Creekside Auctions Hibid: Investigation Exposed the Truth (Update 2023)

Creekside Auctions Hibid is running a fraudulent business. Let's know the actual truth about it.
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Creekside Auctions Hibid is running a fraudulent business. Let's know the actual truth about it.
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Creekside Auctions Hibid: History

Four years ago, a family contracted Creekside Auctions Hibid to manage an estate auction following the death of their grandparents. Their main objective was to clear the house for the new owners. The company’s reputation appeared solid, but its experience proved otherwise.

Red Flags from the Start

From the outset, the family experienced difficulties communicating with the company. Messages would go unanswered for days, and promises of swift action were consistently broken.

Unauthorized Sales: The First Major Breach

In a clear violation of the agreement, Creekside Auctions Hibid sold tools that had been explicitly marked for exclusion from the auction. These tools were meant to be kept within the family, but they were instead sold at a separate tool auction.

Miscommunications and Unfulfilled Promises

Creekside Auctions Hibid promised that the house would be left “broom clean” after the sale. This was not the case. The new owners disputed the claim that they were aware of the leftover items, leading to a rushed clean-up by the family.

Doubts Over Auctioning Practices

The family was unable to attend the sale and later learned from a friend that the value of some items may have been underestimated. This raised questions about the company’s auctioning practices.

Non-Payment for Sold Items

Despite their items being sold, the family did not receive any payment. Following numerous attempts to contact Creekside Auctions Hibid, they were left without any idea of how much they were owed.

Empty Promises

After posting a negative review on Google, the family was contacted by Creekside Auctions Hibid. They were promised an itemized list of sold items and payment, but these promises were never fulfilled.

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The Stonewalling Continues

Despite repeated attempts to communicate with the company, the family was met with silence. This pattern of stonewalling and deceit continued for four years, leaving the family with no resolution.

Creekside Auctions Hibid Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients & Victims

#1. Creekside Auctions Hibid is a scammer
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Here, in the remark above, there was an inconsistency between the anticipated payment method and the actual interaction with the vendor. Despite having the buyer’s card on record, the vendor did not use it to charge the $7 winning bid after sending an email invoice. The seller then left a frustrated voicemail, which the buyer rejected, and claimed to have made numerous attempts to contact the buyer.

The buyer has previously used the HiBid platform to complete successful transactions, and the default credit card was charged. This specific deal, nevertheless, broke from that norm. It was planned to charge the buyer’s saved credit card an extra $70 for sending the disputed goods.

Unfortunately, the buyer and seller’s communication deteriorated to the point that the seller decided to block the buyer from making any more bids on the site by blocking the buyer’s account.

The buyer expects that their account will be unbanned and that the seller’s behavior will be dealt with accordingly. To prevent future misunderstandings or disputes, it’s critical to maintain vigilance for any prospective fraudulent activity on online auction sites and to establish clear communication between the two parties.

#2. Creekside Auctions Hibid has horrible customer service

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The reviewer describes a situation where they overspent on purchases on June 23 and needed an extra working day to pay the money to the seller. The buyer made an attempt to secure prompt payment, but they wonder how this excuses the seller’s treatment of them unfairly and makes up accusations against them. The buyer makes a point of stating that such conduct appears unfair and might be illegal.

After completing the payment on June 26, the buyer tried to contact the selling company on June 27, 28, and 30 to discuss shipping. The buyer, however, considers the company’s failure to reply to any of their three queries to be part of an incredibly subpar overall customer service experience.

After hearing nothing more, the buyer ultimately texted the company’s owner. When the owner first inquired about the timing of the payment, he was informed that it would occur the following business day. The seller then made an untrue assurance in an email stating that all items were sent out within three days after two weeks had gone without the consumer’s goods being shipped out. This was found to be false by the purchaser.

This problem was made worse when the company called the buyer a “non-paying bidder” in a defamatory remark put on HiBid’s platform. The owner was still making the bogus claim notwithstanding the buyer’s dispute with them. The client, who has not acquired the over-$500 worth of things they ordered and has not received them at all, has been extremely frustrated by this.

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The buyer is dissatisfied with HiBid’s unilateral complaint process, sellers making untrue claims, subpar customer support, extended shipping, and a defamation untruth placed on the website, all of which have resulted in a loss of both money and confidence.

#3. Creekside Auctions Hibid is untrustworthy

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According to the comment, Collectors Auctions held a gun sale on the HiBid site, and the client took part in the bidding. He won the bids, paid for the goods using a wire transfer, and received them. He was aware, though, that just one of the weapons he bought—the HOWE M1500—has not yet been delivered to him. Although trying to contact Collectors Auctions over the previous few weeks via phone calls and emails, they have not returned his calls and have not offered any details regarding the lost item.

He had also observed a pattern that suggests Collectors Auctions may be selling identical firearms in a number of auctions. Concerns are raised concerning their corporate behaviour as a result. It’s noteworthy that Collectors Auctions is identified as using HiBid as a platform, indicating that they have an account there.

He considered getting in touch with the Texas Attorney General’s Department to inquire if they could look into this matter and try to find a solution. Even though Collectors Auctions is an associate of the HiBid platform, such a course of move is being investigated as a result of their lack of response and negligence in fulfilling their obligations. 

By contacting the Attorney General’s Office, he hoped to resolve the issue and gather further information about the missing item as well as the general scenario concerning the purchased guns.

Additionally, for the guns that were purportedly being shipped to him, he had gotten several confirmation numbers from Collectors Auctions. But none of these confirmation numbers worked or gave any shipment updates, thus they were of no value. His anger and doubts about the trustworthiness of the transactions are increased by this lack of information.

As a result of Collectors Auctions’ lack of attention and the apparent inconsistencies in the gun sale deals carried out on the HiBid platform, the buyer was considering taking the situation to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. The goal of this line of action is to enlist help in resolving the problem of the missing product and Collectors Auctions’ unfulfilled duties.

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Conclusion: The Real Face of Creekside Auctions Hibid

The experience of this family paints a clear picture of Creekside Auctions Hibid. They are not a trustworthy company, but a scam that takes advantage of their clients.

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Warning: If you are considering doing business with Creekside Auctions Hibid, ensure you have a contract in place, attend your auction, and secure your earnings immediately.

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This family’s ordeal with Creekside Auctions Hibid remains unresolved. Their experience serves as a stark warning about the dangers of engaging with fraudulent companies.

It is crucial to conduct thorough research before hiring any company and to be cautious of those that show signs of deceit or poor communication. This case serves as a reminder that not all that glitters are gold – the seemingly reputable Creekside Auctions Hibid is, in fact, a scam.

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Finally, I want to say that Creekside Auctions HiBid, an online marketplace for bidding on both buying and selling goods, has recently seen a large increase in unfavourable reviews from its clientele. A sizable number of customers have voiced their displeasure after experiencing problems with either delayed or nonexistent deliveries of the products they had ordered through the platform. These buyers have understandably been frustrated as a result of this circumstance.


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Creekside Auctions Hibid, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Additional concerns have been raised as a result of numerous purchasers mentioning instances in which the items they received considerably deviated from the descriptions provided in the advertisements. This gap between expectations and reality has further eroded customer faith in the platform’s dependability.

Customer support at HiBid has come under fire for failing to address complaints from customers and deal with problems promptly, which has only made the problems worse. Due to the slow or nonexistent contact, users of the platform have complained that they feel abandoned and unsupported.

Furthermore, complaints have been made against HiBid that it helps dishonest vendors engage in unethical activities including manipulating bids or peddling fake goods. Because of these findings, consumers are now more cautious because they fear becoming the target of scams.

The website’s auction system has also had problems, with users accidentally making greater rates than they had planned as a result of system errors. Because of this, buyers are now under financial stress because they are forced to spend a greater amount than they had originally intended.

Collectively, these issues have severely hurt HiBid’s reputation and significantly reduced the amount of trust and faith among its clientele. HiBid has identified numerous areas that require improvement in order to win back the trust of its clients and reestablish its reputation in the digital auction business. These areas range from faulty deliveries to erroneous bidding and unresolved difficulties.

You may go through the link mentioned below to learn more complaints about Creekside Auctions Hibid:

Creekside Auctions Hibid: Investigation Exposed the Truth (Update 2023)
Creekside Auctions Hibid: Investigation Exposed the Truth (Update 2023)

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