RR Auction Reviews: The Truth Exposed by the Allegations & Customer Reviews (2023)

RR Auction: A Brief Overview

The RR Auction Company is an auction business that was founded by Bob Eaton in 1976. The production office for the corporation is located in Amherst, New Hampshire, while the headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The company is well-known for holding monthly auctions of historical papers, writings, autographs, antiquities, sports collectibles, spaceflight photographs, presidential things, and other types of memorabilia and collectibles. The auction house has built up a clientele from all over the world and now publishes monthly catalogs both in print and online through the usage of Issuu.
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Owner of RR Auction

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Bob is the creator and owner of RR Auction, and as such, he authenticates and appraises collections. He offers a degree of expertise and personability that is unmatched in his industry. RR Auction has flourished over the past 30 years thanks to his leadership and foresight. 

They hold a Rare Autograph and Manuscript Auction every month, have published over 400 catalogs to date, and are now expanding into the highly successful endeavor of holding particular centered bidding processes such as Space and Aviation, Titanic, and Bonnie and Clyde. 

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His direction and vision have been instrumental in the company’s success. Bob is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable handwriting specialists in the world. During the period of his professional life, he has studied more than one million different autographs.

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In the state of California, a class action case that was brought against RR Auction Corporation LLC, a memorabilia corporation with headquarters in Amherst, New Hampshire, was thrown out of court. Michael Johnson, who is now the plaintiff in the case, initially filed the claim against the defendant corporation in April 2012, stating that the company had sold him counterfeit goods. 

Later, he turned it into a class action lawsuit and demanded up to $5 million in penalties before the judge ruled on whether or not the class should be certified. On the other hand, Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Donna Geck issued a ruling on March 13 that denied the certification of the class for the claim. 

She reminded out that Johnson had failed to locate anyone in California with identical complaints, and that establishing the documents were phony on a personal basis would be a procedure that would be time-consuming and expensive.

The in question memorabilia included things such as a signed copy of Eric Clapton’s “Layla” LP, an autographed postcard of Paul McCartney, and a drumhead signed by The Rolling Stones, among other notable signatures.

RR Auction Company maintained that Johnson had acquired less than $100,000 worth of products from them and had not specified which items were not authentic. RR Auction Company stated that it had not been sued in its 35 years of operation and boasted that it had never been sued. 

They also indicated that they had no way of verifying whether the things in issue were the ones that they had sold or comparable items purchased many years later. They said that this was because they had no way of knowing when the items in question were purchased.

Johnson challenged the authenticity claims made by RR, saying that there were linkages between RR and one of its third-party authentication devices known as PSA/DNA Authentication Services. He said that PSA/DNA had changed its opinion on approximately 20 of the approximately 75 goods that he had purchased from RR.

Johnson demanded reimbursement for all of his items, which he valued at between $100,000 and $115,000, according to his estimates. RR contested both the quantity and the legitimacy of the things in question, highlighting the wide time gap that existed between his first purchase in 2005 and his complaint in 2011. He stated that he believed the items to be counterfeit.

The lawsuit went through a number of different stages in terms of the offers made for a settlement, with Johnson’s original demand being for $5 million. RR voiced their reservations regarding the exorbitant sum as well as the confidentiality of the negotiations around the settlement.

The process of certifying the class proved to be difficult, as Johnson’s attorney attempted to locate more class members in order to complete the process. During the time period covered by the class action complaint, RR Auction sent emails to the customers it had in the state of California, informing them that they had the option to withdraw from the litigation. RR asserted that the vast majority of clients who lodged complaints about the validity of their purchases were issued refunds.

RR also asserted that there was an issue of interest within the class since some customers purchased and sold products through RR, which might potentially lead to participants of the class suing each other. This argument was based on the fact that some consumers were purchasing and selling items through RR.

Throughout the entirety of the court case, both parties cast doubt on the veracity of the other’s statements. Johnson alluded to anomalies in the evidence of RR’s CEO Bob Eaton, while RR accused Johnson of being involved in a number of cases, some of which involved family members.

Before the judge made a decision, Johnson presented an affidavit that was provided by a former RR bookkeeper named Karen Burris. In the document, Burris said that the company engaged in unethical and unlawful acts, including a means of bid-rigging and the sale of counterfeit commodities. As a rebuttal, RR brought up the fact that the affidavit was submitted a week after Burris was fired from his job and sued for theft, which hints at the possibility of prejudice on the part of the witness.

In the end, Judge Geck stated that the affidavit was “interesting,” but he also mentioned that it related to products that were sold after 2008, which meant that it was beyond the class period. In the end, she issued a ruling that was contrary to class certification, which resulted in the dismissal of the class action lawsuit.

RR Auction Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients

There were several reviews and complaints made against RR Auction, which highlighted its scam and fraud. You need to read the following reviews, which discuss RR Auction and tell the truth about the company, in order to learn more about it.

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#1. Autographed Music Items Bought at RR Auction Rejected for Authenticity

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According to the review that was done above, Plaintiff Michael Johnson physically sent more than 20 autographed music artifacts that he had purchased from RR Auctions to PSA/DNA Authentication Services in Santa Ana, California, in April and July of 2011.

These items were authenticated by PSA/DNA. These artifacts were sold with Certificates of Authenticity that were issued by RR Auctions and/or by Roger Epperson, who is RR Auctions’ music autograph authenticator.

PSA/DNA validation Services came to the conclusion that none of the things that Plaintiff Michael Johnson had sent in for validation were genuine. As a result, they all got turned down.

#2. The Reputation of RR Auctions Is Questioned by Customers.

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Concerns and uncertainties have been raised by a few individuals in connection to RR Auctions, namely concerning the genuineness of the objects that they bring up for auction. Since the middle of the 1990s, RR Auctions has had a reputation for engaging in questionable business activities, and some of the company’s clients have noted that these methods make them uncomfortable. 

One individual related an event in which Heritage Auctions cautionarily offered RR Auctions as an option for consigning an item with a predicted value of less than $5,000. The item in question had a potential worth of between $1,000 and $5,000.

In light of these unpredictabilities, the individual is interested in receiving recommendations regarding viable alternatives to RR Auctions for the consignment of rare items. They highlighted eBay as an alternative but emphasized their unhappiness with the volatility of that market when it comes to selling high-value items. As a result of this, they are asking for suggestions from other members of the community on reputable auction houses or online platforms where they can sell their valuables.

#3. Claims of Fake Neil Armstrong Autograph from RR Auctions

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According to the review found here, the issue includes RR Autograph Auctions, which is the company that sold me a photograph that appears to be a forgery because Neil Armstrong signed it. 

An authentication business by the name of PSA DNA was asked to examine the item, and their conclusion was that the signing was most likely not genuine; hence, they rejected giving authentication for the signature.

After he approached RR Auction, they offered that he send the item to PSA DNA himself, stating that they believed that they could obtain authentication for the item. 

On the other hand, he voiced his worry and brought up the fact that PSA DNA had already declined to authenticate the autograph, which led him to suspect that it was, in fact, a forgery.

Unfortunately, they were unable to come to an understanding on a refund, and the alternative that they provided was for him to donate the item in their subsequent auction. In spite of the fact that he was dissatisfied with this settlement, he has decided not to make any more purchases from RR Auction, and he planned to talk to others about his experiences so that others can be better informed about this issue.

#4. Bad RR Auction Website Experience: Fake Items
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According to the previous review, the person claimed that they might have reached the wrong page when they followed the connection to RR Auction’s website, hoping to see legitimate things. 

They were looking forward to bidding on some of these items. They mentioned that while looking for products associated with the music group Kiss, Andy Griffith, and Howard McNear, they came across what they considered to be obviously fraudulent items among the listings. This was something that they noticed. 

They were taken aback by the discovery of counterfeit Kiss autographs due to the fact that Kiss signatures are typically recognizable and consistent, making it simple to identify fakes. 

They stated that the Andy Griffith signature they inspected was also a fake, adding that it was not even a typical secretarial signature. 

In general, they did not have an unfavorable opinion of RR Auction; nonetheless, they felt dissatisfied by the existence of things on the website that they regarded to be faked.


In conclusion, RR Auction is a reputable auction house that has been around for a long time and carries a diverse selection of collectibles. However, there have been accusations made against the company, as well as customer evaluations that have raised issues about the business methods of the organization and raised doubts about the genuineness of the products that it sells. Before making any purchases at an auction house of any kind, prospective buyers should proceed with extreme caution and carry out extensive research.

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