Lovvare: Products Exposed with MLM Scam (Latest Update 2023)

Lovvare raises several red flags regarding its product selling & development. Let's find out the truth about it.
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Lovvare raises several red flags regarding its product selling & development. Let's find out the truth about it.
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Before delving into the product history of this company named Lovvare we need to know the entire background of this organization. Let’s crack all the important data of this company.

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24/11/2023 Update
As of now, Lovvare has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

What do you know about Lovvare?

It is an MLM company that works for nutritional supplements. This company claims its business on a Delaware corporate address & it is found on its website.

Various companies use the Delaware address of Lovvare, which increases the possibility that it belongs to a fake company broker. This relates to Lovvare Inc., a Delaware shell business set up through United Corporate Services, Inc. in August 2022.

Additionally, a Utah “warehouse address” was given. ShipCentral, a provider of fulfillment services, owns the website for Lovvare.

LinkedIn address of this website:

ACSwx6E8Y99RatnZ1hDYcRe1DSYxODI2xI1DVqGtcpktfWhaJ3Y1pIyAQh0JK5vB4eKNRrirQUmXv5j9byOy2uTnjE2YR3Jj6A11wavoDkzSv3 5TL3NjQp

Who is the founder of Lovvare?

RBxRDnXCyny4z9ySzd3axgqS4dR mwkqZAUXJrgohRQ9CMZBZR sNfob3q5BhDKXhEhSZ2vF4EukwLenGmcQkthXSv6z Fgf nIJhiWzwGR sPDo3IzF4tu4vDBOg

John Altshuler is the CEO of this company. He has spent at least 30 years in his profession related to the company. It was to earn financial profits. Due to his engagement with Lovvare, especially his earlier connections with BlackOxygen Organics, questions are raised regarding John Altshuler’s reliability and ethical behavior.
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Altshuler formerly worked at BlackOxygen Organics as a Master Distributor before joining Lovvare. Notably, he and his business partner, Brian Smith, rose to the level of CEO, one of the highest positions available under BlackOxygen Organics’ compensation structure. 
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Altshuler appears to have made concerted steps to remove all references to BlackOxygen Organics from the public eye after the firm was shut down in November 2021, including deleting all recordings from his BlackOxygen Organics Master Distributor YouTube account.

Altshuler boasts in his Lovvare corporate bio that he “took an organization from $0 to $4 million within a month in 2+ years” but he deliberately neglects any reference to BlackOxygen Organics. This omission raises doubts about his relationship with the company and needs more transparency.

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It’s also important to note that Marc Saint-Onge, the proprietor and CEO of BlackOxygen Organics, participated in creating the fulvic acid supplements made by Lovvare. Although Altshuler is listed as the CEO, this connection raises the possibility that Saint-Onge is the company’s real founder and CEO.
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When the Lovvare was established?

That is how this business was established, as I mentioned earlier. And in August 2022, it was established through a number of ties.

How does the Lovvare work?

Now, if we discuss how Lovvare operates, we may categorize it into the following areas:

  • Products
  • Compensation Plan
  • Affiliate Ranks
  • Withdrawal Restrictions
  • Referral Commissions
  • Residual Commissions

Products of Lovvare

image 61

Three categories can be used to group the products offered by Lovvare:

  • ShipCentral Supplements
  • Marc Saint-Onge’s bog products
  • Micro Mister

ShipCentral Supplements

Advanced Collagen+:  A combination for cellular rejuvenation that has been scientifically proven to increase collagen synthesis is best able to reverse the effects of aging.

Its estimated amount is a 15-day supply costs $69.99.

Collagen Serum+:

  • This product uses two different forms of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen peptides, and a potent combination of nano-silver to revive and restore a young face.
  • Price: $79.99 for a 1 oz. bottle (30 ml).
  • Rejuvva+:
    • It is designed for situations where your immune system requires extra support.
    • Price: $59.99 for a 16 oz bottle (473 ml).
  • Rejuvva Gel+:
    • It can be used for acne, burns, scrapes, wounds, and other skin sensitivities.
    • Price: $49.99 for a 3.38 oz bottle (100 ml).
  • Tone Active+:
    • It has 32 PPM Triple Action Nano-Silver Technology for optimal health benefits.
    • Price: $34.99 for an undisclosed size bottle (size not specified).
  • Trim Biotic+:
    • This gives you a full combination of prebiotics and probiotics, as well as the additional advantages of Aloe, Psyllium, Turmeric, Slippery Elm, and Inulin to start you moving.
    • Price: $49.99 for 60 capsules.

Marc Saint-Onge’s bog products

  • MudTox+: Priced at $49.99 for a 200g canister, MudTox+ is “a potent combination of organic components created to purify, detoxify, and rejuvenate”.
  • Humic Essentials+: A packet of 60 pills of Humic Essentials+, described as “a blend of strong antioxidants and minerals which offer the vital nutrients our bodies need to function at maximum levels,” costs $89.99.

Micro Mister

The 25 ml of “Triple Action Nano-Silver” in Lovvare’s micro mister is intended to be replaced with Rejuvva+.
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The mister itself seems to have been purchased from Chinese drop shippers.

Compensation Plan of Lovvare

The compensation scheme for Lovvare is based on the selling of goods to retail clients.

With binary and unilevel teams, respectively, residual commissions and a matching bonus are distributed.

Also available are additional rank-based benefits.

Lovvare Affiliate Ranks

Within Lovvare’s compensation structure, there are 13 affiliate ranks. They are as follows, along with the requirements for each qualification:

RankGV(Group Volume) Requirement
Brand PartnerSign up as a Lovvare affiliate
Team Partner500 GV 
Senior Partner1,000 GV
Executive2,500 GV
Director5,000 GV
Team15,000 GV
Senior30,000 GV
Executive50,000 GV
Elite100,000 GV 
2 Star Elite250,000 GV
3 Star Elite500,000 GV
4 Star Elite1,000,000 GV
5 Star Elite2,000,000 GV

“Group Volume” is the abbreviation for GV. A Lovvare affiliate’s and their downline’s total PV is known as the GV.

“Personal Volume” is the abbreviation. PV is the total amount of orders placed by affiliates and retail consumers combined.

You should be aware that no more than 50% of the necessary GV can come from one recruitment leg for the reason of rank qualification.

Retail Commissions

On the sale of goods to retail clients, Lovvare affiliates receive commissions. Retail commissions are determined by Lovvare as 50% of the volume of retail sales.

MLM Commission Qualification

An associate of Lovvare who wants to receive MLM commissions must be one of the following:

  • purchasing 40 PV or more of product each month, or have recommended two retail customers who are each placing an order of 40 PV or more of product each month.
  • Two MLM affiliates who have completed the required training are needed to qualify for residual commissions.

The binary team needs one of these recruited associates on each side for it to count.

Recruitment Commissions

Up to 60 days after the date of recruitment, Lovvare affiliates can earn 50% of the order volume from personally recruited affiliates.

Additionally, recruitment commissions have an upline component:

  • The affiliate who hired the affiliate to create order volume receives a 10% commission.
  • 10% is given at the next level up.
  • The third and fourth uplines receive 5% each.

Residual Commissions

Through an MLM compensation structure, Lovvare pays residual commissions. A binary team is divided into two halves (left and right), with an affiliate at the top of each side:

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The binary team structure employed by Lovvare has levels that increase in size by doubling after the first level, which contains two places. The depth to which the binary team can expand is unrestricted, and affiliates are free to directly or indirectly recruit new members.

The monthly sales amount on each side of the binary combination is calculated by Lovvare. Affiliates can make up to 20% of the revenue earned on the side of their weaker binary team, with different commission rates according to their rank:

  • Executive Partners who are Brand Partners receive 10%.
  • 15% of directors are executive directors.
  • 5 Star Elites earn 20% more than Elites.

After commissions on the weaker side have been paid, the volume on the more powerful side is eliminated, and any unused volume carries over. It’s vital to know that the monthly residual commission cap applies to all Lovvare affiliates and is set at $200,000.

Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is paid by Lovvare on residual commissions generated down three tiers of hiring (unilevel):
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(Affiliates who were personally recruited) 30% match on level 1

15% on level 3, and 30% on level 2.

To receive the matching Bonus on level 2, a Lovvare affiliate must be ranked as Executive Director. To get to level 3, you must have 2 Star Elite.

Product Credit Bonus

Director and higher rated affiliates are given a monthly item credit bonus by Lovvare:

TitleProduct Credits Per Month
Team Director100
Senior Director150
Executive Director200
2 Star Elite300
3 Star Elite400
4 Star Elite500
5 Star Elite1000

All Lovvare ranks are eligible for product credits equal to 5% of personal auto-ship, retail customer referral auto-ship, and affiliate recruitment auto-ship volumes.

Fast Track Bonus

A rank-qualifying incentive is the Fast Track Bonus. Within 60 days of joining, Lovvare affiliates can qualify up to Elite status to get the Fast Track Bonus:

Qualification LevelTimeframe to QualifyFast Track Bonus Amount
DirectorWithin 60 days$500
Team DirectorWithin 60 days$1,500
Senior DirectorWithin 60 days$3,000
Executive DirectorWithin 60 days$5,000
EliteWithin 60 days$15,000

Rank Achievement Bonus

The one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses listed below are given to affiliates that meet the requirements at Team Partner and above by Lovvare:

  • Team Partner: Receive 50 product credits.
  • Senior Partner: Receive 100 product credits.
  •  Executive Partner: Receive 250 product credits.
  • Director: Receive $500.
  • Team Director: Receive $1,500.
  • Senior Director: Receive $3,000.
  • Executive Director: Receive $5,000 distributed over 2 months.
  • Elite: Receive $15,000 distributed over 3 months.
  • 2-Star Elite: Receive $50,000 distributed over 5 months.
  • 3 Star Elite: Receive $150,000 distributed over 7 months.
  • 4 Star Elite: Receive $250,000 distributed over 9 months.
  • 5 Star Elite: Receive $500,000 distributed over 12 months.

What is the procedure for joining Lovvare?

The acquisition of a Partner Pack is required for Lovvare affiliate membership.

Including three goods and fifty product credits, the Foundation Partner Pack costs $199.

$7 goods and 100 item credits are included in the Launch Partner Pack, which costs $299.

500 product credits and 14 products are part of the Momentum Partner Pack, which costs $599.

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I assumed Marc Saint-Onge was in charge of Lovvare when I learned that they were selling his bog items.

The first thing I observed was that Lovvare’s first compensation scheme closely resembled BlackOxygen Organics’ prior to April 2023 or so:
FdShjXHZ0oZOWhkGEEb EV sJTBGheHdX1ZaOB9HUHlX jkSkajJe2QVK3vmRv8usJRxf7Jwgv4bKNJKtD3vCZO Lx418DGtV BM2r7h R lDt0CWuZOR7icmqi6s1yt6UZrq5D2fJ0fsrE2t4Opfc

The next item I saw was an address from Ontario, Canada on one of Lovvare’s products:

O5TVQU66nST M7Kl0kxxefsUtPup nynVffqXir08SZEI3J5i1StqYYt iWpc9pPiIeeLBpf5I0tGeKAOB3iq2AwGwRrVBvGablnLyBo88xK0kILw 1znGppVz3sUablGC3lskQZXd3 4OWYWRAzpWA

Although I thought I was getting closer, it still wasn’t sufficient. We were already aware that some Lovvare products originated in Saint-Onge, Canada. Perhaps that was what the label intended to say.

Then I discovered that Lovvare was using the same address on their website:
qraKb2c2Q evjKqoiIpkB5JTueof1EaEyJHVxVcLpYRCojjoCNOC7EwIhABLtxq7Z1WCOiQqz1o4PqiP2xNW5zHQ5NwaFs

To sum up, Lovvare is a business that has been registered at one of Marc Saint-Onge’s Ontario, Canada, business locations.

The particular configuration John Altshuler and Saint-Onge have is unknown to me. To be clear, Saint-Onge managed BlackOxygen Organics along with Emilio Carl Garibaldi using the fictitious corporations “11578243 Canada Inc.” and “11203452 Canada Incorporated.”

The fact that Lovvare is a relaunch of BlackOxygen Organics, which is still governed by Saint-Onge, does appear to be evident.

Why is this important?

because BlackOxygen Organics’ closure in 2021 was a catastrophe.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, BlackOxygen Organics found success. At its height, distributors for BlackOxygen Organics circulated online selling Saint-Onge’s mud as a panacea for all ills.
BVL BO1C4Y9QgNpLuozO1oHYdPjnoFuVkVSAHQzbVCdtHISrzI4Tpl npdA1phOReQxH YHA

Additionally, BlackOxygen Organics corporation was the driving force behind this:

tP4H1EZlWhh8rYzmk6kxrqdP1cA31jMug60IvesNeOPA2eEqYXklxyKBzwnEB t KWFLPn8QutvrytDtFD4z3qHWRrweepr3JdFaejnYpxSKQv CfZrcrqdZ6Nr9jGLDfreup5fjX35bloo1IEo1PyI

This is Marc Saint-Onge’s identity. It also describes John Altshuler, who is the Master Distributor for BlackOxygen Organics.

It is important to note that Saint-Onge and Altshuler’s political views are not the issue in the overall picture of BlackOxygen Organics.

The issue is that Saint-Onge is prohibited from marketing its products by making wholly unsupported medical claims.

notwithstanding the reprehensible ethics of exploiting consumers with utter rubbish during a worldwide pandemic.

SBeyfzXsENoSbIxeM7ZI4SUJ67LqYWwDOPr z02PPLdkRgWRESD1Pw7lrhlItIGWl0prG MZrR1Yh9 Ox4Yx eQt6 vgUNwJic mt9p F3G1R zv CIyR9f5P6mo8eyTwigk9u0T mR0nVCKQbWrE

Lawsuit filed against Black Organics:

The goods of BlackOxygen Organics, according to the civil class-action lawsuit filed on November 19, “contain dangerous quantities of toxic metallic substances that make them hazardous and unsuitable for their intended use.”

The class-action lawsuit is still in progress as of July 2023. The FDA notified Saint-Onge in November 2021 over the company’s noncompliance with the import prohibition and ordered a recall.

In consequence, Saint-Onge closed BlackOxygen Organics on November 23. A month before Christmas, the announcement was hurried and financially disastrous for distributors.

Saint-Onge vanished without warning customers about the health risk he had caused. Saint-Onge hesitated to issue the mandated recall because no one had yet died, according to a slander case that was later filed.
jVflCI4jfeWC5OAFZzU9 vwT4ae5SX n728V99d4C99uVp RNkDv7Nlgwa6 HIszGOMXmPhL6g8if7tykZJtQIj76EM0Kw1RGIeQTJDhXVzgJRgUtcfWvlvRLga5l8RIXFuDKm61YPefOo ynf242tU

In the middle of 2022, it came to light that Youngevity was probably marketing a face mask made of Saint-Onge’s hazardous bog muck. Before Lovvare’s Humic Essentials+, we had never noticed Saint-Onge selling ingestible hazardous bog mud.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Lovvare, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

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Saint-Onge briefly discussed lead and arsenic in a confidential Lovvare launch webinar (thanks to Mombie), despite the fact that he hasn’t publicly acknowledged BlackOxygen Organics selling hazardous supplements;
JERkPG5HErzVxyC2QnpzD9kcMGI9ymE4NWKbe8O9FbqfWHvnxl6ZlTmxy2bDv3DNgUydr228S7bCrqyCb8DgJKRWbAGOL2PeGlkh3ahpOs57Y Ur0glt Cw54b4brNa2By4Lh4eL2tTSjjjpmFATQa0

Waiting on the FDA, Health Canada, or even the FTC to get involved once more is not the basis of a long-term business, according to an MLM company.

image 58
Lovvare: Products Exposed with MLM Scam (Latest Update 2023)
Lovvare: Products Exposed with MLM Scam (Latest Update 2023)

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