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Andrew Balzan – Disgraced Director of Techspaces Pty Ltd

Andrew Balzan is a Board Advisor at Techspaces Pty Ltd. He gained notoriety when he lost his job at a top bank for terrible misconduct. 

Andrew of Techspaces Pty Ltd used to work at National Australia Bank as head of institutional property. Then, he joined Pepper where he got into an employment dispute. 

He lodged an adverse action claim against Pepper in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. 

Andrew wanted $313,000 in damages from Pepper Property. 

Andrew Balzan - Techspaces Pty Ltd
A photo of Andrew Balzan

Also, the Techspaces Pty Ltd director lodged the complaint after his Fair Work Commission conference with the president Gerard Boyce didn’t yield any fruitful results. 

Andrew alleged that Pepper dismissed him 3 days after his lawyers sent them a letter which asserted his right to 4 weeks of severance. Furthermore, the letter said he deserved 3 months’ termination pay and a short-term incentive pay of $313,000.

Note that Pepper Property Group has now become Capstra Group. The cause of this name change was a management buyout and this bothered Andrew Balzan very much. 

Apparently, the Techspaces Pty Ltd director rejected an offer to take part in the management buyout. Furthermore, he didn’t participate in any other alternative offers to stay in business

Capstra Group filed a dismissal email as well. 

According to the documentation, Andrew Balzan said he will not resign nor will he participate in the management buyout. 

More Details on the Dispute Between Pepper Property and Andrew Balzan (Techspaces Pty Ltd):

Pepper Property Management needs a new logo by karosta | Property ...

The email from Pepper’s head of property said that Andrew was engaging in conduct which constituted a serious breach of his obligations as an employee.

Also, he alleged that in the days before his dismissal, Andrew Balzan arrived for work late at 4:30 pm. 

Then, he left at 5:00 pm without giving an explanation.

The next day, the Techspaces Pty Ltd director left around noon after sitting in the common area. He spoke with no one that day as well. 

Did You Know?

Techspaces Pty Ltd is a proprietary company, that is limited by shares. The company was registered on September 13, 2021 in Australia, with 81653628463 Australian Business Number & 653628463 Australian company number.

The email said:

It gives no pleasure to end our relationship this way. We have been trying to accommodate you in an ongoing role for the last 6 weeks. However, it has become clear that you have no intention of honoring your obligations.


Later, Andrew settled the case instead of proceeding to a hearing. 

He said that he has moved on. Currently, he is running Techspaces Pty Ltd. However, there is no information available on the company. 

After leaving Pepper, he worked at Cognian Technologies and Avenue as well. Still, the main highlight of Andrew’s career is his 30+ years tenure at National Australia Bank.

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Andrew Balzan got involved in a legal dispute with his former employer after he started showing up to his office terribly late. Certainly, he is not as professional as he claims to be.

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  1. People like Andrew deserve jail time. Good work guys

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