Latest Edition 2023, The Unveiled Scammer

Scamshunter dot com is nothing more than a terrible scam. The company claims to help you get chargebacks but only takes money from you. They are affiliated with MyChargeBack, which claims to be the biggest service provider in this field. However, I know that’s a lie. There’s no way those people are the biggest name in the industry. The only thing those people do is make false promises…and steal from their clients. 

They stole $5,000 from me in the name of service charges and didn’t do anything. Scamshunter or ScamRecover or MyChargeback are all scammers! 

I had contacted to get a chargeback. They redirected me to MyChargeBack. I wanted to get a chargeback of $20,000 from a vendor who had wrongfully placed orders under my name. I didn’t even receive the products from that vendor so I wanted to file a chargeback. was appearing in my search results when I was googling for any information on how to file chargebacks. So I realized that it would be best to use their services and get my chargeback. What I didn’t know was that these guys are also a group of scammers. These people don’t care about anyone else except themselves. 

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It was irritating to work with them. Their service quality is terrible. It takes them days to respond to simple queries and emails. Worst of all, they took $5,000 from me as “service charges” and never completed my chargeback process. thinks it’s okay to scam those who have already lost money to another scammer. These people are vultures. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were running other scams on the side just so they can get people to file chargebacks and get more victims. No one should go through what I did!! 

I will report these people to the authorities. This is not okay by any standards. Scamshunter, MyChargeBack or ScamRecovery, whatever their name is, they must pay for what they did. The customer support of this company doesn’t even listen to me when i try to ask about my pending chargeback process. I haven’t received any money even though this firm took $5000 from me!!

Scams Hunter has many other victims

I realized that Scamshunter is only an alias of this dangerous scam a little later. However, when I found that it was easy for me to find a lot of evidence exposing their shady operation. Many people have lost their precious life-savings because of this dangerous scam. Below are some of the many complaints I found against aka 


This reviewer was scammed like me. They pointed out that Scamshunter doesn’t let them withdraw their funds. Instead, they ask them to deposit more funds. They had to contact someone else to get their funds back from the forex scam. Certainly, it must have been very painful for this person to hire someone completely different to solve the issue promised to solve. 


According to this review, delivered a horrible experience to them. They claim that the website of the scammer doesn’t give accurate information. Most of the information available on their website is incorrect. The scammers running this operation offer terrible customer support and don’t offer any good services to their clients. 


This person wanted to invest in some digital investments like bitcoin. They are salaried professionals and wanted to create additional income sources. So they started investing by following the advice available at However, their experience was terrible. They had to switch to a different platform like a previous review I shared above. and are the same organization. They are two different versions of the same company. The scammers running this organization are using different names so they can dupe people easily and confuse them. If you had a bad experience with and you don’t know that scam recovery dot net isn’t connected with them, you would fall for the same scam again by contacting the latter. It is highly unethical but it’s working for them. 


This reviewer also says that Scamshunter is a scam website. They warn others and say that you shouldn’t trust anything this website says. The people at Scamshunter dot com had sweet-talked this person into sending more money and didn’t help them get any funds back. They had to hire someone else to get their recovered funds. 


This person was tired of Scamshunter and its dangerous scams. They had money left at a shady forex broker who didn’t allow them to withdraw. When this person tried to withdraw money from them, the broker refused their request. So they contacted or The scammers at this recovery firm told this person that they will get them their money back. However, this person didn’t get any funds in recovery. They exposed some vital information about those scammers. This person revealed that the people running are based in Russia or East Europe. 

Reading through these reviews was very painful. I have been through all of this and I know what it’s like to work with these scammers. The crooks working at would lie to you and make false promises. They think it’s fine to deceive people and steal from them as long as the money goes into their pocket. 

A Dangerous Syndicate

The people running are dangerous. I’m certain that it’s a global network of similar websites that target scam victims. They focus on attracting people who lost money to a recent scam. This is certainly the most unethical thing any company can do. 

I am going to report this website to the Federal Trade Commission. It would be best if you also reported this dangerous scam to the FTC. That is the only way we can fight these fake websites. Otherwise, these scammers won’t stop. They will keep targeting scam victims and make false promises with them. 

I lost a ton of money because of two scams. The first time was when a vendor charged me $20,000 wrongfully. However, the second time was when I contacted this website to get my chargeback. These thieves stole $5,000 from me. They didn’t offer me any services and started avoiding me. These people are worse than the previous scammer because they made the false promise of helping me. It hurts more when someone promises to help you and damages you more instead. 

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Nothing more than a scam or is a dangerous organization. It is targeting scam victims and is stealing from them by making false promises and claims. Report them to the FTC!!

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