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Chase Hughes – Did He Really Defraud a Client? The Truth Exposed ( New (Update 2024))

Chase Hughes
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Chase Hughes is an author and an entrepreneur. However, he has received serious allegations of defrauding his clients online.

Is Chase Hughes a reliable professional or a scammer? He has received serious allegations of defrauding his clients through his company.

The following review will shed light on those claims. Also, it will explore his other ventures:

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About Chase Hughes 

Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes is the founder of Pro Business Plans. Apart from running PBP, he also runs ProAI, a company that focuses on helping businesses grow by using artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, he is a member of the highly reputed Forbes Council.

However, these accolades don’t make the allegations against him any less serious. In fact, it’s alarming how many allegations Chase Hughes of Pro Business Plans has received online for defrauding others.

Also, he has published many articles on Forbes which focus on helping consumers learn about the various aspects of artificial intelligence and their applications in business development.

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28/11/2023 Update
As of now, Chase Hughes has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Pro Business Plans is a company that focuses on helping SMEs develop robust business plans. Also, the company focuses on helping them pitch decks and raise funding to catapult their growth.

Certainly, the company seems quite promising on paper.

Sadly, it has received too many allegations of defrauding others.

Before you do business with a company, it’s vital to find out what their customers are saying online. The best way to do so is by checking their online reviews. Seeing how prominent Chase Hughes’ online presence is, it’s clear that many of his clients are unable to see these complaints online.

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Chase Hughes Faces Allegations of Fraud


Chase Hughes’ Business & Pro Business Plans in New York City is a fraudulent activity, which is why they refused to refund the money I paid, claims his customer. 

He also mentioned that he has been working with Pro BP since early November. I submitted the deposit following what I believed was a brief phone call, but Chase Hughes informed me that he actually had everything he required to begin working on my proposal deck. 

I received the first version approximately two weeks before I made a payment. The language appeared to have been written by a first-grader, and the artwork seemed of poor quality

He stated that I chose Professional Business Strategies since my opinion was that their work looked amazing. The material I received does not appear to have come from the very same firm that delivered the giant power startup plan or one that was featured on CBS MarketWatch. 

According to their client, he said that he ran a reverse Google search overnight & discovered that their location points to a remote workplace as well as that there are nobody advisers working there other than those listed on Linkedin.  

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Chase Hughes Ignores The Complaints

With their new project, ProAI, Chase Hughes, Founder of Pro Business Plans, began exploring the potential uses of generative artificial intelligence in the market for professional services.

Chase Hughes’ Point of View

Chase Hughes thinks that artificial intelligence (AI) that generates can tremendously assist the financial services industry. This type of artificial intelligence can save time and money by automating monotonous processes such as document analysis and information input, while also offering greater precision and customized responses to consumer questions.

Additionally, generative artificial intelligence may enable more extensive data analysis and reveal insights that could not have been readily recognized otherwise. Nevertheless, Hughes recognizes the reality of potential barriers to generative AI acceptance, including the expense of the equipment or a lack of experience with this type of Intelligence.

About Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans assists those it serves in becoming prosperous by preparing high-quality investor documents such as plans for the company, elevator pitches, as well as financial projections. 

It works with clients from start to finish to provide comprehensive assistance that generates straightforward ideas & tangible outcomes. 

Chase Hughes

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It’s evident from the above points that Chase Hughes might not be as reliable as he markets himself to be. There are plenty of red flags present in his claims which indicate he might be a fraudster.

Furthermore, the serious allegations available on the internet don’t paint a positive picture.

What do you think? Do you think he is a reliable professional or a scammer?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Chase Hughes – Did He Really Defraud a Client? The Truth Exposed ( New (Update 2024))
Chase Hughes – Did He Really Defraud a Client? The Truth Exposed ( New (Update 2024))

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  1. This isn’t the Chase Hughes you’ve pictured and describe (i.e., the behavioral analyst). The Chase Hughes that has been accused of fraud is a NY stock broker and a managing director of Silver Leaf Partners, see here:
    I’d recommend you change the info on this site accordingly.

  2. He should be in jail for deceiving his clients. How can he do this to them? This is sick. He should be ashamed of himself. He has cheated them and is not even ashamed about it.

  3. I don’t understand why the media is silent on this. Why are they not showing us such important news? Instead of showing us all those rubbish news they should focus more on such issues so that no one else falls into the trap of such fraud person.

  4. This is an excellent article. I agree with it. Even my friend had to go through such an experience. She told me that she was cheated and when she tried to complain and asked for a refund they denied it.

  5. I am really sad after reading these reviews in this article. These people had to endure so much because of this fraud person. No one should be going through this. I just want to urge you all to not trust anyone easily and do proper research about that person before trusting.

  6. Really after taking so much money from his clients. He offered them such low-quality products. This is ridiculous. Isn’t he just ashamed of himself? How can he do this to his clients?

  7. He must feel ashamed of himself for cheating his clients. He deserves a harsh punishment for all that he has done. Is this the way he wants to increase his wealth by scamming people?

  8. He has scammed so many of his clients and still he is not punished yet? What the government is doing? Why they don’t take any strong actions against such scammers? This is so wrong.

  9. This man should be behind bars for scamming innocent people. He is a scammer and must be punished for his crime. He has deceived his clients. This can never be accepted.

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