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Does Jose Luis Ycaza from Miami have any unreported charges? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

The reputation of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami in the real estate sector is frequently regarded with mistrust and uncertainty. Although he asserts to be a well-known individual, many detractors doubt the full scope of his achievements. 
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The reputation of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami in the real estate sector is frequently regarded with mistrust and uncertainty. Although he asserts to be a well-known individual, many detractors doubt the full scope of his achievements. 
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Jose Luis Ycaza Miami: A Brief Overview

The reputation of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami in the real estate sector is frequently regarded with mistrust and uncertainty. Although he asserts to be a well-known individual, many detractors doubt the full scope of his achievements. 

His claims of passion and drive to produce cost-effective and dependable buildings are viewed with mistrust because his projects have been linked to numerous allegations of poor construction quality and dubious business methods.

Jose Luis Ycaza Miami claims to have ten years of experience, yet his record is at best suspect. Some see him as an opportunistic developer who takes advantage of trends without adding much value. 

His boast of being an “experienced and highly skilled” builder is met with raised eyebrows because he has been linked to projects that have had legal problems and conflicts because of poor planning and building practices.

His alleged accomplishments as the Director of Hyperion’s real estate assets are tainted by controversy. 

His participation in the relocation, reconstruction, and advancement of the corporation across a variety of business fields has drawn criticism from those who claim it is more about financial gain than actual corporate growth.

In contrast to those who believe he truly cares about the company’s performance, many people see his acts as opportunistic moves to increase his power and riches.

Allegations of unethical behavior and a lack of openness in the real estate industry have damaged Jose Luis Ycaza’s image. Some contend that his aspirations trump all moral considerations, causing him to make unethical decisions and neglect the long-term effects of his projects on people and the environment.

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Because of his dubious track record, claimed opportunism, and uncertainties over his adherence to ethical procedures, Jose Luis Ycaza’s image as a renowned and trustworthy figure in the real estate market is viewed with mistrust.

11/12/2023 Update
As of now, Jose Luis Ycaza Miami has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Jose Luis Ycaza Miami: Disclosure of hidden bonds with Carlos Plit and his son 

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The suspected relationships between the family of Carlos Pólit, a former comptroller for Ecuador, and various properties in Miami, Florida. A summary of the major ideas is provided below:

Carlos Pólit is a former comptroller for Ecuador, which is a position of authority charged with managing the nation’s finances. In addition to being found guilty of extortion offenses, he was also found guilty of hiding money he had stolen from the Odebrecht engineering firm in Brazil.

According to the details, Carlos Pólit’s family-affiliated clandestine firms are thought to have purchased some expensive homes in South Florida. Public records show that Florida limited liability organizations (LLCs) paid a total of around $7 million for these properties when they first purchased them.

Since the homes were first bought outright, there was no requirement to publicly reveal ownership through mortgages. Later on, though, mortgages were taken out on these residences and were linked to John C. Pólit, the son of Carlos Pólit.

It’s possible that this action was taken to make it difficult to determine who owns these properties.

Florida LLCs are employed as legal companies to own the properties, and they frequently alter their board of directors and administrative staff. 

The openness of ownership information is further complicated by this tactic as well as the reality that Florida LLCs are exempt from the requirement to reveal their real owners.

The essay emphasizes how politicians from various nations seeking to conceal their money have historically found refuge in Miami, especially the neighborhood of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami. The use of offshore organizations and real estate investments makes this easier.

 A task force to stop the use of illegal financing in the Miami real estate market has been established, according to the US Justice Department. The task force’s primary areas of concern include cash transactions and the use of front companies to conceal ownership.


When the “Panama Papers” were leaked in 2016, it became clear how wealthy people, including political and economic elites from Ecuador, were hiding their assets abroad.

In Ecuador, Carlos Pólit was found guilty in his absence of participating in extortion offenses. John C. Pólit, his son, was found guilty of assisting his father in these illegal acts. John Pólit seems to have moved between Ecuador and Miami notwithstanding his conviction.

The case refers to the Odebrecht scandal as its background. Several nations, notably Brazil and Ecuador, were impacted by the extensive wrongdoing of the Brazilian engineering firm Odebrecht.

 The utilization of unidentified payments in the Miami real estate market has drawn criticism from the CIA and the U.S. Treasury Department because they could be funded by illicit sources and foreign government agents.

The text explores the alleged relationship between Carlos Pólit, his family, and priceless Miami homes that were bought using Florida LLCs, in summary. 

These relationships pose issues regarding the properties’ transparency in terms of ownership as well as the potential for wealth concealment through the use of offshore organizations. The wider background includes the Odebrecht affair and worries about unreported money in the Miami real estate market.

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Actual Role of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami

Jose Luis Ycaza Miami, who operates two additional Florida LLCs in addition to 1830 Coral Way, is one of the managing members of this one. The directors of those two organizations, albeit they do not list the Pólits, are found in other establishments connected to the Pólits.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami, he is a financial consultant based in Miami who has worked for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management since April 2014 and has his own management company as of today.

His Brickell address is shown with his affiliation with the company, which he joined. From 2014 to 2015, Jose Luis Ycaza Miami had the low-level role of associate client, according to spokesman Halldin, although he has since left the company.

Jose Luis Ycaza Miami, though, is more well-known there. From 2000 to 2002, he served as chairman of the board of directors for Ecuador’s central bank. 

He oversaw the decision to officially adopt the U.S. dollar during that time and replace the nation’s native currency, the sucre. In the future, he became a member of the board of directors for Coca-Cola’s activities in Ecuador.

Federico Gomez, manager of the LLC, put his signature on the mortgage on the last page of the paper. Adrian Sanchez is named as the company’s agent receiving documents in the initial formation papers, and Frederico Gomez is designated as the manager. 

Gómez is friends with Pólit and Sánchez on Facebook, and according to Gómez’s Facebook page, he finished his undergraduate coursework in Guayaquil.

Quintessa Enterprises has joined 1830 Coral Way LLC as a managing member, according to the most current documents filed with the Florida Division of Corporations.

Quintessa, however, is a Delaware shell business, and franchise tax documents there, which McClatchy and The Herald obtained, identify Jose Luis Ycaza Miami as the company’s proprietor and manager and show that Florida LLC shares the same Miami mailing address with Quintessa.

1900 SW 22nd St., also known as Coral Way, was the location of Quintessa’s first office when it was founded in March 2016. This building was thought to be connected to the Polits.

In that building, McClatchy walked to Ycaza’s sizable office and then waited for him in the lobby. As he got close, he ran down the stairs, but he stopped and chatted short.

Later, he claimed over the phone that he was unable to discuss the client’s business because he was refusing to disclose whether he or Quintessa owned the structures or companies for which they appeared. Although his LinkedIn page claims otherwise, Jose Luis Ycaza Miami has stated that he is no longer employed by Merrill Lynch.

The original LLC servicer and mortgage document signatory was Tamara Devos. Her social media accounts link her to Pólit and reveal that she is the Belgian citizen’s daughter who spent many years working as a diamond mining executive in Venezuela and other underdeveloped countries.

Tenants at a West Brickell building for which Ecuadorians associated with Pólit appear in the LLC filings claim to deliver their rent checks to Devos, who has a desk in the office of Jose Luis Ycaza Miami in the same building.

Regarding the structure in which he operates, Jose Luis Ycaza Miami stated, “I’m not an owner,” referring to himself as a financial counselor with clients in Europe and other parts of the world. Although he claimed not to be Pólits’ business partner, he said that he had known John when his son was in the knee-high range.

A large warehouse near the airport at 4101 NW 77th Ave. has a showroom built of marble and other construction supplies and boasts a grand piano. This property is one of the ones on the list connected to the Polit family because the directors and managers are the same.

Arhus Real Estate LLC is the owner of the property, and Gustavo Chavez served as the company’s first manager. Gustavo Chavez is named in at least two properties connected to Pólit. The organization connected to Jose Luis Ycaza Miami, Quintessa Enterprises Inc., is listed as its manager in the most recent corporate filings.

Benjamin Rosen, director of another Polit-affiliated business 191 SW 12th St. LLC, which owns a modest apartment complex surrounded by brand-new West Brickell high-rise structures, was present when McClatchy visited the airport warehouse.

When questioned about the ownership of the warehouse and other Florida LLCs, Rosen responded, “I’m not going to comment on any of that. He claimed he would give the young Pólit his business card. (BGV)

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According to the information I have gathered, this article discusses the U.S. Treasury Department’s initiatives to stop hidden cash real estate sales in South Florida, which have raised concerns over possible money laundering and bribery. 

The book gives details on the homes connected to the Pólit family, their acquisitions, mortgages, and people connected to them, like Jose Luis Ycaza Miami, who is connected to several of the LLCs engaged in the property ownership.

Does Jose Luis Ycaza from Miami have any unreported charges? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Does Jose Luis Ycaza from Miami have any unreported charges? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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