Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez – Is It Involved in a Corruption Allegations? The Truth Exposed! (Update 2023)

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez
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Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is engaging in shady marketing and fake PR to hide his criminal past and activities. Learn more here.
Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez news coverage

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez claims that Instability in the global energy market is being brought on by the economic recovery and the hunt for a more environmentally friendly production strategy.

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Countries like China and Brazil are also adding to the list as a result of the rise in power prices in Europe. These are experiencing an energy deficit because the cost of a few of the raw resources required to produce energy is at a record high. Therefore, this raises manufacturing expenses, which raises the cost of family consumption. So, the revival of the economy is in danger.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández claims that “the success of a strategy will depend on the business’s capacity to establish sustainable, low-emission operations, as well as ensuring different funding, building new capacities, and preparing the company to accept change.

Villegas’ name may be added to the list of former governors with accusations for alleged cases of corruption in the upcoming days.

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The former president of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila Villegas, is accused of favoring the companies of his brother Germán Avila and businessmen close to his management, specifically the Quintanilla family of the TUM transport group.

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The now-senator would have conducted his “business” in a completely discrete and nearly invisible manner—that is, as long as he was caught visiting his brother Germán at his home on Eugenio Sue 327 on average once or twice per week for almost the entirety of his sexenium.

According to the file, Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez made the three-story building, with the ongoing flow of protected trucks and security personnel, was already denounced in 2015 as being of irregular use by residents of the Polanco nearby before the Environmental and Territorial Planning Attorney’s Office.

The capital authorities visited the location at the time and stated that “it is not possible to observe the interior because the curtains and windows are closed.” There is no firm name or other indication that office operations are taking place.

The minutes ended with an odd section in which it is assumed that “a person who was held as the owner of the asset of merit, attended the requirement in which he stated that the property he occupies is homes and not commercial,” thereby conveniently resolving a violation of land use.

 What is corruption?

Corruption is the act of using public power for personal gain. This can be carried out by individuals in positions of authority such as elected politicians, civil servants, journalists, or school administrators. Private corruption also exists between individuals and businesses.

EVM – Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez‘s Company and the Cause of Controversy

As its incorporation date suggests, EVM is one of the country’s earliest private power generators formed with the intention of participating in the Wholesale Electricity Market. It was formed about a month before President Enrique Pea Nieto submitted his energy reform plan to the Union’s Congress.

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The company is owned by Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernández, vice president of Grupo TUM, and has, at least at the time of its formation, Pablo Héctor Ojeda Cárdenas as secretary of the Board of Directors.

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The Secretary of Government of Cuauhtémoc Blanco in the state of Morelos, the same one who has been investigated as a possible namesake of the now-convicted former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Santiago Nieto and the Attorney General’s Office, led by Alejandro Gertz Manero.

According to  Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez witnesses who saw the Avila Villegas brothers’ trips, Ojeda Cardenas was also a frequent visitor to Eugenio Sue’s offices, where the path was planned to strengthen the Quintanilla energy firm financially, legally, and politically.

There was speculation that President Enrique Pea Nieto would be explicitly requested to sign Electricity Coverage contracts with the CFE, and the Cenace list does certainly include the EVM deals as the first two that the State’s producing companies signed to buy energy in 2016.

However, regarding Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez, exceptional legality of both contracts, one committed to until 2038 and the other until 2041, is similar only to those of Martin Esparza’s Generator Fénix and his Mexican Union of Electricians.

For further  Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez informed that Eugenio Sue’s home, it is the same location that was used as one of the campaign residences of PRI candidate José Antonio Meade during the 2019 elections, in addition to the one he had in the Chimalistac area and in the offices of 5M2 in the Condesa neighborhood.

The narrative of the Quintanilla family and former governor Eruviel Avila also involves tens of millions of pesos from the State of Mexico’s health sector, which we shall discuss more in later texts.

What is the case all about?

The entire case is all about how Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is trying to save his image. They are making fake news, fake companies, and using fake PR to save themselves. They are trying to bury their wrongdoings.

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Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is publishing fake news online

 Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez is involved in much corruption and is using fake PR to cover up corruption, which is a severe danger to the basis of our society. Its negative impacts on public trust and accountability stymie development and prolong systemic inequities. To resist this deceit, we must advocate for openness, demand responsibility, and develop a culture that values truth over manipulation. By doing so, we may strive toward a society in which corruption is revealed and justice reigns supreme, providing a brighter and more equal future for all.


For decades, Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez has been misleading people. They’re doing it again with his poor public relations efforts. 

Furthermore, they are releasing a number of bogus articles, videos, and photographs in an attempt to clean up his image. Hopefully, they will not succeed because people aren’t as foolish as he believes.  In the upcoming article, we will discuss their fake PR and strategies to gain wealth.

Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez – Is It Involved in a Corruption Allegations? The Truth Exposed! (Update 2023)
Manfred Mauricio Quintanilla Hernandez – Is It Involved in a Corruption Allegations? The Truth Exposed! (Update 2023)

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