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Me Clinic Malvern East: Is It a Scam? The Truth Exposed (2024)


How Me Clinic Malvern East’s CEO Costa Koulouris’ Reputation Spoiled (Reportedly)

In recent correspondence, it has assumed the role of an authorized representative for Me Clinic Malvern East’s Costa Koulouris claims with a specific mandate to bring to attention the presence of illicit content within websites, search engines, or social media platforms. 

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This initiative is backed by a comprehensive document of authorization empowering Internet Removals to act on behalf of Costa Koulouris in addressing the dissemination of unlawful online content. The document is available upon request.

Jurisdiction and Governing Laws

The legal undertaking falls under the jurisdiction of Australia, with the governing laws encompassing the Defamation Act 2005, the Tort of Defamation, and a violation of Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. 

Each instance of viewership of the content in question gives rise to a potential cause of action for Me Clinic Malvern East’s Costa Koulouris.

The determination of whether a statement is defamatory relies on the legal test centered on whether, in the eyes of a “reasonable person,” the reputation has been compromised. 

Under this scrutiny, Me Clinic Malvern East’s CEO Costa Koulouris aims to demonstrate that a reasonable person would perceive a diminishment in their reputation upon encountering the alleged defamatory publications.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, adopted in 1966 and enforced since 1976, establishes the right to protection against arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, family, home, or correspondence. It also prohibits unlawful attacks on honor and reputation.

Australian Consumer Law

Within the Australian legal framework, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) outlined in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 becomes pivotal. Section 18 of the ACL prohibits misleading or deceptive conduct in trade or commerce. This prohibition extends beyond the supply of goods or services, creating a broad, economy-wide norm of conduct.

Cause for Concern and Content Violations

The crux of the matter lies in the contents of the report, which allegedly impugn the reputation of Costa Koulouris through the dissemination of spurious and indefensible comments, statements, and insinuations. The communication explicitly notifies the recipient that specific content within their website violates terms of service and infringes upon Australian legislation.

One such instance of alleged content violation is highlighted, featuring a link to a webpage containing purportedly false insinuations about Costa Koulouris. The report contends that these insinuations warrant a content removal request.

Defamation Assessment and Precedents

Drawing from legal precedents, particularly the case of Radio 2UE Sydney Pty Ltd v Chesterton [2009] HCA 16, the assessment of defamatory imputations is established on the principle that harm to an individual’s reputation occurs when the level of esteem in which they are held by the community is diminished. 

The consideration revolves around determining whether the imputation has resulted in a reduction of the person’s status in the community or the regard in which they are held by others.

The publications in question are asserted to undeniably inflict damage upon Costa Koulouris’ reputation, diminishing their standing and regard within the community to which they belong. 

Furthermore, an additional criterion is introduced, evaluating whether the imputation is likely to induce others to ostracize or avoid the plaintiff, citing relevant cases such as Sim v Stretch (1936) and Youssoupoff v MGM Pictures Ltd (1934).

Demand for Content Removal

The concluding assertion emphasizes that none of the allegations or insinuations in the reported content are supported by factual evidence or truth. Due to the perceived harm inflicted upon Me Clinic Malvern East’s Costa Koulouris. Online demands the expeditious removal of the reported content from the search engine.

Our Methodology

We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

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In this intricate legal discourse, the emphasis lies on protecting the reputation of Me Clinic Malvern East’s CEO Costa Koulouris, and upholding the standards set by Australian laws and international agreements. 

The demand for content removal serves as a mechanism to rectify the alleged defamation and preserve the integrity of Costa Koulouris in the digital or an internet platform.

application against Me Clinic Malvern East.

Fake PR: Clients’ Reviews 

  • The client claims that Me Clinic Malvern East has exceptional staff and service. He said that he strongly suggested it! They demonstrate a genuine concern for the consumer and prioritize their experience, in contrast to other establishments that regard people merely as a transaction.

However, the comments are fabricated by the clinic’s public relations team to portray themselves as a trustworthy and reputable business. 

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  • According to a customer, he provided great reviews about Me Clinic Malvern East and mentioned that he visited the clinic in April. The pricing was competitive and he obtained two additional quotations for the identical treatment. The clinic displayed adaptability in accommodating my appointment and the treatment was executed successfully.

Estimated expense: $500

Based on the allegations, the clinic has received exclusively positive ratings, which raises doubts about its authenticity and legitimacy. 

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Me Clinic Malvern East: Customer’s Reviews (A Red Flag)

Only a single negative review of Me Clinic Malvern East has been discovered online. Therefore, the Me Clinic’s PR team has effectively concealed all the bad evaluations. 

Hence, it is challenging to ascertain the authenticity of Me Clinic Malvern East.

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  • As Sarah H, a client mentioned in her comment the Me Clinic Malvern East is not authentic and is quite terrible. According to her, everyone has to avoid this place for any purpose. Regrettably, she has not encountered any positive feedback on this establishment. 

The unfavorable reviews on Google serve as a testament to its poor reputation. A greater number of individuals must become aware of this establishment’s shortcomings to avoid it at all expenses. 

Doctor Ashley displays a lack of empathy, impoliteness, and use of offensive language, indicating that they are unfit to practice medicine. The receptionists exhibit impolite and inhospitable behavior, while the manager displays a complete lack of concern. 

She also added in the comment that she is quite relieved that she discovered all of this information during a consultation before scheduling any procedures at their establishment. Steer clear.

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About Me Clinic Malvern East


The primary objective of the Me Clinic Malvern East is to provide patients with optimal advice and support regarding their surgical treatments, delivered by the most exceptional Cosmetic Surgeons globally. 

The main objective is to instruct and direct patients from the initial consultation to the surgical procedure and subsequent care, recuperation, and post-surgical life.

Me Clinic Malvern East is a consortium of global cosmetic surgery & cosmetic medicine facilities with a wealth of expertise spanning more than three decades. 

Me Clinic Malvern East was among the early adopters of liposuction in Australia during the 1980s and has been at the forefront of advancing cosmetic surgery techniques ever since. To know more about the clinic, you may learn from the link: Me Clinic 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Me Clinic but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Final Thoughts 

This article presents a confidential complaint from Repgaurd Online, representing Costa Koulouris, CEO of Me Clinic Malvern East, directed towards Google Inc. The complaint alleges that a specific website contains illicit content that violates Australian defamation laws and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. 

It argues that the content within the website, which reviews “Me Clinic Malvern East,” contains false insinuations that harm Costa Koulouris’ reputation. The complaint emphasizes the need for immediate removal of the allegedly defamatory content from Google’s search engine. 

The complaint refers to legal precedents that establish harm to an individual’s reputation when their standing in the community is diminished. It asserts that the published content is false and demands swift removal to prevent further damage to Costa Koulouris’ reputation. The complaint concludes by emphasizing the legal consequences if the request is not promptly addressed. 

Hence, based on customer feedback and evaluations, it is evident that the Me Clinic is a fraudulent firm. The CEO of the company attempts to conceal its dubious history by employing a fictitious public relations team and by systematically removing any unfavorable remarks from the internet. 

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