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Jay Jackley

Jay got my company’s funds invested in an unreliable company that vanished with my money.

I tried looking for some reviews of Jay Jackley and Compass Capital to find if people shared the reality about these people or not. Unsurprisingly, I found a lot of sugar-coated reviews about Jay and his company. I had read some of those reviews before I hired him and I gotta tell you, this guy is a total ripoff. 

He lies to you about the investments he recommends and he lies to you about his plans for your money. Jay Jackley seems like a fantastic professional on paper but in reality, he is a selfish and arrogant person who doesn’t give a damn about his customers.

Who is Jay Jackley? 

Jay Jackley works at Compass Capital as their Senior Portfolio Manager. He handles the fixed income and equity investments there. Before he joined Compass Capital, Jay used to work as a Vice President for Merrill Lynch. He has more than 20 years of experience of working in the finance sector. Obviously, his resume looks great. 

Did You Know?

Founded in 1914 by Charles E. Merrill and Edmund C. Lynch, Merrill Lynch is a well-known financial services firm that delivers wealth management, investment banking, and brokerage services.

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I hired Jay so he could help my company in managing our finances. I wanted to make sure that the funds of my company were in the right hands. But I had no idea that he was actually a foolish and ignorant wealth manager who mainly thought of himself before his clients. 

He advised my company to invest some of our funds in a shady startup. According to him it was the next big thing in the market and it could have helped us in expanding internationally. I thought why not after all, Jay is the expert here. I should have never followed his advice. In fact I should have never hired him in the first place. 

We invested in that startup and were quite excited to see their progress. I had never invested in  a startup before but I trusted Jay and his team. 

After just a few months that startup went bankrupt and we lost all of our investment. Jay and his team had not informed my company about this. According to them we would have gotten our investment back within a year because the startup looked very promising. Obviously Jay and his team missed something. They either don’t know anything about angel investment or  they had some interest in that company.

I make these assumptions because they had never recommended us to invest in a startup before. Jay used to tell me that I should always invest in old and inestablishedsured brands if I am ever investing in a company. So for him to suggest an unknown startup so eagerly made me doubt his intentions when I found out that the startup died. 

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When my team contacted Jay’s team and told them about this dead startup, we got very light and honest apologies. After all they were responsible for this fallback. My company suffered huge losses because of the failures on their part. 

But Jay did not apologize. He was the one who kept pressuring me into investing in that company. And when that investment failed he made it seem like nothing had happened. He would always omit that incident. 

I can’t explain the level of stress I had to go through because of this incident. Jay’s team was supposed to do all the necessary diligence on the companies they recommended to us. And for them to fail miserably made me realise just how difficult it is to find good financial advisors. 

I met with Jay a couple of times after this fiasco and he would never even mention this event. He would either jump the question or avoid answering anything related to this incident. When I asked him where he found that company, he ignored me and started talking about something else. 

After those few fruitless meetings, Jay wouldn’t remain available for meetings. Wherever I’d want an appointment with him, his team would tell me that he is unavailable. I guess his ego is too fragile and so he can’t admit his mistakes. Nevertheless, my poor judgement caused me to trust a fraudster like Jay. 

When I realised that they did not feel even a speck of remorse or guilt for ruining his clients finances I cannot recommend his services. How can someone trust a financial advisor who gives such horrible advice?

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I write this review here in the hope that someone else would know to avoid Jay and his company. He is obviously a selfish, foolish, and incompetent advisor. I wonder how he climbed the ranks, maybe because of his contacts or through mischief, I don’t know. But the fact is he is a dangerous advisor who you should not trust in any case.

4.5 Total Score

Jay Jackley recommends shady companies to his customers. He lost me a substantial investment through his greedy recommendation. I can't suggest his services.

  • Greedy
  • Doesn't do research on his recommended investments
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  1. It’s so horrible what you had to go through because of Jay Jackley . I’m thankful for your review, however, because I was looking into Compass Capital. I’m glad I found this review.

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