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Trawnegan Gall: Is He a Scammer? All You Need to Know About His Fraud Case (Update 2024)

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Trawnegan Gall claims that he offers tax-advantaged securitized real estate investments through WealthForge Securities LLC (member FINRA, SIPC), a general securities representative licensed with Cornerstone (FINRA series 7 and 63). Since 2014, Mr. Gall has arranged more than $350 million in equity into real estate assets through more than 750 separate transactions.

He specializes in Delaware Statutory Trusts as like-kind properties for 1031 exchanges, but he also offers several alternative securitized real estate-based options. He spent almost 20 years working with faith-based non-profits abroad after earning a BA in history from Pomona College in 1990. He specialized in strategic planning of international operations, project management, staff development, negotiating, and problem-solving. 

He was adept at factual analysis and was crucial to the financial planning and budgeting processes. Languages and linguistics have always been his areas of passion. He studied languages from the European, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific Island groupings and is functionally competent in four of them. Additionally, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and skiing and is almost always joined by his son, who is now a teenager. 

18/12/2023 Update
As of now, Trawnegan Gall has not responded, nor has she apologized for her misdeeds. She has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by her victims. Furthermore, she has only focused on propagating her fake PR.

Trawnegan Gall is a fervent supporter of industry best practices and actively encourages all parties he collaborates with to embrace and abide by consistent best practices to grow the industry. Through networking, industry conferences, and participation in due diligence activities, Mr. Gall keeps expanding his expertise in this specialized field of real estate investment. He is also a co-author of Modern Real Estate Investing, the Delaware Statutory Trust. 

Trawnegan Gall: Cornerstone Advisor is the target of a $450,000 complaint

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Investors have filed a lawsuit against financial advisor Trawnegan Gall (CRD# 6266415) of Prosper, Texas, saying that his actions caused losses of six figures. He is listed as a broker with WealthForge Securities, doing business as Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Securities, according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority documents. His previous registration was with Sandlapper Securities.

The BrokerCheck report on Mr. Gall reveals several investor complaints. The most recent, filed in August 2022, claims that he suggested inappropriate investments, violated his fiduciary obligation, broke FINRA regulations, was negligent, and violated a contract while serving as a representative of Cabot Lodge Securities. $450,000 in damages are alleged in the ongoing complaint.

According to a prior complaint, which was submitted in January 2022, he proposed an investment in a Senior Care Center private placement that lost money while acting as a representative of Sandlapper Securities. The current lawsuit claims damages for $92,410.

In a third investor complaint, submitted in 2019, it was claimed that Mr. Gall was negligent, recommended unsuitable investments, made intentional and negligent misrepresentations and omissions, committed fraud, breached his fiduciary duty, violated the California Securities Act, violated FINRA rules, and broke a contract while working as a representative of Sandlapper Securities. A $325,000 settlement was achieved regarding the complaint in 2020.

The claimants, according to a statement on the 2019 complaint by Mr. Gall, were “Sophisticated Investors seeking a Refund of Investment Dollars on a Single Unsuccessful Investment Made as Part of a More Broadly Diversified Portfolio.” According to the statement, “proper due diligence and suitability analysis were conducted, and the investors were fully informed regarding the potential risks and benefits of the offerings when making their investments.” 

The Financial Sector Regulatory Authority reports that Trawnegan Gall has eight years of expertise in the securities sector. He has been a broker with WealthForge Securities since 2019, operating out of Prosper, Texas, under the name Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Securities. In Orange, California, he had previously been registered with Sandlapper Securities (2013–2019) and Cabot Lodge Securities (2019).

His credentials include passing three qualifying tests for the securities industry: the Securities Industry Essentials Examination (SIE), the Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination (Series 63), and the General Securities Representative Examination (Series 7). He is licensed in 48 states. (This data is up to date as of October 5, 2022.)

What is Investment Fraud?

Investment fraud constitutes a white-collar criminal activity wherein individuals intentionally mislead or deceive investors to achieve financial gains. It is unlawful for any party to conceal essential information regarding investments, including associated risks, with the intent of persuading investors to invest their capital.

In a dispute with Trawnegan Gall, an investor is seeking six figures in Damages

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According to his BrokerCheck record, reviewed on December 30, 2022, Trawnegan Gall (CRD #: 6266415), a broker registered with Wealthforge Securities, is embroiled in an ongoing legal battle. If you have any concerns about Trawnegan Gall‘s behavior as a broker, continue reading.

Investor Conflicts

Investor complaints were made against Trawnegan Gall on August 30, 2022, claiming that she recommended unsuitable investments. For $450,000, the investor is looking. 

An investor claimed Trawnegan Gall failed to foresee circumstances that would result in the complete loss of an investment in Senior Care Centers, LLC in 2017 in a lawsuit filed on January 10, 2022. In this ongoing dispute, the investor is requesting $92,410 in damages.

Negligence allegations

On October 9, 2019, a shareholder claimed that Trawnegan Gall had broken his contract, acted negligently, and committed fraud. The investor also claims that there was intentional and negligent deception and omission of information, a lack of control person supervision, and various suitability issues.

The investor also asserts violations of the FINRA Rules and the California Securities Act, which resulted in the loss of an investment opportunity.

The investor received a $325,000 settlement instead of the $693,123.29 requested in damages.

What constitutes broker negligence?

Negligence can take many different forms, such as making inappropriate financial suggestions or failing to educate clients. Investors have the option to pursue arbitration to recoup their losses where negligence contravenes FINRA rules.

Rule 2020 and Rule 3110 of FINRA

FINRA Rule 2020 forbids fraudulent conduct, including information deception or omission.

Firms are required by FINRA Rule 3110 to keep supervisory procedures in place to guarantee that their members comply with FINRA rules, including making sure that supervisors have the appropriate education or experience for their positions.


Finally, we can state that Trawnegan Gall and his business are wholly unreliable.

He makes the case that he is dependable and an authority in his field, but the report as a whole dispels his idea that he acquires wealth by dishonest means. His personality is wholly deceiving. 

Well! How do you feel about him? Before choosing to engage with him or his company, kindly conduct in-depth research on them.

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  1. People like Trawnegan are advising clients improperly and recommending unsuitable investments, which has led to several complaints from victims claiming that he defrauded investors and violated FINRA guidelines. These folks are unreliable as they failed to record the victims’ detailed information.

  2. These types of financial advisors are a nightmare for consumers and mislead people by providing false advice. It is now best to avoid these fraudsters whose only objective is to deceive people.

  3. How did he break the California Securities Act? This type of activity is unacceptable, since many people have filed complaints against him for giving them untrustworthy investments and attempting to take their money and flee.

  4. My friend was scammed by these groups and suffered significant losses while working with them; after stealing all of his money, they never returned his phone calls and the customer support over there mocked him.

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