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Randy Benderson: Is He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Randy Benderson
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Randy Benderson has received accusations of being involved in various financial crimes. Find out if those allegations are true.
Randy Benderson, a president of Benderson Development Company along with Paul Blackketter.

Randy Benderson is the President of Benderson Development Organization and manages Nathan Benderson Park. It was decided to conduct a separate investigation on Randy Benderson with Paul Blackketter. A video of Blackketter being berated went viral a few weeks ago.

As per the information given by the board meeting, President Paul Blackketter acknowledged to the Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates that he was taken aback upon viewing the footage.

Paul Blackkeeper has taken full responsibility for his behavior in the video and accepts the blame for it. He has expressed his apologies to his family, the inhabitants of Sarasota and Manatee counties, and even to the national and international regulatory organizations for rowing. 

He specifically apologized to the person he was ranting at. He mentioned that he would start psychotherapy to address his behavior and had already sought assistance from a priest.

The videotape depicts Paul Blackketter shouting and swearing at ex-Benderson Development Corporation, project manager, Mike DePriest. Carrying a video camera at his side, the man looks to be recording Pual Blackketter. The clip fails to render it apparent exactly what the men are arguing over.

However, DePriest could not be contacted for clarification because he had supposedly moved to Buffalo, New York City. According to a receptionist at the Paul Benderson Development company in Buffalo, DePriest, a Project Manager, has stopped serving the organization.

8/12/2023 Update
As of now, Randy Benderson has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

While the SANCA center board condemned Paul Blackketter’s actions, yet commended his work in constructing the multi-sport facility & public parks. 

Representatives of the board of directors claim that he decided to look into Paul Blackketter and stated they were doing so to guarantee that his eruption was a one-off event & to preserve local faith in the charity by Randy Benderson which manages Nathan Benderson Park using funds from Sarasota County, Manatee County, & Benderson Development Corp. 

In an announcement issued, Sarasota County additionally asked for an inquiry into the incident at hand.

According to board member Ron Shapo’s reveal, SANCA is the conservator of an official property plus has been committed with substantial funds from both the public and private sectors. He pushed the committee to conduct its investigation into the incident. 

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Fraud is defined in law as the willful use of deception to obtain unfair or illegal gain or to deny a victim a legitimate right. Fraud can be a violation of either civil or criminal law, or it may not result in a loss of money, property, or legal rights but yet constitute a component of another civil or criminal wrong.

The board of directors agreed 4-1 to begin a separate inquiry into the footage of the events but rejected to impose any more sanctions on the SANCA’s President. Curtis Jordan, Bill Robinson, Jerry Marlar, & Shapo cast votes in favor of a probe. Only Joanne Fava, a committee member, was against it.

According to a female contributor, she witnessed Blackketter peeing publically at park activities at the time of the conference. As the board participants talked about the topic. However, Paul Blackletter refuted this in this statement. 

Keeping employees safe?

Although Mr. Blackketter declined to clarify the videotaped conduct, Fava stated that she witnessed a disagreement involving Blackketter & DePriest, a project manager for Randy Benderson’s business. He happened to be the sole individual in the group conversation who shared his account of the experience.

Fava stated this a few hours after the Global Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Council, Dragon Boat Festival organized for Randy Benderson’s wife has been concluded in October 2014. 

At Nathan Benderson Park, the woman was storing healthcare supplies in a moving vehicle. She stated that she exited the camper and witnessed an argument involving Paul Blackketter & DePriest near the final finish point.

Fava claims he was assaulting a female member belonging to the SANCA group, and Paul Blackketter was telling him to depart the site many times on that particular day. She further stated that it was common knowledge amongst SANCA employees because DePriest hounded, annoyed, and persistently phoned this lady, forcing her to alter her contact information.

She believes she saw DePriest go beyond Paul Blackketter, pull his cell phone out of his jeans, & reconnect with Paul Blackketter as both men remained yelling.

As per Fava’s consideration, Paul gave Mike enough time to depart the property, and if he failed to do so, then a security officer arrived and Mike was videoed. While Mike continued shouting slurs, it wasn’t recorded. It wasn’t taped because Mike was additionally luring him.

According to Fava, DePriest notified her of the fact he had purchased the film and then declared, I’m trying to retrieve stuff.

The footage of the event represents one of the rare blunders made by Paul Blackketter & his crew at SANCA, which have transformed the county’s parkland into a busy event center praised by the county government as a revenue generator in the city.

SANCA temporarily jeopardized its status as a nonprofit due to employees failing to submit the necessary documentation on the deadline.

The occurrence, nevertheless, highlights the complexity and concerns regarding the public-private relationship that fueled the development of Randy Beterson’s Nathan Benderson Park, whereby Sarasota, as well as Manatee counties, collaborated alongside Benderson Development Company. 

To convert an excavation juxtaposed through the official location for the World Rowing Championships.

The Board Faces an Obstacle

Benderson Development Company received a no-bid concession from the county government in 2011 to dig up and erect the body of water into a racing facility. Randy Benderson’s firm charge at that point was 16% of the county’s $19.5 billion construction cost, roughly 3 times the amount that a manager of construction typically charges for an endeavor of comparable size.

Those in favor of Randy Benderson & Nathan Benderson Park point up the $26 million in expenditure by visitors produced by the activities they conducted the previous year. 

According to opponents, the purchases took place at Randy Benderson’s owned shopping centers encircling the playground, including the University Town Center shopping mall.

Although all three individuals discussed in favor of Paul Blackketter along with Randy Benderson, the footage was uploaded on the website of Sarasota Phoenix, a regional consideration for publication that frequently provides narratives essential to builders, local officials, and various other politicians, and has created several videos aimed at exposing Randy Benderson’s nefarious dragging or relations at his navigating park between other activities.

At the SANCA’s board conference, its directors emphasized the organization operated autonomously of Benderson Group. The charitable organization that it manages, on the other hand, earns over $300,000 annually through Randy Bderson’s firm.

The members of the board readily recognized the quandary this had placed themselves in. Voting to fail to examine Paul Blackketter could be viewed as reckless, putting confidence in SANCA in jeopardy if additional instances using Paul Blackketter come to light.

However, ordering a probe based on a confidential letter and an audio recording sets a worrying rule of law. the SANCA might be manipulated by its ideological opponents, according to Fava.

Marlar, a newly elected board participant of Nathann Benderson Park, wondered whether DePriest along with others involved in the footage publication clung to “a certain something of seeming severity for a long time.

Criticism of the No-bid Contract has Arisen as the Cost of the Rowing Park Increases

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Criticism mainly began with a three-million-dollar project to construct a few professional rower facilities located on a county lakeside. Yet the power source namely Benderson Development Corporation Ltd. became obsessed with rowers and persuaded elected officials and entrepreneurs to join them.

According to Randy Benderson’s declaration, the total expenditure for the construction of the rower program along with other renovations at Nathan Benderson Park is expected to exceed $40 million, with Sarasota County contributing $19.5 million.

As expenses rise, consequently do the goals. According to an economic growth analysis, the rower infrastructure may create $157.5 million in revenue annually.

However, the anticipation came amidst condemnation of a one-of-a-kind no-bid deal awarded to Randy Benderson by the county commissioners. The company in charge of development is going to be paid a maximum of $2.8 million for handling the building & administration of the project. 

Randy Benderson is going to be able to select the architect and contractor for the general population’s playground, which will be financed by a bed tax collected from guests of hotels.

Usually, the local government, rather than an outside company, would ask for bids or pick a company to construct the playground. But Randy Benderson’s fee is 16 % of the county’s $19.5 million in construction expenditure. it is roughly triple what a manager of construction typically earns for an endeavor of comparable scope.

Since the playground is located directly south of Randy Benderson’s projected College Town Center Mall and near two additional Randy Benderson parks, the company behind it will benefit greatly which will prove successful.

Randy Benderson claims that he and the county recognized the possibility after the Yatch competition attracted 14,600 guests to the park in three days, a well-occupied gathering that occupied 1,600 hotel suites & spent approximately $1.9 million on lodging.

The County Council is expected to adopt an eight-million-dollar proposal for extra park facilities.

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Is it too profound? 

Anybody who claims to know the specifics of Randy Benderson’s contract has been complaining for months that officials went far enough. Opponents believe the racing site is going to be successful, yet they believe Randy Benderson is receiving greater value than the average person.

Representatives of the Gulf Coast Contractors Association raised concerns regarding the racing contract as well as visited the company’s president, Randy Benderson. Finally, the construction company team decided to back up their plans.

According to Blackketter, in addition to providing a $1 million contribution to support the Yatch race, Randy Benderson spent 500 thousand dollars coordinating racing competitions at the location over the past 3 years.

According to an economic study conducted by Fishkind & Company, the visitor center might hire approximately 1,700 employees plus $157.5 million of revenue per year.

The subsequent twenty million dollars

According to the narrative, a further $8 million in parkland upgrades are being made at the request of global rowing officials, a few of whom are helping to determine whether the World Rowing Championships are going to be conducted in Sarasota or not. 

Randy Benderson is planning to apply for hosting the upcoming 2017 World Rowing Championships, which are expected to bring 50,000 participants from 80 different nations.

Randy Benderson, in collaboration with the county, plans to request twenty million dollars in parkland funding from state lawmakers during the 2012 legislative term. Yet, Gov. Rick Scott denied the amount of five million dollars for the rower center.

The Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates, a charity fundraising organization, is then founded to gather funds and ultimately assume control of park management. 

About Randy Benderson

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Randy Benderson is the President of Benderson Development Corporation. He continues to follow his father Nathan Benbderson’s path in the business of real estate. Randy understands individuals’ wants and what makes a business profitable. 

He prioritizes the well-being of his approximately 8,000 staff members & strives to extraordinary lengths to inspire their employees and enhance their motivation to achieve excellence not only for the firm but also for themselves. 

Case Study 

Benderson v. Northwest Savings Bank


Randall Benderson as well as Benderson Development Company, LLC filed the aforementioned violation of agreement case in the Supreme Court of New York, Erie County, over Northwest Savings Bank


Benderson Development Company’s CEO is Randy Benderson. Defendant Northwest’s vice president is Thomas K. Creal. Benderson approached Creal regarding the prospect of obtaining particular loans & bonds totaling roughly $4,000,000 that were backed by an asset located at Union Road in Cheektowaga, NY. Benderson expressed an interest in buying the debts and loans, according to Creal. 

It is documented in the message sent from Rosa to Creal on November 13, the year 2013, in which Rosa reported that Creal had mentioned that Benderson had visited Northwest Bank concerning buying the loan. Despite his displeasure that Creal had disclosed his desire to Rosa, Rnady Benderson proceeded to negotiate alongside him in the expectation of finalizing the deal. 

In December 2013, just a few days before Raymour’s initial talks with Northwest, Randy Benderson established a verbal contract with Northwest for the acquisition at $3,050,000. Randy Benderson was contacted by Creal, who informed them that Northwest wasn’t going to be providing him with the debts and loans.


This Court rejected the initial allegation of the Complaint, along with all allegations regarding Creal, in a Decision & Order issued in 2015. It appears that Northwest did not cause any harm, and it is unclear why Randy Benderson did not write the Rosa Manifesto during its implementation.


Randy Benderson has submitted important contested evidence concerning causality, this indicates that the request for dismissal by Northwest Savings Bank cannot be granted. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal determines that Randy Benderson and Benderson Development Company LLC demonstrated the validity of a legitimate Confidential Contract and concludes that Northwest violated the document by disclosing its contents to Rosa.

Randy Benderson: Is He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Randy Benderson: Is He Involved in Fraud? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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