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Carly Crutchfield – Investment Scams, Scientology, Complaints (2024)

Carly Crutchfield is an ex-con artist who is trying to make a comeback in the industry. Today I will expose Carly and her now-defunct C Corp (Sydney). If you are short on time and don’t want to read the whole post, here’s a one-line summary:

Carly Crutchfield lied about her experience and testimonials in her previous scams and now she is trying to make a comeback in the fake guru industry.

If you have a few minutes to spare then please read this report and share it with your friends. Don’t let them 

Carly Crutchfield Exposed On Ripoff Report

Carly Crutchfield

On Feb 2011, a person named Jack posted a RipoffReport against Carly Cruthfield and exposed her as a fraud. The report made claims that she is a liar and makes fake claims about being a property developer since she was 18. It also exclaims that Carly scams people in her seminars.

This is not the only time Carly was exposed online for her scam ventures. A website called also posted a hit piece on Carly and C Corp, revealing some shocking facts about the dubious business. Let’s take a look at it:

Did You Know?

The most prominent mark in the American consumer history is the ‘ Dodd-Frank Act’. The Act prevents the risk, ceasing the occurrence of a complete financial crisis. The Act also provides common-sense protection for American families by preventing exploitation from pay-day lenders and mortgage firms. 

Scientology and Scams

Carly Crutchfield

On January 2011, a post was made on by a person named Jack Fox. They exposed Carly Crutchfield. Apparently, Carly and her fellow scammers never put their own money into any of the properties they help out. They made claims about being involved in multiple million-dollar projects, but they have yet to show any verifiable proof.

These were massive claims and garnered a lot of views. Anonymous victims of Carly’s scam started a website called, which is now down. 

The reason for the website being down is unknown but considering its impact on Crutchfield’s scam operations, it is safe to assume that she might have had something to do with the website’s demise. Although it also might be possible that the victims simply closed down the website due to Carly’s disappearance. Here is the archived version of the website if you are interested in checking it out yourself, however, be careful as Carly’s team might try to take down the archive, so be vigilant. In case that happens, I’ve posted a PDF version of the whole thing here. Feel free to save it.

How Carly Crutchfield Plans To Scam You In 2022-23

Now that we’ve seen how Carly scammed thousands of people in the last decade, let’s discuss what are the possible ways she might be planning to scam more people. We’ve strong evidence to believe that she is relaunching her personal brand as an “international speaker” and an “investment guru”. Scammers like Andrew Tate and Grant Cardone have been in this game for years and she’s going to follow in their footsteps.

As she has connections with marketing firms and blogs, you can expect a massive surge in seeing articles on websites popping up. She might start a new company and launch a new course where she teaches people “how to get rich quick”. And then start scamming them by putting them through a sales funnel and leeching all the money she can.

We’ve insider information from an anonymous employee of hers that she is taking the fake guru route and will continue her operations from 2023. We strongly suggest that you share this post with your friends and family. Especially those who might be looking to get into investing and real estate, as scammers like Carly Crutchfield prey on middle-class folks seeking financial freedom. 

If you are a victim of Carly, please leave a comment down below and keep this discussion alive.

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