Phaneesh Murthy: Accused of Sexual Misconduct?

As a result of allegations of sexual harassment, Phaneesh Murthy has been fired from his position, putting a stop to the remarkable comeback the marketing guru had been making. Let’s know the entire truth about his case.

Phaneesh Murthy: A Brief Overview

Phaneesh Murthy is now a member of Intelliswift’s Advisory Board in his capacity as a consultant. In order to help develop Intelliswift’s strategy and direction, he brings to the table an unparalleled breadth of knowledge, having led some of the most successful information technology firms in the world.

Phaneesh is widely credited with being the primary impetus for the phenomenal growth of companies like Infosys and iGate, and this recognition has contributed to the former’s eponymous title. 

The revenue of the company expanded by a factor of several times in just 10–11 years because of his leadership and insight as the company’s CEO. As an official member of the board of directors for several renowned IT disruptors, Phaneesh plays a significant role in the firms’ attempts to organize their businesses and progress their technology. In addition, Phaneesh is a pioneer in the field of information technology.

In the past, he has held a range of leadership positions, including those of Managing Director, Worldwide Head of Sales and Marketing, Head of Communications and Product Solutions, and Advisory Board Member and Consultant for a number of different businesses. 

He is widely recognized as an industry pioneer due to the fact that he is responsible for propelling enterprises to an all-around, multifold expansion and, in the process, increasing brand recognition. 

Phaneesh is a graduate of both the Bachelor of Technology program at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and the Master of Business Administration program at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad. He is currently working as a software engineer.

To that end, would you say that all of the components that characterize his duties have been made plain to your satisfaction? Let’s learn more about him and what we can find out about him. To know more about him you may follow the mentioned links below:

Phaneesh Murthy: Disputable Sexual Harassment Career

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Claims of sexual harassment led to the dismissal of Phaneesh Murthy from his job as CEO of iGate Corp. This was the second time in Murthy’s professional life that he had been the subject of charges of this nature. The following is an expanded summary:

Phaneesh Murthy was a prominent person in the Indian information technology industry. He was recognized for his expertise in marketing and for the contributions he made to businesses such as Infosys and iGate.

Phaneesh Murthy: Sexual Harassment Accusations

After that, Murthy became the Chief Executive Officer of iGate Global Solutions, which had previously been known as Mascot Systems. He is responsible for the rapid expansion of the business. The takeover of Patni Computers in 2011 was the turning point of his career at iGate. Patni Computers was the firm that NR Narayana Murthy and his colleagues left to start Infosys Technologies and go on to make history. iGate acquired Patni Computers in 2011.

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Phaneesh’s executive secretary, Reka Maximovitch, who is of Bulgarian-American nationality, is the one who initiated the legal action against Infosys, claiming that she was a victim of sexual harassment and that her employment was terminated in an unfair manner.

Earlier in his career, Phaneesh Murthy was accused, not once, but twice, of sexually harassing other people. He had previously departed Infosys under comparable circumstances, when he had to settle a sexual harassment complaint filed by his executive secretary, Reka Maximovitch, in 2003. 

Phaneesh’s executive secretary, Reka Maximovitch, who is of Bulgarian-American nationality, is the one who initiated the legal action against Infosys, claiming that she was a victim of sexual harassment and that her employment was terminated in an unfair manner.

When Phaneesh Murthy resigned from his position as head of Infosys’ worldwide sales and marketing and from the company’s board of directors in July 2003, Infosys made a payment of $570,000 to him as part of the final settlement of his dues. This payment was made as part of the final settlement of his dues.

 When speaking to members of the media in 2003, NR Narayana Murthy, who was serving as chairman and chief mentor of Infosys at the time, said, “Phaneesh did not disclose to the company management, as an important functionary, that he had a relationship with Maximovitch and also of the fact that she had filed in the court for a restraining order against him.”

In 2004, while Murthy was serving as the chief executive officer of GATE Global Solutions, he reached a confidential settlement for $800,000 to end a second sexual harassment claim.

 Phaneesh Murthy is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), located in Ahmedabad, as well as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), located in Chennai. In January 2003, he established Quintant Services, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company. 

iGate Global Solutions would go on to buy Quintant Services in the future. It was in August of 2003 when he was appointed to the position of chief executive officer of iGate Global Solutions.

 Phaneesh Murthy was instrumental in iGate’s acquisition of Patni Computer Services, one of the oldest information technology companies in India, for a price of $1.22 billion. This transaction took place two years ago.

This action had been filed against him. In order to resolve that particular dispute, Infosys had to pay a settlement fee of $3 million. Following an examination into charges of sexual misconduct and his connection with a subordinate worker, iGate Corp made the decision to end Phaneesh Murthy’s employment. 

His refusal to declare this relationship was noted by the corporation as a violation of both corporate policy and the terms of his employment contract. However, the review did not uncover any instances in which iGate’s policy against harassment had been broken.

Phaneesh Murthy refuted all of the claims and charges that were leveled against him. In direct contradiction to the assertion made by iGate, he stated that he had shared information about his romantic involvement with the female employee in question with the chairman of the firm.

Gerhard Watzinger was chosen to take over as interim CEO of iGate when Phaneesh Murthy’s position was eliminated. The shift in leadership brought up concerns about the business’s potential for growth and where it will go in the future.

Phaneesh Murthy made accusations of extortion and suggested that the same attorney who was defending the woman in the Infosys case in 2003 was involved in the matter once more. He asserted that there was no question that this was an instance of extortion.

Phaneesh Murthy: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Him

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In 2004, Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, Chairman and Chief Mentor of Infosys Technologies Limited, issued a statement that offered insight into a sexual harassment case that was filed between Infosys and one of its former directors, Mr. Phaneesh Murthy, by a former worker named Ms. Jennifer Griffith. The lawsuit was launched against Infosys and Mr. Phaneesh Murthy by Ms. Jennifer Griffith. The following is an explanation of the statement’s most important points:

The statement opens by notifying the audience that the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Ms. Jennifer Griffith against Infosys and Mr. Phaneesh Murthy was ultimately resolved. The complaint was filed against Infosys and Mr. Murthy. This indicates that both parties participating in the case have come to terms with how to settle the legal disagreement and put an end to the litigation.

There Was No Financial Contribution Made by Infosys Mr. Narayana Murthy made it clear that there was no financial contribution made by Infosys toward the settlement. In other words, the issue was settled without Ms. Griffith or Mr. Phaneesh Murthy receiving any financial compensation from Infosys.

Despite the fact that Infosys did not make a cash contribution, the legal representation for the company’s insurers informed Infosys that the agreement to settle absolved the company of all claims and obligations that were stated in the complaint. This indicates that the settlement agreement releases Infosys from any legal duty or responsibilities relating to the sexual harassment complaint.

 In the announcement, it is mentioned that the different insurers that were engaged in the lawsuit each donated $400,000 toward the settlement. This contribution accounts for fifty percent of the overall amount that will be settled. Mr. Phaneesh Murthy footed the bill for the remaining fifty percent of the settlement sum all on his own. In essence, the settlement was paid for by a mix of Mr. Phaneesh Murthy’s personal funds and the sum that was provided by the insurers.

It has been brought to Mr. Naryana Murthy’s attention that Infosys has maintained all of its rights with regard to Mr. Phaneesh Murthy. Even though the sexual harassment lawsuit has been resolved, this indicates that Infosys retains the right to take additional proceedings or allegations against Mr. Phaneesh Murthy in the future.

In verdict, the statement indicates that Infosys did not give money to pay for the agreement to settle the sexual misconduct lawsuit; but, the company did gain from the release of liabilities as a result of the agreement to compromise. Mr. Narayana Murthy further notes that Infosys has not renounced its rights to take legal proceedings against Mr. Phaneesh Murthy in the future, should such action be judged appropriate.

Other Companies Involved in this Sexual Harassment At Workplace

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Every day, new instances of sexual harassment brought against co-founders of startups and top executives of firms are brought to light. Let’s have a look at some of the instances that have been making headlines recently.

  1. Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iGate and Infosys, Phaneesh Murthy

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As was previously mentioned, Phaneesh Murthy was hit with his first sexual harassment case at Infosys after his former executive secretary, Reka Maximovitch, filed a complaint alleging that he had sexually harassed her. 

A second accusation was brought against him at the same time by Jennifer Griffith, who had previously lodged complaints that resulted in a settlement of $800,000. After that, Infosys paid the plaintiff $3 million to settle the case out of court and fired the employee in 2002.

In 2013, Araceli Roiz, a worker at iGate, claimed that she had been subjected to sexual harassment. Murthy lost his job after an investigation that was conducted by an independent legal counsel determined that he was guilty.

  1. Arunabh Kumar, founder of the TVF

An anonymous blog article written by ‘Indian Fowler that detailed claimed instances of sexual harassment committed by Kumar sparked a firestorm on social media, with other women claiming that the 32-year-old entrepreneur made inappropriate sexual attempts toward them as well. An official report of the incident has been made by the police, and Kumar has been granted anticipatory bail in connection with the incident.

  1. Uber

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Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber, had brought allegations of sexual harassment against her former boss. Uber has been receiving a lot of criticism for the way the issue was being handled, but the identities of the people who are being accused have not been revealed. 

Fowler claimed Uber of covering up reports of frequent sexual harassment, which she chronicled in a blog post entitled “Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber.” Uber was accused of covering up the allegations. Fowler claims that her manager warned her that she would be fired if she continued to report issues to HR. At this moment, she decided to terminate her employment with the organization.

  1. Tehelka, Former editor, Tarun Tejpal

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Three different women have leveled allegations of sexual harassment against the former leader of the Teri tribe. 2015 saw the filing of a First Information Report (FIR) with the police, which included charges of sexual harassment, stalking, and criminal intimidation. 

The allegations were initially brought up by a research associate working for Teri who was 29 years old. As a result of the allegations, Teri made the announcement in 2015 that Pachauri had “gone on leave.” In 2016, a court in Delhi determined that there was sufficient evidence to move forward with a case against him.


I conclude that the Phaneesh Murthy affair shows the difficulties and implications of corporate ethics violations. Phaneesh Murthy was fired from Infosys and iGate after two sexual misconduct incidents over 11 years, despite his brilliance and economic aptitude.

Infosys’ first episode revealed a lack of procedures and guidelines to address such issues. In response, Infosys implemented sexual harassment, whistleblower, and disclosure rules and created a gender-friendly workplace. Phaneesh left Infosys smoothly and without financial strain.

Phaneesh was abruptly fired from iGate’s second episode for sexual harassment and abortion pressure. Both Phaneesh and iGate faced legal action when the incident progressed. iGate’s board acted quickly, but Phaneesh’s departure sparked questions about the company’s future given his significance to its success and USP.

The case reminds us that even smart, successful people can make ethical mistakes. It stresses the significance of ethical behavior, particularly for CEOs of large, traded organizations, where things are often black and white. Ethics violations can harm shareholders, coworkers, and the company’s brand.

Finally, the Phaneesh Murthy affair shows the importance of robust ethical norms, procedures, and transparency in corporate America, where ethical breaches can have serious consequences.

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