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Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed Sentenced to Prison for $256k Fraud

Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed Sentenced to Prison for $256k Fraud
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Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed is a disgraced company director who was found guilty on three counts of fraud in June 2021.
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Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed, who lives in Los Angeles and is 32 years old, has been sent to jail for a scam that cost his victims more than $256,000. On April 12, 2023, he was given a four-year prison term and told to pay back the money he stole from his victims.

Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed
Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed

The Fraud Scheme

Court papers say that Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed ran a scam in which he got people to invest in his fake business by promising them big returns on their money. He said that his company brought in and sent out electronic things like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

But the company didn’t exist at all, and Mohammed spent the investment money on himself instead of putting it into his business. During the plan, he tricked people out of more than $256,000.

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Getting caught and convicted

Mohammed’s plan to cheat people out of money was finally found, and in June 2022, he was arrested. In March 2023, he admitted to being part of the plan by pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud.

At Mohammed’s sentencing, the judge said that his actions had hurt his victims a lot since many of them had put their life savings into his plan. In addition to going to jail, he was told to pay back the people he hurt $256,000.

What is the definition of fraud as a crime?

Fraud is punishable by jail or a fine. A fraud conviction could result in a sentence of up to three years in jail. The maximum prison term for a more serious fraud, such as one committed against an agency of the government, is six years.

Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed aka Fred Mohammed was found guilty of 3 counts of fraud in June 2021. He was the Crane Trucks R Us director and was sentenced to imprisonment. 

The company ran a wet hire, logistics, and lifting services business in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. They were placed in liquidation on November 6, 2015. 

The ASIC conducted an investigation in August 2015 where they found that Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed had dishonestly withdrawn funds from the company on numerous occasions.

Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed
Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed

Lessons Learned

Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed’s case is a stark warning of the dangers of putting money into businesses that aren’t well-known or haven’t been checked out well. Before putting money into something, you need to do your research. This is especially important if the investment seems too good to be true.

It also serves as a reminder that people who commit fraud will have to deal with the results. As Mohammed’s case shows, the law takes these kinds of crimes very seriously and will go after people who cheat other people.

He had withdrawn a total of $256,000 from the firm. 

Furthermore, Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed had withdrawn the funds just 10 weeks before Crane Trucks R Us went into liquidation and was certainly insolvent. 

When Crane Trucks R Us went into liquidation, the company owed $6,266,394.69 to 198 creditors. 

Certainly, the financial condition of the company was horrible. But that didn’t affect Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed in the slightest. 

He used to flaunt his wealthy lifestyle on Instagram and other social media platforms. For example, he posted a picture of himself with the new Range Rover. 

Farmouz Mohammed appeared in the Queensland District Court at Ipswich in June. The jury found him guilty and sentenced him to 2 years and six months of imprisonment on count one. Also, they sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment on counts 2 and 3 which he would have to serve concurrently. 

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More on Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed aka Fred Mohammed’s Case:

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The guilty had found Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed guilty of three counts of fraud. He breached s408C of the Criminal Code (Queensland) by dishonestly causing damage to Crane Trucks R Us. 

The judge had ordered that the term of imprisonment will be suspended after serving 6 months. A 3-year operation period started on 11 June 2021 during which Farmouz must not commit another offense punishable by imprisonment. 

Furthermore, Farmouz is disqualified from managing any company until 10 December 2026. The disqualification period after he completes his imprisonment term. 


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Media reports had started coming out about Crane Trucks R Us and its trajectory towards liquidation when employees started complaining about how the company wasn’t paying them. 

However, Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed blamed Holcim for the company’s failure. He claimed that the multinational firm had terminated a $10 million contract part-way. However, Holcim denied the allegations. 

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Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed damaged his company by taking out $200,000+ right before its liquidation. Not only did he defraud the company but also the creditors. It’s commendable how the authorities handled the entire situation.

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Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed Sentenced to Prison for $256k Fraud
Farmouz Farhaad Mohammed Sentenced to Prison for $256k Fraud

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