Reason Before You Regret Ladson Capital Do Not Deserve Your Investment.

Reason Before You Regret Ladson Capital Do Not Deserve Your Investment.
Neither does Ladson Capital have a legitimate license nor does it have the required tools or platform to perform better in the trading market
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Planning of investing with Ladson Capital we will give you reasons to revert your plan in this review

Ladson capital is yet another trading firm which is in a dark cloud in our list. The firm has not been confirmed as a scam however, there are many doubts which surrounds it. Ladson Capital is neither proved as a hoax firm nor as a successful brokage company.  As a result, investing your hard-earned money with a firm which seems dubious is not a good idea.

In today’s age of digital business, it is very easy for anyone to open a digital startup trading business by simply making a website. It is observed that specially after the pandemic tons of new trading companies have come forward virtually. This is indeed a good sign as more companies mean more competition which leads to pressure on the firm to serve their clients as best as possible in order to survive in the market. However, the downside is that along with genuine traders many fraudsters have also taken advantage of the situation and are hunting for new investors to deceit and cheat them. Ladson Capital is one such company which has emerged recently to take advantage of the situation.

License And Regulations

 It is very important to be mindful while selecting the appropriate trading firm before investing with them. The first and foremost step before selecting a trading company is to look for its official license. These days many companies are collaborating with other offshore companies which have licenses in countries where financial market rules and regulations are either not so strict or are not regulated at all. Consequently, it is very easy to get a license for such companies. The same case is with Ladson Capital, which is supposedly licensed through its parent company Kamaflaz Limited based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Many trading firms are based in SVG as there are no forex regulation bodies that are operating in this country, making it very easy for the scammers to get a license like Ladson Capital.

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Tempting Offers

It is very easy for fraudulent companies such as Ladson capital to tempt people into investing with them. They advertise their company online and once a person clicks the website; they know how to convince the client. Companies like Ladson Capital are very persuasive and will only describe the benefits of investing with them by making huge profits overnight. However, what a novice investor doesn’t realize is that the nature of a trading market is very unpredictable and can turn the tables anytime. For this reason, a genuine and responsible brokage company will always prepare the investors for the failures that may come their way and would guide them away from upcoming the setbacks.

Lack Of Experience

One prospect of a genuine trading company is that it should have years of experience I the trading market. Ladson Capital which is a newly establish company claims that it has experts who have years of experience of the trading market trends. The questions arise is that why the trading market experts would join such a new company which doesn’t even have a genuine license under a financial regulating authority? Additionally, if supposedly they do have an expert team why is Ladson Capital not exhibiting them on their website and why are they working anonymously? Hence, this doesn’t make sense and it quite clear that Ladson Capital doesn’t have any expert team it is a mere bluff.

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Absence Of Trading Results

Another way a trading firm showcase its credibility and success is through displaying their trading results. Trading results serve as a score board for any firm to count on for the investors. Authentic trading firms always exhibit their trading results monthly to show their firm’s performance. However, Ladson Capital’s website nowhere demonstrate their trading results which makes us suspicious regarding this company.

Mediocre Interface

In the realm of web-based platforms a lot of edge is given to companies with better interface. For this reason, many reputed companies use the most successful and popular interface such as Meta trader 4 and Meta trader 5. Software makes the trading process a lot more convenient and user-friendly for the clients which make it more appealing for the clients. By comparison, Ladson Capital is using a very basic software which does fulfill the trading requirements of the clients. Ladson Capital has a platform which is missing out many essential trading tools and indicators which is big disadvantage to invest in this company.

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No Leverage

It has been observed many a times that scammers use high leverage to lure their clients. Leverage up to 1:500 has been offered in order to get more investments regardless of their consequences. However, it is never seen that a company doesn’t reveal the leverage to its customers. In the forex trading market regularized leverage is an important tool for the investors to earn profits. It is astonishing to see that Ladson Capital doesn’t even provide such basic information on their website which reveals their lack of seriousness and sincerity in their profession.

Low Deposits

Many hoax firms, whose main target is to sneak money from the clients, allows a very low deposit amount to open a trading account with them. The reason behind this is to get as much money possible from as many people before they get caught and gone for good. The minimum amount requirement to open a trading account in Ladson Capital is $500. The amount is way beyond the average market requirement. This shows that Ladson Capital is happy with whatever that’s coming their way.

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Payment Methods

The payment options include wire transfers, debit, and credit cards. Allegedly Ladson Capital permits traders to withdraw any amount at any time. How true this is cannot be known. However, if you are in for once, then you are in for a big blow. Moreover, Ladson Capital demands that you trade 50 times the amount of the profit you accept. The figures given here are not very clear and there is a lot of ambiguities in their policies which points towards their trustworthiness.

Many authentic and regularized trading firms provides a laidback time frame to their clients before holding their accounts as inactive. They do this in order to facilitate their clients and they are also bound by the regulatory authorities to do so. Ladson Capital not being a regularized and licensed firm does not follow these restrictions. The inactivity period starts taking place within 3 months after which the Traders are required to pay an annual fee of 50 EUR which is undue. The time frame is short compared with what the legit entities have for their clients.

3.1Expert Score
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It is in benefit for any investor to gauge a firm inside out before coming to a decision of investing with them. As once an investor makes this decision it is very difficult to back off without any setbacks. There are various criteria to assess a firm based on its credibility, legitimacy, performance and presentation. Ladson Capital is one such firm which does not meet this criterion and hence poses a doubt on its existence. Neither does Ladson Capital have a legitimate license nor does it have the required tools or platform to perform better in the trading market which can lead you to lose all the money that you invested with this firm no matter how small. Therefore, it is better to stay away from Ladson Capital and invest in legitimate trading firms.

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Reason Before You Regret Ladson Capital Do Not Deserve Your Investment.
Reason Before You Regret Ladson Capital Do Not Deserve Your Investment.
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