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Leo Bonaventure: Is He Linked to the OmegaPro Scam?The Truth Exposed (2024)

Is Leo Bonaventure a scammer? To what extent did he participate in the infamous multinational scam known as OmegaPro? Find out more about it here.
Is Leo Bonaventure a scammer? To what extent did he participate in the infamous multinational scam known as OmegaPro? Find out more about it here.

One of the people behind Nigerian OmegaPro is Leo Bonaventure, and this time he has managed to get investors on the edge of their seats about the company. Are you aware of the reason? If that is not the case, then check out this article. I would like to begin with the formal introduction of Leo Bonaventure. Please get a cup of coffee.

Leo Bonaventure: A Brief Overview

Nigerian Leo Bonaventure Igboanugo earned OmegaPro Black Diamond status. This term usually refers to network marketing success. Critically analyzing the accomplishment raises questions about network marketing accomplishments like this.

Leo Bonaventure’s ascension to Black Diamond may indicate network marketing platforms’ problematic behaviors. According to critics, such levels can be reached through aggressive recruitment rather than product value or commercial expertise.

His July 2019 journey could be seen as a story about entering an industry where success is often measured by the number of employees hired rather than the value of the goods or services delivered. Financial independence strategies may be questionable in their practicality and morality.
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It is possible to consider the Black Diamond rank as a representation of an individual’s level of competence in navigating the convoluted systems of network advertising rather than as a true measure of commercial success. This is even though the Black Diamond rank is marketed as a symbol of knowledge and leadership. There is a possibility that the potential for financial benefit is driven more by the sales of genuine and valuable products than it is by the recruitment of other people into the network.

Because the emphasis placed on being a “source of blessings” could be viewed as leveraging relationships for personal advantage within the network, the success story of Leo Bonaventure could be seen as contributing to a culture that places a greater emphasis on one’s success than on the well-being of others.

Skeptics may say that his accomplishment, rather than serving as a shining example of success, is representative of the contentious nature of some activities within the network marketing industry. These practices include the fact that financial success can be obtained at the expense of others. As he continues his journey with OmegaPro, critics may voice their opinion.

Leo Bonaventure: How he was involved in Omega Fraud?

By the assertions of a group of legitimate customers of the OmegaPro company, Leo Bonaventure, along with other members, has been implicated in the theft of belongings belonging to customers. 

Furthermore, OmegaPro is accused of stealing 120 million dollars from the accounts of people who were extremely naive including widows, retirees, high-net-worth individuals, large corporations, and extremely stupid young people. 

If you are one of the people who are attempting to make money through network marketing, then Leo Bonaventure and his bunch of con artists might consider you to be a potential victim of their schemes. 

Leo Bonaventure had everything great to say about the company OmegaPro before it went bankrupt. On the other hand, the customers assert that they are not the same. Let us begin by recognizing the disparity and then proceed to question the intentionality of the statement. 

The accusations that have been made against leaders of multi-level marketing companies, notably Leo Bonaventure, about the OmegaPro Forex and Investment Trading Company scam? According to the charges, Leo Bonaventure and other major multi-level marketing (MLM) leaders were involved in the promotion of the fraudulent scheme, which resulted in huge financial losses for customers.

Regarding Leo Bonaventure, the following is a summary of the most important highlights:

2. Promotion of OmegaPro

According to the allegations, Leo Bonaventure and other executives in the multi-level marketing industry aggressively advertised OmegaPro as a risk-free investment opportunity that features great returns and a safe atmosphere.

It is alleged that the leaders of multi-level marketing (MLM), including Bonaventure, utilized their influence within their networks to convince thousands of investors to entrust OmegaPro with their financial responsibilities.

2. Earned Commissions:

It is believed that OmegaPro paid top distributors and agents, such as Leo Bonaventure, a finder’s fee of ten percent for each investor that they recruited to the scheme. This commission was allegedly received by OmegaPro.

Some promoters, including Leo Bonaventure, are said to have made more than $50,000 per week in commissions, and it is reported that the commissions earned by promoters have reached substantial amounts.

3. Spending on Luxurious Items:

Some of the individuals, such as Leo Bonaventure, have made substantial acquisitions, one of which is a Lagos estate that is valued at multiple billions of naira.

Investors experienced losses as a result of the realization that the due diligence that was supposed to have been undertaken did not exist, even though alleged con artists smiled at the bank.

4. Refusal to Compensation Investors:

During September 2022, the OmegaPro scheme was purportedly confronted with a crisis, which was attributed to a system hack that resulted in the freezing of more than one billion dollars worth of investors’ funds in more than seventy nations.

OmegaPro declared in August 2023 that it was unable to pay investors owing to investigations being conducted by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). 

This was even though the firm had promised to move the accounts of investors to a new company named Brokers Domain.

5. Closure and undergrounding:

It has been reported that the leaders of OmegaPro, notably Leo Bonaventure, have unexpectedly shut down the company, leaving investors in a state of resignation.

A number of the most prominent agents and promoters, including Leo Bonaventure, are said to have fled the scene as they became increasingly suspicious.

6. Statements That Are Not Without Doubt:

Especially considering that OmegaPro claimed it did not have an office or a license to operate in the United States, the text states that the news of OmegaPro’s inability to pay investors owing to the inquiry being conducted by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) sparked doubts.

In a nutshell, the narrative paints Leo Bonaventure and other multi-level marketing (MLM) executives as crucial actors in the promotion of OmegaPro. It also alleges that these individuals benefited handsomely from commissions while investors incurred losses. The details don’t show Leo Bonaventure’s balanced response to these claims.

Investigation into OmegaPro and Leaders’ Financial Abuse and Dubious Success

The material provided appears to be based on Dr. Ope Banwo’s assertions and Daniel Onoja and Leo Bonaventure’s anecdotes. Note this crucial point. These accusations must be taken with caution and understood as accusations, not facts. There is no proof to support them.

A pessimist would distrust OmegaPro’s success stories of Daniel Onoja and Leo Bonaventure, especially when they’re linked to thievery and Ponzi schemes. Dr. Ope Banwo’s claims may be unsupported by evidence. 
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In light of associates’ and customers’ claimed financial losses, these individuals’ flamboyant displays of wealth, such as buying multi-million dollar mansions and estates worth billions of naira, may be problematic.

Compare OmegaPro’s executives’ wealth against those of associates and customers who claim losses, and their success may appear doubtful and possibly ill-gotten. 

The fact that they succeeded makes this extra true. Another reason for a negative perception of OmegaPro and Leo Bonaventure is a reported lack of sympathy for victims of financial harm.

About OmegaPro

image 3

OmegaPro claims to offer retail and institutional clients a secure world-class trading experience. To provide clients with a variety of trading solutions and great trading outputs, the company invests in new technologies and staff.

They pledge to protect funds with modern technologies, encryption techniques, and market liquidity. OmegaPro claims that handling massive market volumes and following tight risk regulations protects client accounts while linking them to fast-paced global markets.

Since the narrative is positive without evidence or independent verification, suspicion may grow about its authenticity. Given OmegaPro’s assertions, security and risk rules may be overemphasized.


The OmegaPro material accuses Leo Bonaventure of fraud and unethical behavior. According to allegations, OmegaPro aggressively promoted itself as a risk-free investment, causing investors huge losses. Claims include spending on luxury products, abandoning the company, and not compensating investors. OmegaPro and Bonaventure’s conduct draws doubt. A lack of sympathy for purported victims worsens the image. Due to the lack of evidence, these claims must be met with caution.

So that’s all I have to say about fraudster Leo Bonaventure. Please read it and comment. Thoughts on my words? I have other resources to learn more about him, though:

Leo Bonaventure: Is He Linked to the OmegaPro Scam?The Truth Exposed (2024)
Leo Bonaventure: Is He Linked to the OmegaPro Scam?The Truth Exposed (2024)

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