes!

He ended his speech just after 20 minutes without teaching anything useful to our team. It was really frustrating. My bosses tried talking to him but he didn’t budge. According to him, he had done his job. We felt cheated. The entire team who had arranged the event was furious.

He didn’t even apologize for this behavior. According to him, he had done his part perfectly and we were supposed to forget that he was supposed to speak for 60 minutes, not 30.

He left the place right after.

We tried contacting his team for compensation because Jeb’s performance had been really disappointing. Our client, who was supposed to give us great feedback on the event, hated everything. The client thought we had hired some random and careless guy from Craigslist and duped him. It took us forever to make the client understand that we had been duped too. The client’s event was ruined for sure and he demanded a partial refund for the same. Due to this reason, we tried getting some compensation from Jeb’s team but we didn’t get any reply for weeks. They were avoiding us at first but after a while they gave us a reply.

They told us that they don’t issue any kind of refunds and they were sorry that we didn’t like the speech. We had to apologize to the client numerous times to make up for this act.

After this incident, we all realized that Jeb Blount is a scammer and he takes pride in doing such heinous activities. He acted like a great guy in the beginning so that he could dupe us later on. We lost a great deal of money because of Jeb. apart from the money we lost, we also had to face a very embarrassing position because of that guy.

Jeb is lying to you when he says he is a great keynote speaker. He is unprofessional and selfish. He won’t even follow through on his commitments, which I think is one of the main reasons why no one should hire him. You’ll only regret the decision of hiring him. He makes numerous big claims on his websites like he is a great speaker but in reality, he is nothing. It’s very sad that he relies solely on lying about his expertise so he can make a few bucks. I don’t think he should even be allowed to market himself as a keynote speaker. People are better off without his speaking services. The only person benefiting from his speeches is himself. All he does in a speech is promoting his books, courses, and services.

He Hides the Truth

Real Jeb Blount Reviews & Complaints

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Apart from the terrible speaking event, which lost us a great client and a lot of money, I have also found out a lot of stuff about Jeb. It appears that his company called SalesGravy, which he markets everywhere is notorious too. Many people have had painful experiences with SalesGravy due to a number of reasons.

I found a few reviews of this company. And after going through them, I realized that Jeb is a major con artist. He is a fraudster who is deceiving people in numerous ways to fill his pockets. His different companies are his different ways of scamming people.

I came across a review left by a distraught employee who points out that he lost around a thousand dollars on SalesGravy. SalesGravy is supposed to be an educational platform filled with rich and valuable courses on improving sales skills. You need to pay an entrance fee to get enrolled there. But this person states that he didn’t gain access to multiple courses and the ones he did get access to, were terrible in terms of quality and content.

This person tried to contact the customer support of the place numerous times to get some help regarding the courses, but the customer support staff never gave a satisfactory response. Apart from that, this person demanded a refund, which he never received just like me.

This guy had fallen into Jeb’s trap through reading some of Jeb’s articles. Jeb poses as an expert everywhere. He is an expert but not in sales. He is an expert con artist. Anyway, this person was very frustrated with his overall experience with this horrible company. And he isn’t alone.

There are plenty of other people who have had terrible experiences with Jeb and his companies. If I had known that Jeb is such a high-level scam artist, I wouldn’t have hired the guy at all. He relies heavily on his podcast, blog, and guest posts to reach more people and to promote his brand.

Now I know why he puts so much effort into marketing himself. He doesn’t want anyone to find such truthful and harsh reviews because if they do that, they will see the reality of his enterprises. Would you hire Jeb Blount for speaking when you know he has cheated an event management company like mine?

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Jeb is adept at many things. But he is using his vast knowledge to deceive people. I just wish my company had never come across that criminal. It was the biggest mistake my company ever made and we’ve been very cautious regarding keynote speakers after that incident. The way Jeb and his team behaved with us also made us realize just how depraved he really is. I hope no one will fall for his deception again.

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