Jay Dehmalo: Why is He in a Controversy?

Former professional wrestler  Jay Dehmalo, who changed his name to disassociate himself from his mother and was raised by his grandparents, said he and his sister were saddened when his grandfather's 1981 obituary left them out. Explore this story.
Former professional wrestler  Jay Dehmalo, who changed his name to disassociate himself from his mother and was raised by his grandparents, said he and his sister were saddened when his grandfather's 1981 obituary left them out. Explore this story.

The public’s attention has been drawn to an obituary that is startlingly impassioned and forceful, and many people are concerned about what took place. Kathleen Dehmlow’s son, Jay Dehmalo, wrote an obituary in which he harshly characterized his mother, saying that his upbringing was extremely intimate and awful. Detailed information on the story is provided below:

Jay Dehmalo

Who is Jay Dehmalo?

Jay Dehmalo, a former professional wrestler, went through a profound personal metamorphosis that stretched beyond the bounds of the wrestling arena throughout his career. However, the choice to alter his name was not only a matter of personal preference; rather, it was a conscious step that he took to disassociate himself from his familial heritage, notably from his mother. 

The fact that he changed his name from his original name reveals the complicated nature of his relationship with his family, which was characterized by a strong need for autonomous and independent living.

The normal family structure was not followed by Dehmalo’s childhood, as he was brought up by his grandparents. The one-of-a-kind dynamic that existed inside his family most likely played a significant part in the formation of his personality and perspective on the world. 

The fact that he chose to reside with his grandparents is indicative of a substantial link and influence that may have had a role in shaping the individual that he became, both within and beyond the realm of wrestling.

The story takes a profound turn when Jay Dehmalo discloses a source of emotional distress, which is the fact that he and his sister were not included in the obituary that was written for his grandfather in 1981. 

Amid their sadness, Jay Dehmalo and his sister are left feeling hurt and forgotten as a result of their removal from a crucial family document. This exclusion emphasizes a sense of carelessness or contempt.

This absence from the obituary is more than just a historical fact; it becomes a symbolic portrayal of a tense relationship within the family. It is a manifestation of a breach or estrangement that predates the passage of time and has left Jay Dehmalo with emotional scars that he continues to carry. 

This personal narrative provides a look into the complexities of Dehmalo’s life, providing light on the intricate web of familial relationships, identity problems, and the psychological influence that such experiences have on an individual for their lifetime.

To have complete knowledge of Jay Dehmalo’s path, it is necessary to take into account not only his achievements in the world of wrestling but also the very personal and emotional elements that define his personality. 

It is possible to have a more nuanced picture of the guy who is behind the wrestling character by gaining vital insights into the multidimensional nature of Dehmalo’s life, such as the decision to alter his name and the emotional weight borne by incidents such as being excluded from a family obituary. To learn more about Jay Dehmalo you may follow the mentioned links:

Now, let’s continue with his story; what was it that he had done that was so reprehensible?

Jay Dehmalo: What was his role in the Controversial Obituary?

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Jay Dehmalo, who is 58 years old, and his sister Gina, who is also 58 years old, recently shared some insight on the controversial obituary that they wrote for their late mother, Kathleen Dehmlow. This episode got a lot of attention. 

It was Jay’s revelation to the Daily Mail that their mother’s activities were the cause of their challenging upbringing, which prompted them to express their perspective on the matter.

In her obituary, which was written by her son Jay Dehmalo, Kathleen Dehmlow was not merely a normal farewell; rather, it was a devastating recounting of the decades-long anguish that Kathleen had given to her two children, Jay and Gina, who were her sister. 

The statements that were the most penetrating, such as “She passed away on May 31, 2018, in Springfield and will now face judgment,” and “This world is a better place without her,” demonstrated the profound bitterness and pain that the bereaved family was harboring.

A veteran of the United States Army and a former professional boxer, Jay Dehmalo, was interviewed by the Daily Mail, and he did not shy away from discussing the dysfunction that existed inside their family. 

It was a purposeful choice to have the final word, a cathartic release for the agony that they had undergone, he continued, and the unorthodox obituary was a deliberate choice. Both Jay and Gina had been left with enduring imprints as a result of the emotional wounds that were caused by their childhood, which was marked by abandonment and an affair that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy.

Judy, also known as Kathleen’s sister, referred to the obituary as “nasty” and asserted that it had “hurt the family tremendously.” On the other hand, Jay and Gina contended that the public scolding was warranted because of their horrific childhood as a result of their mother abandoning them and finally being taken in by their maternal grandparents. 

Gertrude and Joseph Schunk, their grandparents, provided a secure atmosphere for them, but the dysfunctional nature of their family continued to cause friction and gossip.


Jay admitted that he was not included in the obituary of his grandfather because of a disagreement around money, but he stressed the love and care that they received from their grandparents on their behalf. 

The scandal that surrounded Kathleen and her role as an absentee mother continued to be at the forefront of attention despite this. Another layer of complication was added to the dynamics of the family by Jay’s perspective, which was formed by the fact that he felt abandoned in Minnesota while Kathleen was living a seemingly happy life in California with her other children.

Gina, who had been struggling with emotional wounds into adulthood, came up with the concept for the obituary once she found out that Kathleen was going to pass away soon. Jay was the author of the statement, and it was initially published on legacy.com and the website of the Redwood Falls Gazette. 

Remarkably, one newspaper in Springfield did not publish it because they deemed it to be too insulting. It took a few days for the obituary to vanish from the internet after it had gained widespread attention.
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Even though their decision has been met with criticism and has created pain within the family, Jay and Gina continue to stand by it and have no regrets about it. In their minds, the obituary served as a necessary outlet for the sorrow and abandonment that they had experienced. 

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A public declaration of the sorrow that was caused by a mother who seemed to have neglected their existence was made by another individual.

When it came to Jay Dehmalo, his viewpoint was very different from that of the other members of his family. During the time that his mother was “off enjoying a great life in California with her other kids,” he perceived Gina and himself as being abandoned in Minnesota. 

Her other children were not even brought to their parents’ attention until just a few times after they were grown!


Jay Dehmalo and his sister, Gina, have uncovered a terrible part of their past in the wake of the contentious obituary. They have revealed a turbulent upbringing that was marked by abandonment, dysfunction, and misery. A sad chapter has been exposed. It was a desire to break the hush surrounding their family’s problematic history that led to the decision to print the harsh obituary published in the newspaper. 

They are steadfast in their decision, even though they have been subjected to criticism and retaliation from family, and they emphasize the significance of bringing attention to the secret challenges that they have endured.

The narrative portrays a moving image of resiliency in the face of misfortune, with both siblings discovering consolation and meaning in their journeys. For Jay and Gina, the obituary provided a cathartic release, allowing them to recapture their narrative and, in their view, finally have the last word. This is although the obituary may have caused controversy.

When the dust settles on this profoundly sensitive enlightenment it provides an indicator that beneath every family, there are stories that have not been spoken and details that may never be fully understood by those who are on the outside.

Several websites brought out this bad action of Jay Dehmalo, which became a major topic of discussion in this context. Yes, I have found these connections in the past, as well as this tale, in a variety of different methods; I would appreciate it if you could have a look at it:



Jay Dehmalo: Why is He in a Controversy?
Jay Dehmalo: Why is He in a Controversy?

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