Kapish Haldia: Victim of a Child Predator (Latest Update 2023)

Kapish Haldia
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Kapish Haldia is the Vice President at Highview Capital Limited. He founded the Highview member groups & is in charge of the improvement and creation of fresh capital. However, he participated in an incident involving a gay dating software called Grindr. 
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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Kapish Haldia has not responded nor apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

About Kapish Haldia 

Kapish Haldia is the Vice President at Highview Capital Limited. He founded the Highview member groups & is in charge of the improvement and creation of fresh capital. He is on the council of directors of National Fire & Safety, Randall Foods, & Watterson.  

Kapish Haldia served as an analyst in investment banking at Citigroup’s Industries Company, in which he specialized in acquiring businesses in the newspaper, wrapping, aircraft, and military sectors. He has spent many years building electronic commerce startups. 

He graduated from New York University’s Leonard N. Stren School of Business with a B.S. in economics and finance alongside an additional concentration in Public Policy and management. 

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More about Kapish Haldia 

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Kapish Haldia is a businessman from Venice, California. His parents, who came to a foreign country for a permanent stay, upbringing him in Los Angeles. He was raised in a corporate-minded household, thus he possesses a business aspect in his DNA. 

From his adolescence, he assisted his parents with their jewelry manufacturing and shipping business, devoting more of the weekend and holiday time to practical skills such as establishing relationships with customers, finding gems overseas, and overseeing the company’s finances as it expanded. 

Kapish Haldia’s family trained him in everything such as he knows regarding operating & growing a company. Govind, his father, emphasized the necessity of developing solid relationships as well as interacting efficiently within the organization. 

Vinita, Kapish’s mother, emphasized to them the importance of a family-oriented strategy for company management and going beyond what is required to make great goods. 

Kapish Haldia received a bachelor’s degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and while there worked in Portfolio Management for the Stern Investment Evaluation Group. 

He attributes this phase in his existence to reaffirming the principles that his parents gave to prepare him for a profitable business career.

Kapish Haldia volunteered at New York’s college with the chief executive officer of DoSomething.org, a rapidly evolving charitable organization focusing on innovation in real life. 

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He additionally worked at Blackrock & Citigroup’s financial services business. Following completion, he served in Citigroup’s Global Industrial Group, and worked closely with notable Top 100 businesses such as Lockheed Martin, Crown Packaging, Ball Corp, and General Electric, among numerous others. 

Kapish Harish is part of the initial management team of Highview Capital, a middle-market venture capital investment firm located in Los Angeles. During six years, he worked on roughly 50 investments varying in worth between $50 million to $500 million. 

Kapish Haldia ultimately served on the boards of executives of 50% of the firm’s portfolio firms and was instrumental in bringing over numerous struggling businesses.

Kapish Haldia departed Highview Ltd to concentrate on establishing a next-generation investing system aimed solely at tiny and middle-income households.

Kapish Haldia’s primary goal is to enable businesses to take full advantage of their worth and development possibilities while delivering meaningful outcomes in the real world of business. 

Kapish Haldia is a business specialist who is well-versed in business literature. He describes himself as an honorable mentor, Charlie Munger, the famed quality shareholder, and Benjamin Franklin, widely regarded as the finest Citizen. 

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The Instagram Account of Kapish Haldia

Photos posted on Kapish Haldia's Instagram account.

Kapish Haldia’s Highview Capital Released Promotions and New Hires

Highview Capital disclosed numerous raises and new hiring. P.J. Gilbert has been promoted to partner at Highview Capital, and Kapish Haldia has been promoted to senior consultant. Kelly Cash had been recruited as a consultant by the organization. 

As per the report of Highview Capital’s co-founder, Ryan McCarthy, P.J., & Kapish Haldia have been elevated and are working with Kelly. Kapish Haldia is in charge of new investment due diligence as well as offering logistical assistance to leadership groups throughout Highview’s network.  

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Case Study 

Kapish Haldia VS Cody Mattingly 

Kapish Haldia sued Cody Mattingly C. for Physical Damage, Assault, Batteries, and Putation. The proceeding was brought in the Los Angeles County Superior Court at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse located in California. Judge Stephen I. Goorvitch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court is in control of this proceeding. 

The case is still in the works. 

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What are Internet Predators? 

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Online predators are people who use the World Wide Web to abuse young people for sexual & deadly reasons. Child development, sexual behaviors, unwelcome contact with information and images, internet intimidation, & attempts that bring about anxiety or shame are all examples. It is primarily determined by harassment on the internet. 

How Youtubers are catching predators online? 

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Inexperienced YouTubers are conducting sting missions to identify possible child abusers on the internet, creating a new area of uncertainty on the video-hosting site.

The majority of predator hunters are internet influencers that utilized live broadcasts of their juvenile kid predator-catching operations. The majority of string actions result in jail time, while some result in guilt. Victim offenders are frequently hounded and, in some cases, commit suicide. 

For instance: 

Cody Mattingly, a San Diego County predator catcher, is being charged with harassment by several of his subjects. As a result, a different target, attorney Craig Gertz, committed suicide amid a sting operation. So Mattingly basically utilizes Grindr, an LGBTQ dating application, for putting setup the live sting operations.

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Encinitas is a seaside community in San Diego County, where 95 miles south of Los Angeles. The Torism of San Diego. According to the government’s Department of San Diego Travel and Tourism, it constitutes one of the top surf resorts in the entire globe. Although there’s little like it, in my view, it possesses every characteristic of a place that rust-buckle children like myself would think of as culturally appropriate, cinematically, and even socially suitable, including boathouses, beaches, the mild, Mediterranean environment, and a center deserving of a 1980s teenager movie. 

Craig Gertz, an immigrant from the Midwest was wanting to meet somebody on the gay dating application Grindr in the year 2021. Then he got catfished by Cody Mattingly, a self-proclaimed predator catcher. The event sparked a conflict, that ultimately led to Gertz’s death later that same evening. He was only about fifty-six years old.


Following that episode, I got news of Craig Gertz’s death from a San Diego activist who provided me with information regarding a YouTube broadcast he had observed.

In the video, Mattingly followed Gertz across the road to his home and remained there till Gertz committed suicide inside. The bullets might have been seen on the live video, according to the activist, whose full name I will not reveal. The clip was subsequently taken away from YouTube.

Predator catchers are participants of an internet group that poses as children seeking sex. After they’ve established a connection with a potential predator, they set up an appointment and begin filming the interaction, which they subsequently broadcast on the internet in order to humiliate them in front of everyone. 

As the intended victim refuses to have a conversation with them, detectives track him and record the interaction nevertheless. These vigilante groups are creators of content weaned on popular videos including YouTube broadcasts, and believe that they understand more regarding sexual assault prevention, law enforcement personnel, public health specialists, and the judicial system. Obviously, people have an economic incentive to create these kinds of clips. 

It is a fact that most of the predators’ crime has been started by the gay dating application named Grindr. 

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Inevitably start Grindr, a gay dating application, users are confronted with a layout of photos depicting the program’s live members. Everyone has displayed a title as well as an approximate distance. They start with the individual nearest to them, who may be just a few hundred yards distant based on their close they are. 

While I write this, the account picture of the individual who posted it 1,151 feet away features an unmanned, flaccid torso, nude but for a set of shorts, shot from a camera that is focused straight at the man’s groin.

Here are a few more examples: 

  • According to assistant district attorney Kate MacDougall, the incident occurred in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where a police officer, as well as former Marine, Carlos Vieira, was found guilty of a pair of counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a kid and one charge of inappropriate assault with a weapon on a kid younger than fourteen after satisfying a ninth-grader on Grindr in a park open to the public.

He was eventually sentenced to between ten and twelve years in jail. There had been no misunderstanding of the perpetrator’s gender. And, like a police officer, this type of conduct damaged the public’s faith in authorities even more.

  • According to the CBS News Denver affiliate, exchanged for an address to live, clothing, drink, substances, or cell phones. Several of the lads had Crumpler’s surname inked on their torsos. Sean Travis Crumpler of Aurora, Colorado, received a sentence of fifty years in prison after pleading guilty in Colorado to facilitating the trafficking of a juvenile for sexual service. 
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According to one of the eyewitnesses in Crumpler’s hearing, upwards of 175 kids may have been sexually molested over two years, with a dozen youngsters frequently remaining at his Aurora house at any given moment. He utilized Grindr to entice fugitives to have intercourse with Crumpler anytime he wished.

  • According to the Dallas Morning News, an infected HIV musician and educator named Roger Kessler received a sentence of 12 years in jail in McKinney, Texas, after confessing convicted of sexually assaulting a kid. He encountered the 15-year-old through Grindr, a gay dating application. 

He was apprehended shortly after the teen’s mother noticed him leave their household’s garden. She pursued the guy to a neighboring crossroads, where she ‘detained him on the floor’ until the police came.

The anonymity aspect of Grindr, a gay dating app, renders it simple for actual kids to endanger themselves. It’s certainly an excellent spot for homophobic individuals to catfish homosexual men, start up a discussion, learn about their identities, dox them in their final days, and abuse them in reality or over the mobile phone.

An incident occurred with Kapish Haldia 

Later, many allegations were made against Cody Mattingly in Los Angeles County, charging him with intimidation. One of them is on Kapish Haldia’s behalf. Kapish Haldia was only 28 years old and the vice president at Highview Capital, an estimated $500 million venture capital business established in Los Angeles, according to reports based on his website. Haldia posted an email to the website for a man called Trey, whose actual name is Cody Mattingly. 

In terms of Trey and Kapish Haldia’s talk,  

‘Trey’ (replied) – Are you at the bottom? Could you just give me some pictures? 

Mattingly went to Kapish Haldia’s house with his body-worn camera shooting. Kapish Haldia appears to be caught off guard on the sidewalk opposite his residential complex.

According to Haldia’s complaint against him, this resulted in repeated messages by Mattingly, shouting, and threatening to notify his job. According to the dispute, Mattingly urged those who followed him on Instagram to reach out to Haldia’s job, family, and friends to spread the false accusations. Contact details, messages sent via text, and online threats were directed at his family and employment.

However, two other persons filed accusations against Mattingly after Kapish Haldia. 


Kapish Haldia is an entrepreneur from Venice, California. Kapish Haldia is the Vice President of Highview Capital Limited. However, he is also the target of child predators. He participated in an incident involving a gay dating software called Grindr. 

A web page named NetPredators also assaulted Kapish Haldia, posting his picture, personal cellphone number, electronic mail, location, along with other private data. As a result, Cody Mattingly shared a photo of Haldia on Instagram plus uploaded a clip of the encounter with him on YouTube. 

Kapish Haldia then filed a complaint against him for harassing and stalking him via cell phones and emails. 

Kapish Haldia: Victim of a Child Predator (Latest Update 2023)
Kapish Haldia: Victim of a Child Predator (Latest Update 2023)

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