Chris Davis is the worst massage therapist, harasser and charlatan in New Jersey

If anyone wants some thrills, you should go straight to Chris Davis. This man calls himself a chiropractor. Once clients visit his office at 301 Lehigh Road North, NJ, though, they are literally shell-shocked.

Chris Davis promoted his services via Instagram. Flattering reviews, obviously left by fake users, attracted clients to see this charlatan.

When you suffer from pain and nothing but tranquilizers helps, an office equipped in an ordinary house seems like something what is merely a detail. The main thing is to get help. Help from a real professional. 

Well, it’s not about Chris Davis. The unacceptable conditions for patients are greatly enhanced by what goes on behind the door.

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This is the house where chiropractor Chris Davis treated his patients

Fake massage therapist acts like a pervert and tries to seduce his female patients.  When he is asked to provide a quality service, he can injure your spine.

Massage causes even more injury

This massage therapist is completely unfamiliar with the anatomy of the body. He has no idea what chiropractic care is and you may get even more injury.

His advertising promises that he will help you to get rid of scoliosis, align the posture, relieve pain in the spine. But he can’t do any of that. Chris Davis is a layman and a scammer. 

During appointments he behaves completely inadequately, and if you try to make a comment to him, he becomes rude and very abrupt. On the massage table he literally twists your hands and legs saying that this is his special method and this is how he can fix your spine.

The pain is terrible, and it doesn’t go away. So, you have to ask for painkillers.

In addition to being unprofessional, Chris Davis is a sexual pervert. In his sessions he harasses his patients.

Chris Davis’s Perversions and Harassment

First, this charlatan offers to drink a tea of supposedly healing herbs. He claims that these herbs will help relax the muscles before he starts the massage.

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After that, Davis leaves. 15-20 minutes later, women begin to feel drowsy and stay disoriented.

When the pervert comes back, he reassures them that it is a normal reaction of the body. Meanwhile, on the massage table right in the hallway of the room he tries to seduce his patients.

It sounds like a movie story, but it’s the undeniable truth.

Why does Chris Davis go unpunished?

After such sessions, women cannot prove harassment. Davis doesn’t have sex with them. So, he leaves no evidence of it. However, he causes psychological trauma, and it is scary and embarrassing to tell anyone about it.

If you happen to hear this name or see an advertisement for a chiropractor in Jersey, Chris Davis, avoid him like the plague, and do not visit this charlatan under any circumstances.

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