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Khaza Kamil Gates: Age, Family, Wealth Analysis & More (Updated 2024)

Khaza Kamil Gates is a celebrity child born to Kevin Gates and his long-term wife Dreka Haynes. Gates is the youngest child of Louisiana-based rapper Kevin, best known for his album The Luca Brasi Story.

Khaza Kamil Gates with his father Kevin Gates
Khaza Kamil Gates with his father Kevin Gates

His legendary father called his third studio album Khaza. Atlantic Records published the album in June 2022. Furthermore, the 8-year-old often appears on his mother’s Instagram page.

When you are born to celebrity parents, your life naturally becomes famous. The same is true for Khaza Kamil, a rising star. And with that in mind, we present you with some little-known facts about Khaza. We’ll also find out whether his parents are still together.

Overview of Khaza Kamil Gates’s Life – Kid of Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes

Khaza Kamil Gates is the youngest child of US rapper Kevin Gates and his Instagram star wife, Dreka Haynes.

Khaza Kamil Gates was born on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and will be six years old in June 2022. Kevin and Dreka Gates have an older brother named Islah Koren Gates, who is eight years old.

image 7
Islah Kore Gates, the elder sibling of Khaza

Khaza’s father is of Moroccan and Puerto Rican ancestry, however, it is unknown what ethnicity his mother is.

Fast Facts:

Full Name Khaza Kamil Gates
Date of Birth10th May 2014
Age8 Years
Eye Color N/A
Hair ColorN/A
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthUnited States
Net WorthN/A
Famous AsCelebrity Kid
Relationship StatusSingle
ParentsFather Kevin Gates & Mother Dreka Gates
SiblingsIslah Gates

The person’s first name, Khaza, is an Arabic phrase that means “treasure” or “divine gift.” His middle name, Kamil, is Arabic for “Perfect One.” He has been a blessing to his parents, with a name that means ‘a perfect gift’ from the almighty.

His sibling’s name “Islah” means “reform” or “improvement” in Arabic.

About Khaza Kamil Gates’s Parents

Kevin and Dreka met in college in the early 2000s and began a secret affair that lasted nearly a decade and a half.

Kevin and Dreka married on October 17, 2015, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the United States. Unfortunately, no information on the specifics of their wedding is available.

Khaza Kamil Gates’s Parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates are shown in this image. Source: Instagram @drekagates

They already had two children before getting married. Islah Koren Gates, their eldest daughter, was born on November 30th, 2012.

The Gates family was blessed with the birth of their son, Khaza Kamil, on May 10, 2014.

Kevin said in a 2013 interview that he has other children with an unnamed woman. Furthermore, it has been stated that his daughter is not the only child of his previous relationship.

I have a number of children that I am very close to. I cuddle them, embrace them and show them affection. I wouldn’t want to specify exactly how many kids I have, not in a negative way, but the public will likely never get to see them and if they do, they won’t know that they are mine.

It was reported near the end of 2019 that Khaza’s parents were expecting a third child, however, no such development has occurred.

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka separated?

Recent accusations of Dreka’s infidelity have come to light and it appears that the two are on their way out.

In 2022, it was claimed that she had been unfaithful to Kevin Gates with her fitness coach.

Dreka and her significant other separated, and she is now living on a rural farm with her boyfriend.

The Louisiana musician, who is releasing a new album, has forcefully hinted at treachery in his latest song.

During the interviews, I claimed responsibility, though it seemed as though I was exaggerating/ I composed the ‘Dreka’ tune, lied to everyone while attempting to keep her reputation untarnished.

The singer indicated that the woman was unfaithful to him, having an affair with the personal trainer.

My personal trainer intruded in my private domain / It really hurt me on the inside.

Kevin cleared his Instagram account of all posts following the event.

Many of Dreka’s fans and followers have questioned her relationship with her trainer, a woman who has identified as lesbian, in an Instagram post.

What are Khaza Kamil Gates’ parents’ professions?

Kevin, Khaza’s father, is a well-known American rapper who has recorded three albums: Islah, I’m Him, and Khaza.

Khaza Kamil’s mother has a significant Instagram following and is the co-founder and CEO of Bread Winners’ Association. In addition, she manages her husband’s business.

Khaza Kamil Gates’s Net Worth

Khaza Gates is a Family Member with a $1.5 million net worth. He is the son of Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates, well known for his mixtape The Luca Brasi Story. Khaza Gates has amassed considerable wealth as a result of his father’s success in the music industry.

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