Alta Mira Recovery Programs – Defrauding Patients For $55k/mo

Alta Mira Recovery Programs are addiction treatment services available at a rehab named Alta Mira. This rehab is located in Sausalito, California and is garnering a reputation for mistreating its clients. 

Many of their clients have complained about poor treatment quality and amenities. In the following Alta Mira review, I’ll go through the various problems present in this place and why you should beware of them. 

Alta Mira Recovery Programs: Cost, Ratings, Claims, Etc.

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Alta Mira claims to be a luxury residential treatment center. They are located in Sausalito, California. Their address is 125 Bulkley Ave, Sausalito, CA 94965, US. This place claims to offer an innovative residential addiction treatment. They specialize in drug addiction, alcohol and co-occurring disorders. 

There are multiple Alta Mira Recovery programs: 

  • Family Program
  • Experiential and Holistic Therapy
  • 30-day Core Program
  • 90-day Comprehensive Program

They claim to offer the best possible treatment experience. Ian Wolds is the Executive Director of the place and Steven Batki is the consulting physician for addiction psychiatry, psychiatry, and addiction medicine. 

At first, this place seems like a genuine addiction treatment center. However, the various Alta Mira Recovery Program reviews tell a completely different story. According to their reviews, they have many issues, including neglecting patients and focusing too much on money. 

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

The following Alta Mira reviews will give you an idea of what it’s like to stay here: 

Alta Mira Recovery Programs Focus More On Money than Recovery

Alta Mira Recovery Programs review

The reviewer points out that they had a terrible experience at this place. Apparently, the rehab was more concerned about the money than their recovery. The reviewer points out that the food was bad and the rooms “are a joke”. They also point out that the AA meetings are horrific unless you enjoy vulgar and disturbing stories. Moreover, the place is totally insensitive to trauma or anything that disturbs their peace. 

$1800 a Day is Too Much for Their Facilities

Alta Mira Recovery Programs review

This reviewer shares that they were very disappointed with Alta Mira. They paid $55,000 but the services they received weren’t worth the price. 

The place cuts corners with individual therapy and massage. You’d expect to get proper treatment for such exorbitant prices. However, that doesn’t happen here.

The reviewer wanted to work on deep issues in a supportive environment. But they realized that it was pointless to have any expectations. The therapy sessions lasted only for 45 minutes. They were too short to achieve anything fruitful. On top of that, they highlight that the massages are also very short and only last for 45 minutes. 

The reviewer points out that they had never seen a place that offers only 45-minute massages. Moreover, the gym equipment and rooms were too old. Also, most of the lectures seemed like tiem fillers and didn’t share anything worthwhile. 

The reviewer felt as if Alta Mira sold them a bill of goods they never delivered. They suggest avoiding this place as the price tag of $1800 is too high to consider it as a reasonable expenditure. 

Make You Feel Like a Hostage

Alta Mira Recovery Programs review

This person had joined the 30-day program among the various Alta Mira Recovery Programs. They also had a terrible experience at this place. 

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The reviewer points out that the people here only care about the money. They lie about what’s allowed and what’s not just so you’d join the programs. Moreover, the rehab knows that people join this place in desperation and the institution takes full advantage of this fact. 

The reviewer also complains about a staff member named Harmony who behaved terribly with them during their stay. They point out that they felt like the place was holding them hostage. 

Also, the gym was terrible and rooms were nowhere near what they claim to be. 

Alta Mira Recovery Programs Charge You For Services That You Don’t Get

Alta Mira Recovery Programs review

Chris here shares that their stay at Alta Mira was nothing what they hoped for. He couldn’t sleep and it made them sleep deprived. Chris had told the place earlier that he needed a quiet place to sleep but the rehab didn’t care. 

They put him in detox when he was clearly not detoxing. Moreover, they put him in the room with someone who was not a good fit to be living together with him. One night, Chris woke up to find his roommate standing over him at 3 in the morning. Imagine how terrifying it must have been for this guy. 

He found the food to be okay but the program was a disappointment. Chris spent $55,000 for a 30-day stay at Alta Mira but the program wasn’t worth the price. 

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He suggests joining a simple and inexpensive program. Also, he points out that the rehab charged him for a massage and toiletries a month after he had left the place. They didn’t even notify him about the charges. And put the charges on his credit card. When he called them about the charges, they referred him to their outpatient clinic. The problem is, he never even stepped a foot there. 

Originally, they had charged him for 4 massages but only gave 3. Now, they charged him for a 5th massage. Also, Chris had never ordered any toiletries when he stayed there. 

Clearly, Alta Mira Recovery Programs overcharges its clients for services it doesn’t offer and thinks it can get away with it. This is quite a red flag. 

2.7Expert Score
Are Alta Mira Recovery Programs Worth It? 

No, joining Alta Mira Recovery Programs isn’t worth the risk. According to the reviews, the Alta Mira Recovery Programs cost is $55,000 for a 30-day stay. And the reviews also point out that the rehab only cares about the money it can get out of a client’s pockets. 
They also use hidden charges to take out more funds from their clients’ credit cards. You should look for a reliable and trustworthy treatment center that looks after its clients. Alta Mira is has too many issues to consider it even an option.

Value For Money
Client Experience
Honesty & Transparency
Treatment Quality
  • None
  • Horribly Exorbitant
  • Hidden Charges
  • Siphon Funds From Their Clients' Credit Cards
  • Unprofessional Staff
  • False Claims

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