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Dr. Gary Harding – Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)

Dr. Gary Harding
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Dr. Hary Garding- After being found guilty of professional misconduct for misusing his position as a teacher to start unwelcome sexual relations with two male pupils, a Winnipeg oncologist was placed on leave for six months.
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Relationships evolved into asking for sexual favors from male students. 

Dr. Gary Harding- Overview of the incident


Dr. Hary Garding- After being found guilty of professional misconduct for misusing his position as a teacher to start unwelcome sexual relations with two male pupils, a Winnipeg oncologist was placed on leave for six months.

Additionally, Dr. Gary Harding has been forbidden from being “directly responsible for the supervision, overseeing, or teaching of any medical learners, including residents or medical students from the College of Medicine at any time.” Harding was also the associate dean of medicine and an associate professor at the University of Manitoba.

Additionally, Dr. Gary Harding is not permitted to speak to students who are being supervised by other medical professionals unless Dr. Gary Harding needs information about a particular patient or when the medical student brings up the subject themselves.

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Dr. Gary Harding- Introduction


Dr. Gary Harding, a longstanding resident of Greater Winnipeg, Canada, claims to have been working for the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine for nine years as an assistant professor and for three years as associate dean of accreditation. For CancerCare Manitoba, the Health Sciences Center, and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, he has also worked extensively in medical oncology and bioethics. Dr. Gary Harding asserts that he continues to hold a Medical Council of Canada license and received a 10-year recertification from the American Board of Internal Medicine in 2017, despite having recently delved deeper into the field of administrative management with a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Outside of the professional environment, Dr. Harding claims to have coached and judged public speaking competitors as part of the Manitoba Speech and Debate Association for over 25 years. Showing off his interest in extracurricular activities Dr. Gary Harding claims that he also enjoys playing piano and staying physically and mentally fit by regularly working out and practicing Krav Maga.

As described by Gary Harding he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Manitoba, where he also obtained his doctorate of medicine (MD) and finished a residency in internal medicine. After finishing a post-doctoral program in medical ethics at the University of Chicago, Dr. Gary Harding started working as a medical oncologist with CancerCare Manitoba, the Health Sciences Center, and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in 2006. Further, Dr. Gary Harding claims that he later completed a post-doctoral study in medical ethics there as well. Up until 2015, he continued to work for all three organizations and held a position as an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Gary Harding is a member of the Canadian Medical Association, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, and International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer in addition to his clinical and academic medical endeavors. The Academic Health Sciences Leadership program at the George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, along with a master’s degree in health economics, policy, and management from the London School of Economics and Political Science, have recently added to his academic accomplishments.

Dr. Gary Harding- ‘Deeply disturbing’ mentoring relationships with medical students resulted in the suspension of a doctor.

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After attempting to have a “flagrantly unprofessional” sexual relationship with two of his students at the University of Manitoba, a Winnipeg oncologist had his medical license revoked for six months.

According to a written decision dated last month but published online on Wednesday, Dr. Gary Harding Allan Joseph Harding was found accountable for professional misconduct by an inquiry panel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba. 

A “rigorous and specific” review must be completed before he can reclaim his license, and he is also forced to pay $125,000 in inquiry fees. He won’t ever be allowed to supervise or instruct any “medical learners” once more.

In accordance with the college’s ruling, Dr. Gary Harding has not been a medical practitioner or instructor since 2015.

He did not refute any of the accusations in front of the investigative panel, but he has denied any sexual touches in psychiatric evaluations.

In its 30-page decision, the college determined that Dr. Gary Harding, who was at the time an assistant professor and associate dean at the University of Michigan’s medical department, made advances toward two male students. These advances eventually led to regular text messages, invites to his house, and even a paid trip out of the city.

The students said that they rejected his unwanted touching and other sexual advances.

Dr. Gary Harding- Substantial harm, Anguish

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They weren’t mentioned in the report, which called Harding’s conduct “gravely serious and deeply troubling.”

“Dr. Gary Harding’s behavior towards X and Y was flagrantly unprofessional, and egotistical and caused them significant damage and distress.”

In June 2015, he gave notice of his resignation from the medical faculty, anticipating that the institution would demand that he be fired. Soon after, Dr. Gary Harding’s position was terminated by the faculty affiliate CancerCare Manitoba. Since then, he has not continued to practice medicine in Manitoba or any other province. 

CancerCare Manitoba’s Ginette Bazin, a spokeswoman, claimed in an email that the group looked into Harding on its own and found no patients had been “adversely affected.” 

Dr. Gary Harding first spoke with the student known only as X in the records in the fall of 2012.

In an email sent in November of that year, Dr. Gary Harding offered an informal mentoring relationship and detailed the student’s struggles and health. After some hesitation, X decided to accept the offer.

In just a few months, they exchanged thousands of text messages, and their communication increased considerably. They went out to eat, personally visited each other’s homes, and Harding gave the students presents.

According to the complaint, Dr. Gary Harding started making sexual allusions in January 2013 and repeatedly requested oral sex during that month.

Dr. Gary Harding slid his hand inside X’s waistband during a trip to New York City that Dr. Gary Harding organized and paid for, which the student found “profoundly disturbing.”

By the summer of 2013, their frequency of conversations had significantly decreased. The texts reflect a growing resentment.

At one point, when X was present, Dr. Gary Harding improperly accessed the electronic health information of three patients. The study stated that he looked up the information to show that he could determine whether someone was receiving cancer treatment. According to the study, Harding might have had access to a third party’s medical records.

Dr. Gary Harding- Assist with Exams

Harding started discussing an upcoming test with one of the kids in June 2013. To discuss a portion of the test, Harding informed X that he wanted to meet. “One of the cases might be a bit rare to you [because] you did not have a case on it.” Additionally, Harding requested that X tell another student about the facts. 

Dr. Gary Harding called X once more in August 2013 and said, “I haven’t heard from you. We must discuss one case this weekend in order to prepare for the exam. A few days later, X and Harding had coffee again, and Harding brought a summary of the case study to help X prepare for the test. 

After the test later that month, Harding informed X, “Off the record, you both passed,” and he claimed his assistance had contributed to the result. 

The choice suggests that Dr. Gary Harding and X’s relationship began to deteriorate soon after the test.

Dr. Gary Harding-X- X reveals their connection to Harding

The relationship with Dr. Gary Harding was revealed to a counselor shortly after X began struggling with his studies and sought assistance from the medical school faculty. The counselor urged X to report the relationship.

Nevertheless, the report states that X claimed he “was very reluctant to do so for various reasons, including a significant concern that his own career would be jeopardized by reporting Dr. Harding to the Faculty.”

X started having “significant academic issues” in December 2014, which led to discussions with the associate dean of student affairs during which X revealed an improper romance with a faculty member. He chose not to mention Harding, though.

When the dean directly questioned X about the nature of the relationship during a subsequent meeting, X responded in the affirmative. After the revelation, an investigation was launched, and Harding left the medical faculty in June 2015. 

According to the article, as of May 2018, X has not finished his medical schooling, while still being qualified to do so. 

X describes the incidents as “extremely traumatic” and claims he is still adjusting to the effects Harding had on his academic, professional, and personal lives. 

Periodic sleepovers

Late in 2013, Harding and another student, who will only be known as Y, started a loose mentoring relationship.

They started sharing intimate details about their life, and Y was introduced to his husband as well as other members of his family and friends. He was frequently taken to fancy restaurants and social gatherings.

After watching movies together, they frequently had sleepovers. Some evenings, Y found Harding’s hand on his genitalia while he was sleeping.

Soon after, Y informed Harding that he no longer wanted to stay the night but still wanted to be his mentee and maintain their connection. Harding insulted the student as he grew irate. 

Dr. Gary Harding also lost his cool when Y declined his offer of oral sex while they were traveling on a trip to Vancouver, which he booked despite Y’s refusal.

By spring 2014, when Y’s medical condition required him to leave the city, the sleepovers came to a stop.

After that, they stopped spending time together. By December, Dr. Gary Harding had confronted Y at the medical school and warned him that he would receive a “professional citation,” which would damage his image in the industry

A psychiatric test conducted last year found that Harding’s admission that his behavior toward the kids was “horrendous, unprofessional, and even harassing” revealed a certain amount of self-reflection.

The inquiry board also discovered that Dr. Gary Harding gave X and Y prescriptions for medications without providing the required paperwork. 

Dr. Gary Harding- Could practice medicine again

Dr. Gary Harding’s suspension began on May 29 at 0:00 and includes paying $125,000 for the costs of the investigation and inquiry by January 31, 2021.

The verdict was given on July 31, but it wasn’t made public until this week when it was posted on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba’s website.

The decision, according to the college’s registrar Dr. Anna Ziomek, “reflects the extremely serious nature of Dr. Gary Harding’s misconduct and the important role that the College can, and has played, in protecting the public, even when the misconduct did not involve a traditional doctor/patient relationship.”

The College of Surgeons and Physicians of Manitoba’s registrar, Anna Ziomek, stated in an email that “the decision of the Inquiry Panel, in this case, reflects the extremely serious nature of Dr. Harding’s misconduct and the important role that the College can and has played in protecting the public.”

The announcement further states that Harding “will not return to practice until he has satisfied the College’s Investigation Committee that he has received psychiatric and/or psychological counseling to overcome the problems that may have caused or contributed to his misconduct.”

If Dr. Gary Harding resumes practicing, according to Ziomek, it will be “under rigorous and specific conditions.” She also praised X and Y, two students, for coming forward.

Source- Doctor suspended for ‘deeply troubling’ intimate mentorship with medical students | CBC News

Dr. Gary Harding- What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment (the similar crime committed by Dr. Gary Harding)

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In exchange for employment, promotion, or pay raises that are under the first party’s purview, one party forces the other party to offer sex and, if the second party refuses, threatens to be demoted, paid less, or even fired.

It means “this for that” in Latin. Typically, this is the most overt form of sexual harassment. This happens when hiring decisions are made based on an employee’s willingness to perform sexual favors in exchange for professional rewards like promotions, raises, and preferred assignments or professional penalties like demotions or termination. This kind of harassment frequently involves an aggressor who is in a position of power over the victim.

Federal regulations state that a single “quid pro quo” advance that is connected to an employment perk may be seen as harassment.

Dr. Gary Harding- Quid Pro Quo Harassment: How to Spot It

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The term “quid pro quo harassment” refers to any unwanted or unwelcome sexual approaches, requests for sexual favors, or any verbal or physical action of a sexual character that is made a condition of employment or choices linked to employment. Sexual approaches, verbal or physical harassment, and sharing or displaying sexually explicit or objectionable items are a few examples of this, but it’s not restricted to them.

The following are some indications that workplace quid pro quo harassment may be taking place:

  • An employee who has experienced quid pro quo harassment claims to have felt uneasy, intimidated, or degraded as a result of the behavior.
  • An employee who has been subjected to quid pro quo harassment claims that the harassment has affected their working environment or how they are treated.
  • When an employee encounters quid pro quo harassment, they often feel threatened or uneasy.
  • Employees who are aware of quid pro quo harassment claim that the alleged harasser has made them feel threatened or frightened.

Dr. Gary Harding- Taking action against quid pro quo harassment

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Quid pro quo harassment does happen in the workplace, so it’s critical for employers to respond quickly and effectively to address the problem. This may consist of

  • conducting a comprehensive and prompt investigation into the quid pro quo harassment complaint.
  • affording the harassed employee support and protection, as well as a secure workplace and any accommodations that may be required.
  • enforcing disciplinary measures, up to and including dismissal, against the offender or offender(s) who committed the harassment.
  • Review and make any required changes to the company’s anti-harassment policies and practices in order to stop quid pro quo harassment in the future.

Dr. Gary Harding- Quid Pro Quo Harassment Prevention

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Employers can take a number of actions to stop quid pro quo harassment in the workplace. These consist of:

  • Creating and putting into effect a detailed anti-harassment policy.
  • Provide monthly training on the company’s anti-harassment policy and on their rights and obligations under the policy to all employees.
  • Establishing a private, easily accessible reporting procedure for harassment among employees.
  • Pursuing allegations of harassment in a prompt and thorough manner, taking the proper disciplinary action as required.
  • Regularly keeping an eye out for quid pro quo harassment in the workplace and taking necessary action.

Bottom Line

The crime committed by Dr. Gary Harding is similar to Quid pro quo harassment which is a major problem that can hurt both the employees and the business. To ensure that all workers are treated safely and respectfully at work, employers must take action to recognize, stop, and address quid pro quo harassment. Key measures that can be taken to prevent quid pro quo harassment in the workplace include regular training, developing a private and easily accessible method for employees to report harassment, and enforcing disciplinary measures as required. Employers must establish a strict policy against quid pro quo harassment, make sure it is known to all workers, and adhere to it at all costs.

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Dr. Gary Harding – Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)
Dr. Gary Harding – Is He a Criminal? The Truth Exposed (2024)

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