David Simon Twin Capital: Sued his Wife for $25M (Latest Update 2023)

David Simon Twin Capital
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David Simon Twin Capital, in a lengthy 15-page complaint filed at New York State Court in Manhattan, has accused his wife, Linda Simon, of engaging in illicit activities.
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David Simon Twin Capital is a very famous arbitrager based in New York. He has been managing his $100 million hedge firm namely Twin Capital Management to charge his wife along with his lawyer, hired by her for seeking a divorce. 

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29/11/2023 Update
As of now, David Simon Twin Capital has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

David Simon, in a lengthy 15-page complaint filed at New York State Court in Manhattan, has accused his wife, Linda Simon, of engaging in illicit activities. According to Simon, Linda unlawfully gained access to a password-protected computer belonging to Twin Capital, a company located within their shared residence in Purchase, New York. 

Additionally, she allegedly duplicated the computer’s hard drive, thus compromising its integrity. The lawsuit maintains that Linda Simon executed this hacking shortly after Simon had moved out of their house. 

It is worth noting that this incident occurred concurrently with Linda initiating divorce proceedings against Simon at the New York State Court. While one might initially perceive this as an acrimonious separation between spouses, Twin Capital, in separate court documents, has made the astonishing claim that law enforcement authorities have begun a criminal investigation into this alleged hacking incident. 

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Report of New York Post on David Simon Twin Capital.

According to Forbes reports, the lawsuit filed by David Simon against his wife claims that the hacking part took a short period after David Simon had evacuated the place where he lived. Later on, his wife, Linda Simon commenced a divorce proceeding in the state court of New York City. 

Although it may appear to be an unpleasant divorce, Twin Capital asserts in separate court documents that local authorities have launched a criminal inquiry into the alleged hacking.

Court proceeding 

However, the document in the court filed by Twin Capital Management says that the information is based on deadly confidential financial records including cognitive property, many confidential secrets, and the conversation data that happened between the lawyer and clients, which was stolen. 

Therefore, Twin Capital can suffer significant harm if the stolen highly confidential materials are retained and utilized. Yet, Linda Simon’s attorney has not responded to a request for comment in the court. 

As per the court document filed by Twin Capital, the fund firm of David Simon stated that the organization purchased the personal computer for David to use at his house and only he knew all the privacy things of the computer including its password, data authentication code, etc. 

The computer provided to David Simon Twin Capital contained ownership algorithms and investment plans of the organization and it was fully monitored by Alphaserve Technologies. 

According to court documents, Twin Capital alleges that Linda Simon has confessed to following the guidance of her hired lawyer and firm, Advocate & Lichtenstein, during her divorce proceedings. She allegedly instructed a forensic tech company to illegally access and duplicate data from the Simon household computer.

According to David Simon Twin Capital, Alphaserve detected that the computer was turned on and off on August 3, a day when Simon was not present. Alphaserve was granted access to Simon’s home on August 5 and took the computer away from the premises.

Twin Capital, owned by David Simon, is suing for $25 million and the return of all materials that were copied from the computer and are currently being kept in the Advocate’s office.

Moreover, in the court documents, Twin Capital claims that David Simon has met with Harrison Police Department officials to report criminal activity. The investigators have already started investigating the crime and have contacted the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, as stated in the court papers. 

Linda Simon, Wife of David Simon Twin Capital, admits hacking into Sugar Daddy’s computer

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Divorce Battle

According to the reports of the New York Post, Linda Simon, wife of David Simon Twin Capital, stated that she had hacked into Sugar Daddy’s computer. Linda Simon of hedge funder claims that he is been subsidizing mistresses he met with the help of the Sugar Daddy website. 

The New York Post said, “David Simon is very lucky as the only thing his wife hacked was his personal computer.”

A news report states that Linda Simon has admitted to accessing her husband David Simon’s work computer, but claims she did so to prove that he had spent a large amount of their joint assets on extramarital affairs. This included paying $250,000 in “hush money” to a woman with whom he had a child. 

In response, David Simon’s hedge fund, Twin Capital Management, has sued Linda and her divorce attorney, Jason Advocate, for $25 million for allegedly accessing confidential financial information and trade secrets.


Linda Simon’s attorney in the civil action, Advocate, was dismissed by Twin Capital due to his conflict as a co-defendant in the hacking case. Recently, Linda admitted that she hacked David’s computer with the help of T&M Protection Resources, a security and surveillance company, and copied numerous files. 

However, Linda Simon clarified that she intended to gather evidence of David Simon’s “adulteries and marital outputs,” not to obtain information about Twin Capital’s trading or clientele, as stated in her filings. 

David Simon’s Wife Hacks His Work Computer, Motive Revealed 

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Accordance to Linda Simon, the information collected by T&M, explains that David Simon Twin Capital was a Sugar Daddy to various young women via the website i.e. sugardaddy.com, and was spending thousands of dollars per week paying these women allowances to be at his beck and call. 

According to court filings, the website Sugardaddy.com is owned by Sugardaddyforme.com, which claims to have millions of sugar daddies, including those of various religions such as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. As a result of Linda’s hacking, it was discovered that David had agreed to pay $275,000 in hush money to a woman with whom he had a child last year.

Twin Capital has recently sought Advocate’s dismissal as Linda’s attorney in a civil action due to Advocate’s involvement as a co-defendant in the hacking case. 

This development comes after Linda finally acknowledged the allegations last week and confessed to hacking David’s computer, stating that she, along with the assistance of T&M Protection Resources, a security and surveillance company, copied numerous files.

Therefore, Linda Simon stated in her filings that she had gathered evidence to prove David’s “adulteries and marital misuse,” not to obtain information about Twin Capital’s trading or clientele. 

According to the data collected by T&M, Linda Simon, wife of David Simon Twin Capital claimed that David was acting as a “sugar daddy” to multiple adolescent women through the website sugardaddy.com. She further mentioned in the filing that Simon was spending millions of dollars per month on these women, providing them with ongoing “allowances” in exchange for being at his disposal. 

It should be noted that the domain name Sugardaddy.com is owned by Sugardaddyforme.com, a website that boasts having “millions of sugar daddies,” including those who identify as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, all seeking romantic relationships.

In recently filed court documents, it has been revealed that Linda Simon who is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce with her husband David, had accessed confidential information through hacking. These documents revealed that David Simon Twin Capital had agreed to pay $275,000 as “hush money” to a woman with whom he had fathered a child last year.

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David Simon’s spokesperson responded to these revelations by stating that his wife’s actions were a desperate attempt by an attorney who is currently under criminal investigation and facing significant civil liability in this case. 

However, Linda Simon was not immediately available for comment, and her legal firm, Advocate, declined to comment further, except to mention that David’s attempts to disqualify them as Linda’s attorneys were denied by Manhattan Civil Judge Jeffrey Oing.

This shocking series of events has led to David Simon Twin Capital being expelled from the family’s suburban Purchase home after Linda Simon filed for a temporary order of protection against him in Westchester Family Court, where their divorce proceedings are currently taking place. 

The situation between Linda Simon and David Simon continues to escalate, with new revelations and legal battles emerging as the divorce proceedings unfold.  

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About David Simon

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David Simon is the owner and CEO of Twin Capital Management LLC. He went to Muhlenberg College for his studies and completed his graduation from Miami School of Law. 

He is an experienced Fund Manager, who supervises the firm’s portfolio management. Therefore, launching Twin Capital in 1988, David Simon conducted his expenditure management firm through multiple and periodically eruptive market patterns. 

However, David Simon Twin Capital claims that his wife hacked his personal computer and stole all his Trading Secrets. The legal action stated that she used the hacking AI tool while David Simon was not home. Later, his wife Linda Simon commenced divorce proceedings in the state court of New York. To read more about David Simon Twin Capital, you can go to his LinkedIn profile: David 

The Bottom Line 

David Simon Twin Capital completed his legal studies at the University of Miami School of Law in 1982. He started his professional journey by working as a corporate lawyer at Roger & Wells. 

Later, he became part of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison. Additionally, in 1985, David assumed the role of head of risk arbitrage at Spear, Leeds, and Kellogg. It is noteworthy that Spear, Leeds, and Kellogg were acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2000.

Later on, David Simon Twin Capital sued his wife, Linda Simon for hacking into his personal computer and he also claimed that he had stolen his confidential information. 

Therefore, after receiving advice from her lawyers, the woman in the midst of a divorce confessed in court documents that she instructed a forensic tech team to hack her husband’s computer and duplicate its contents. 

In conclusion, the hedge fund alleges a serious violation where its highly confidential financial records, intellectual property, trade secrets, and attorney-client communications were supposedly unlawfully stolen. 

If you are interested in learning more about the case involving David Simon Twin Capital, you need to follow this link for further information: David Simon

David Simon Twin Capital: Sued his Wife for $25M (Latest Update 2023)
David Simon Twin Capital: Sued his Wife for $25M (Latest Update 2023)

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