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In no big surprise to anyone, the Pay Diamond scam is migrating its members into another scam called LifeInBlock. The Pay Diamond Ponzi scam is coming to an end. They have been purchased by LifeInBlock.

PayDiamond’s model was to raise money from investors which was pooled into a fund to purchase raw diamonds which the company claims it purchases, cuts, polishes and markets. Investor returns were allegedly from the profits of the pool they had invested in. Investors are called “affiliates” and buy in between $200 and $36,000, for terms up to 50 weeks. Investors are supposed to receive a weekly payment until the end of the term when the diamonds are sold with profits to be split with the affiliates.

Pay Diamond MISSION

“Through a bold and innovative strategy to rescue the concept of multilevel marketing, bringing to market a product with high added value and full liquidity.”

It looks like their new mission is to feed people into a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme recruiting scam.

Here is the latest update on Pay Diamond’s migration of representatives to LifeInBlock:

Paydiamond / LifeinBlock Questions and Answers

1. Will the entire Back Office Paydiamond balance be paid in full?
Answer: Yes, ALL the paydiamond balance of your back office will be paid INTEGRALLY along with the weekly Bonuses that still remain to your Login!

2. How will the Balance be paid?
Answer: It will be paid TOTALLY in Mktcoin, with the value of the site:

3. Will the Paydiamond balance be paid once?
Answer: NO, precisely so that there is no “dumping” of currencies in the market and consequently an even greater decrease of the value of the currency in the Exchanges. Therefore the Backoffice Balance of all paydiamond logins will be paid weekly in 50 weeks. To calculate, get your balance split by 50 and this will be the amount you will receive weekly.

4. Where will I receive the balance of meuback office paydiamond?
Answer: Inside a new Back office on the site:, entering with the same login and password of your Paydiamond account.

5. To receive my paydiamond balance do I need to be “activated”, or pay for a new package on
ANSWER: It is NOT necessary, you will receive ALL of your balance and Bonus PAYDIAMOND Bonus at, without having to activate any package.

6. To receive the bonuses of the new company in Bitcoin and make network should I pay for new package on
Answer: Yes, if you want to continue registering new members and working professionally the LifeinBlock Multilevel, you will have to choose one of the packages and pay in Bitcoin, and soon you will be able to receive the bonuses coming from this new company (Direct indication, Binary etc. ) in BITCOIN.

7. How will this new company (lifeinblock) help in the valuation of the Mktcoin currency?
Answer: In this new company, all members who pay a new package and wish to qualify for the career plan that will entitle them to share part of LifeinBlock’s profits, will have to make massive purchases of Mktcoin and MANTE-LAS in a portfolio for a minimum of 6 months. That is, there being greater demand for the currency, the price would rise rapidly.

8. What are the benefits of paying for a new LifeinBlock Package?
A) To be able to re-develop a more secure network work, with payment in BITCOIN.
B) Qualified Lifeinblock, will receive subsidies from the company, ie receive their balance Paydiamond, in Mktcoin at a lower quote than the website: (subsidy this banked by lifeinblock).

9. What will paydiamond do from now?
ANSWER ONLY AND ONLY to carry out currency valuation operations, among such transactions as announced by President Carlos Luiz, a negotiation is opened for Mktcoin to be adopted as the official virtual currency of a country.

10. Paying the package in Lifeinblock, am I automatically eligible to receive binary bonus?
Answer: NO! To qualify for Binary, you must have an active package in Lifeinblock and have at least two active direct signers (with paid package in lifeinblock), one on your right team and one on your left team.

– Source Facebook

What is LifeInBlock?

This is what they claim about themselves:

We work with a binary system that manages to distribute the greatest amount of profits to all the supporters of this great endeavor that will be LifeInBlock.

We are a company that has its staff with over 20 years experience in IT and Computer Systems, more than 7 years working and obtaining profitability in Hold, trading, Arbitragem, development in cryptocurrencies, exclusive Boot, mining and Invest in Ico.

In their presentation you find out that LifeInBlock is run by Russians and Ukrainians.  The company is also registered in Belize.  These are two huge red flags for any money making opportunity. Also, they use a binary compensation plan to encourage recruiting of investors.

The compensation plan for this scam claims to pay huge returns on your investment: 4.8%-5.28% per week.  No legitimate investment can pay these types of returns regularly.

It is my opinion, LifeInBlock is nothing but another Ponzi scheme.

LifeInBlock Review: Final Verdict

Even diamonds are not enough to keep a Ponzi scheme like Pay Diamond running.  In the case of Pay Diamond, they have been purchased and their members have been rolled into a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme called LifeInBlock. I would avoid this scam.

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Pay Diamond got purchased and their members have been rolled into a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme called LifeInBlock. It's a definite scam and you should avoid it!

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