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Joseph Ashford: Stealing from Customers? The Reality Exposed (2024)

joseph ashford
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Joseph Ashford faced allegations of defrauding customers and claiming that the cost of fixing a clogged toilet was GBP 18,000. Learn more.

Joseph Ashford has faced allegations of embezzling funds from his customers and defrauding them. Also, he has received allegations of making ridiculous claims to hide his illegal activities as well.

Find out about the controversy in this post. But first, let’s look at what he claims to be:

What Joseph Ashford Claims to Be:

Joseph Ashford is the Creator & Director of K4 Global, which is a media consultancy organization situated in Bournemouth, UK which serves individuals as well as companies worldwide.

Joseph Ashford made himself up via managerial roles before founding K4 Global in the year 2014. He’s worked as both an ordinary worker as well as the chief executive officer at many organizations, so this broad background offers the foundation for the information he remains to build on.

Joseph Ashford had an unusual and terrible early life, which culminated in adulthood, he lost his mother, father, and sister during a relatively brief amount of time. 

Yet, he feels that these hardships have shaped him to become the individual that he is nowadays. A person with tenacity & appreciation for everything important in life. 

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Joseph Ashford

Before establishing K4 Global, which is Ashford served in a variety of sectors, gathering expertise in marketing & developing a specialist in assisting startups to reach next-level growth via scalable solutions. 

He has a special way to comprehend the demands of businesses of any kind, having served at different tiers of companies from entry-level to senior executive roles.

He is frequently invited to talk on advertising at worldwide events and has journeyed widely for business, claiming to learn approximately different countries and customs to be one of the greatest profound educational experiences an individual can experience.

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After reading the tale about Mason White, an infant with the uncommon genetic condition of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), he started The Butterfly Foundation.

Read this section with a grain of salt as the reference material might consist of some paid PR articles of Joseph Ashford as well.

These blisters additionally appear in unpleasant as well as hazardous places like the interior of the tongue or the stomach, but they also raise the chance of developing skin cancer in those who are afflicted. 

The organization seeks to educate people about the ailment and assist people who are impacted by it to live better lives.

About K4 Global 

K4 Global is Joseph Ashford’s current company

Joseph Ashford created K4 Global in January, the year 2014, and over the six years that have passed after its founding, it has evolved to assist businesses in an assortment of industries, spanning trade & realty to media & technology. 

Joseph Ashford thinks of getting a disruptor, whether or not in business strategy or customized banking & financial services, allowing him as well as his colleagues to find special investment possibilities while operating steady expansion, enhancing profits, and decreasing hazards for an assortment of international companies across various sectors.

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A firm culture based on its core values

All of these things wouldn’t be considered feasible without no Joseph Ashford’s revolutionary guidance. He developed a solid business environment from the beginning by developing a set of fundamentals that defined how he wanted every single one of his colleagues to function each day. 

Client concentration

Concentrating on the consumer is critical to Joseph Ashford’s company’s achievement. He does not want customers who select K4 Global to leave content; he needs customers to be completely blown off by the service they receive, so he & his staff constantly search for methods to go beyond what is required to satisfy the clients they represent.

By which way Joseph Ashford utilized firm principles to foster sustainable working ethics & high-standards atmosphere?

According to the report based on website;


It is stated that Business culture is a popular commercial euphemism these days, usually in the context of startups that have tables for ping pong in the lunch area or have begun company-wide meditation courses. 

Effective managers, on the other hand, understand that an organization’s environment is more than just enjoyable events for workers; it constitutes one of the most essential elements of an effective company. 

It is a company’s common principles, characterized by the beliefs, aims, views, and procedures that constitute them; the more powerful and better established these traits are, the greater the business is.

He possesses an instinctive capacity to find and recruit those with the desire and enthusiasm to join his staff, and then develop and motivate people to assist him realize his goal of delivering engaging investment expertise. 

Joshep Ashford keeps his talented staff motivated by informing people of the objective of their work and inspiring people to incorporate their honesty and competence into each choice they take.

The owner of a Southampton plumber who paid £18k to unclog the bathroom drain spent his customers’ money on & a Ferrari

There was extensive media coverage on Joseph Ashford’s fraud allegations

LEGAL COMPLAINT: The attorneys for the other party, Joseph Ashford, have filed an action in court over the veracity of the Southampton City Council news release around which this report is founded.

Employees from two Southampton water firms defrauded 177 clients out of tens of millions of dollars to maintain a lavish lifestyle.

Consumers were paid up to £350 per working day plus VAT by First Active Drainage Llc & its substitute business Fast Response Maintenance for labor that specialists stated was unnecessary, had been performed so poorly that it exacerbated conditions more severely, or was completely ineffectual.

The companies are now expected to pay those harmed over a total of £3 in damages.

Consumers regarding how the cost would be determined, the necessity of the task to be completed, as well as what was completed, according to Southampton Crown Court.

It was discovered that one client was charged over seventeen thousand dollars for fixing the jammed toilet, which professionals indicated should have been performed for a little over 1,000 pounds.

During this time, the businesses collected more than £11 million, while the Trading Standards agency received over 850 complaints from consumers.

Consumers frequently told the judge that they had been misled and fobbed off by director James Francis Dean of Broadway Lane, Bournemouth, who was tasked to handle concerns.

The announcement comes after a five-month hearing & a four-year inquiry at Southampton Crown Court.

The corporations are currently forced to give claimants over a total of £3K in damages.

The offenders selected & abused several society’s weakest individuals for just the reason of earning money for them, said Lord Toby Harris, Chairman of National Market Practices.

That cash should be promptly handed to the sufferers.

The present instance shows that criminal activity prey on poor neighborhoods, as well as neighborhoods, are not going to be tolerated -as well as that criminality doesn’t repay.

Joseph Ashford was deemed convicted of exchanging illicit assets worth £1,513,467 alongside being condemned to fifteen months of prison deferred for two years, two hundred hours of labor without pay, including damages of £184,221.08.

When Joseph Ashford Claimed £18k for a Clogged Toilet

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According to the Daily Echo reports, it is mentioned on the website that Dean was deemed convicted of transferring illicit assets worth £649,821 and condemned to one year in prison extended for a further two years, a total of 180 hours of labor without pay, and £80,000 in damages.

The following people were additionally determined guilty of deception & sentenced:

Mark Grundy, of Fitzharris Avenue, Bournemouth, was sentenced to a period of nine months in prison deferred for two years on a total of four charges of deception, with a total of 150 hours of unpaid labor.

Ryan Sivyour, of Moot Lane, Downton, Salisbury, was sentenced to fifteen months in prison deferred for two years on a total of five counts of deception, as well as a total of 220 hours of labor without pay.

Andrew Ashton, of Kingston Road, Poole, who was was sentenced to eighteen months in jail and deferred for two years for five offenses of deception plus a total of 220 hours of labor without pay.

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Grundy, Sivyour, Ashton, Quinn, Easterbrook, & Watton were sentenced to shell out nearly thirty thousand pounds in damages.

People who suspect they have been pursued by scammers are encouraged to reach out to the Citizen’s Action customer service helpdesk at 03454 04 05 06.


As per the facts stated above, it is clear that the complaint was filed toward Joshep Ashford of Seymour Road, Ringwood, who was head of 1st Active Drainage Inc. as well as Fast Response Maintenance Inc. between the years 2010 as well as October 2013 and given himself £1.5m in three and a half years, wasting the money on high-performance automobiles such as Ferraris, stays in high-end hotels in the city of London, jewelry, an athletic horse, or costly rented assets. 

Joseph Ashford: Stealing from Customers? The Reality Exposed (2024)
Joseph Ashford: Stealing from Customers? The Reality Exposed (2024)

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  1. It is really good that actions are being taken against this criminal. It is important as well. If such people don’t get punished then they can harm the society. Consumers should get paid for the harm caused to them.

  2. The laws need to be made stricter. Such cases of fraud against consumers are increasing every day. This issue needs to get addressed. Even though there are so many strict laws still these people are not afraid to do such illegal things. Why?

  3. They have defrauded clients out of millions of dollars to maintain a lavish lifestyle. They have caused harm to the financial security of so many people. This is ridiculous. This is a very important issue that needs to be addressed by the media.

  4. I will suggest everyone to please stay away from fraudsters and if you have been conned by a fraudster then do complain against that person and make others as well aware of such fraud people so that no one else goes through such an experience.

  5. People have become so greedy that they are not even hesitant to deceive others. He is a criminal and he must get punished otherwise such people will become even more confident and will keep on doing such frauds.

  6. He has seen so many hardships in his own life. At Least he should have learned something from that and should have never harmed his consumers in this way. Is he even a human? How can he not understand the pain of his consumers?

  7. People like him misled the consumers. This is horrifying. He has duped his consumers of so much money. He should be in jail. This is extremely horrifying to read. No one should believe anyone so easily these days.

  8. This man is living a luxurious life after deceiving his consumers. He is so greedy that he has no value for ethics in his life. He is disgusting. He only found this way to increase his wealth. This is just ridiculous.

  9. He should be behind bars for defrauding his consumers. He is so greedy he should be ashamed of himself. He has stolen the money of his consumers. He must get punished.

  10. He has conned his customers for his greed. He must get punished for all that he has done with the consumers. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. People like him deserve to be in jail.

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