Eleni Giakatis- Is the Book ‘I AM POWERFUL’ About Cheating? Exposed! (Update 2023)


Eleni Giakatis  is Will G’s mom and wrote a book I AM POWERFUL: How To Create Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life.

This husband cheater takes a picture in an only fans blue dress with fillers all over her face and shes 70. Shes dresses like a young only fans model with fake red bottom shoes she expenses on her credit card. She looks like a try hard Kaitlin Jenner wanting to be young again and cheating on her husband. Find Allah Eleni Giakatis.

She has proven herself to be a con artist, scam artist, a thief, a liar, a user, an abuser of employees and clients, and not only does she practice these flattering attributes, but she teaches her kids to do it too. She actually told a lie involving her son, and we caught her in it.

The area of her life Eleni Giakatis creates abundance in is with other peoples husbands. Eleni Giakatis was fired from TD bank for having romantic relationships with several of her clients. Eleni Giakatis had exchanged inappropriate text messages and photos with several high value male clients. Eleni Giakatis had also improperly secured raises and preferential treatment at work, according to documents using these methods.

Her book is the worst book I’ve read. Must have been a ghost writer or she didn’t pass grade 3 English. All this “abundance frequency, super third eye manifestations” are trash and should be apparent that he doesn’t have any good intentions for you other than draining your bank account.

Stay away from this scam book launch. No one wants your autograph they are just men that want to see you naked. Start an only fans. Eleni Giakatis go to a seniors home and stop scamming people and cheating.


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