Rancho Costa Verde: Uncovering Multiple Complaints and Lawsuits

Rancho Costa Verde
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Rancho Costa Verde has received numerous complaints and is even facing a legal dispute. Learn more about the company here.

Rancho Costa Verde is facing legal disputes and numerous consumer complaints.

Find out if they are worth the risk of dealing with in this review:

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The International Land Alliance has updated its legally binding commitment letter to purchase the remaining seventy-five percent of Rancho Costa Verde Development, Inc.

International Land Alliance, Inc., a multinational land acquisition and growth company, is updating an earlier stated carried out Binding Notice of intent to purchase the remaining seventy-five percent of the shares in Rancho Costa Verde Development, LLC for $13,500,000 in an additional tranche of the business’s preferred shares.  

The organization was able to speed up through investigations and has begun preparing for a close due to the effective conclusion of the purchase of a twenty-five percent minority interest by the beginning of the year 2021.

Subsequent properties, including sales for the entire year, have significant effects on the business’s finances, profit and loss declaration, or total statements of affairs. Further inspections, appraisals, and filings with regulators are required.  

The business & Rancho Costa Verde, which stands, have started preparations, and the deal is expected to close before the end of September 2022.

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Rancho Costa Verde is a successful builder of a 1,100-acre, 1,400-lot carefully designed neighborhood in Baja California, about 8 kilometers north towards the Company’s Paradise Park Hotel on the coast of the Sea of Cortez.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Rancho Costa Verde has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Rancho Costa Verde has concluded sales of more than 1,000 housing lots & constructed 55 single-family residences, with another 32 now undergoing development. Furthermore, an intimate hotel & clubhouse have been constructed.

In the six months ending June 30, 2002, Rancho Costa Verde earned approximately two million dollars in site sales and began or entered into agreements to begin building on approximately nine residential lots at a mean cost of $200,000 for each home.  

Rancho Costa Verde, which stands, has also added 200 acres to its commercial property assets, with one significant parcel under escrow. This additional section is expected to generate gross prospective lot revenues of about six million dollars & development income in addition to $40,000,000.

What is International Land Alliance, Inc.?

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International Land Alliance, Inc. is a San Diego-based worldwide land development and investment corporation. The business’s fundamental aim has been to embrace technology for environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as to use property technology & build tech-advanced sophisticated applications to achieve these goals. 

The organization is particularly interested in obtaining appealing raw property in Northern California’s Baja Peninsula, which is frequently within the driving radius of Southern California. 

The business supports its owners by dedicating significant amounts of time and money to locating the most suitable sites and securing the necessary building permits to establish an appealing collection of properties that offer a variety of wealth creation or living possibilities.

What do people say about Rancho Costa Verde?

  • As per the information given by an individual that this site is invaluable; I previously raised a question about Bellazo or Kahlia, which had only positive ratings, am I pleased that I found out more about what Once more, only favorable reviews appear to be something new, yet people who may have a connection with the endeavor, are going to the meal educational workshop as well as the trip but are aware of the fact that there had been a previous growth identified as El Dorado Ranch that proved to be a complete rip and had not been fully constructed. 

I’ve been researching & can’t discover any relationship, but advertising is identical. The vendors might not understand if it has linked, so I’m wondering here if anybody has bought into the idea as well as what their opinions were and what it was really like.  

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  • Other information also stated that I discovered this, however, the previous point occurred four years back; has the problem gotten better? That I had witnessed before the other night when I was invited to their educational meal, and of obviously, not one of this was stated, but I speculate if they continue to be permitted to put on their speeches if this is continuing, but the legal proceedings 

are in the nation of Mexico, not the United States, so I believe that is no obligation for them to reveal it before giving discussions in the United States.

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  • One more individual informs us that we live around forty kilometers away from Ranch Costa Verde in the beautiful  El Dorado Ranch growth, sometimes known as EDR. We are former expatriates who have been there for the past five years. We possess several properties or houses on “The Ranch” and are deeply acquainted with the pleasant, unpleasant, or ugly aspects of residing in this location. RCV has been around for about ten years, therefore it is not a “fresh” innovation in that respect. It is now controlled and managed by R-MAC, the advertising & sales force team in charge of EDR lot sales from the end of the 1990s to around 2012. 
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  • My wife as well as went on the tour in 2019 and were disappointed. We’ve visited several sites in Mexico over the last thirty years & had great expectations for RCV. It’s simply too far away for a lot of people, and while all solar sounds are appealing, it’s not. 

The climate is burning hot in summer, beachside lots are a LONG way from any actual fluid, and it also seemed to us that a small number of people live here. Remember, they’ve been attempting to sell those lots for almost 15 years, so someone is lacking, and to us, it’s the distant setting, healthcare facilities located several hours out, lack of groceries and grocery stores, etc. 

There’s no such thing as a dining establishment in this town. In the final analysis, living off the grid is similar to backpacking a lengthy distant trip to even purchase a 6 pack or have a taco, the landscape is drab, temperatures are in the 100’s June-September, and yearly precipitation of just a few feet. 

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Sandra Zaldana against Rancho Costa Verde in Court

According to the reports of Northern California Record, the Contra Costa County Superior Court disclosed additional events regarding the lawsuit caused by Sandra Zaldana toward Doe Bus Company, Jose F. Garcia, Joseph Sampson, Martiza Garcia, R Mac Properties Inc., as well as Rancho Costa Verde on February 8: ‘Case Management Conference’.

On September 2, 2021, case number MSC21-01852 was submitted to Contra Costa Supreme Court.

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Rancho Costa Verde news

About Rancho Costa Verde 

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Rancho Costa Verde lies on the eastern coastline of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, approximately about 150 kilometers south of the United States border, on the Bay of Cortes. Thirty miles south of San Felipe.

Rancho Costa Verde comprises a 1,100-acre master-planned environmental housing project that prioritizes preserving Baja California’s natural beauty.  Our strategy was created with breathtaking sea & mountain views in mind.

It also included mismatched lot lines to reduce the effect of your neighbor’s home on your view, as well as areas of buffering and wetlands to keep things open. After the project is completed, over fifty percent of Rancho Costa Verde is going to be left undeveloped, with forty percent designated as an environmental reserve.

Rancho Costa Verde offers an operational facility that is 100% powered by sunlight that features a snack bar, dining establishment, gorgeous pool, spa, pickle ball court, volleyball court, bocce game courtroom, horseshoe hole, driving green, and many more things.

Rancho Costa Verde: Uncovering Multiple Complaints and Lawsuits
Rancho Costa Verde: Uncovering Multiple Complaints and Lawsuits

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  1. I live in the remote mountains outside of San Diego & these comments sound like city people gripes who are spoiled & probably don’t know how to live healthy.It sounds great to me, but then I know how to cook & grow my own food better than any restaurant. Having a beach nearby sounds even better.
    I have well water better than a bottle with chemicals. Wish I had solar because electric power is not reliable & too expensive.

  2. Wow I went to a dinner presentation last night.

  3. I purchased a lot there. I feel like it was a serious mistake. I have no way to get my money back.

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