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The Time When Forbes CXO Neil Sands Disrespected The Army

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Neil Sands co-founded Ireland’s Call Initiative, a non-profit organization that organized Irish healthcare workers. Despite its announcement, it was closed down months later. Despite the megastar Conor McGregor’s support.

Is there a reason for this? It’s impossible for anyone to mess up this badly.

neil sands forbes

Media houses from all over the country covered Ireland’s Call Initiative when it was announced in March, most of whom were sponsored by Neil Sands’ marketing funds.

The army was investigating Neil O. Sands. What’s the reason? He wore his uniform to do unauthorized tasks, such as taking a photo with Conor McGregor and posting it on Twitter.

Investigation of Neil Sands’s Activities

Neil Sands’ activities were investigated by the Defence Forces. The reservist was wearing his army uniform since he is a member of the Defense Forces. Even though you have the uniform, you shouldn’t abuse it just because you own it. 

On April 9, he helped transport PPE kits which were shipped and purchased from China.

Did You Know?

PPE Kits (Personal Protective Equipment) are protective security tools designed to safeguard the well-being of workers by diminishing the exposure to a pathogens.

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  1. @PIPERSGHOST no way sounds like an inside job whats the company i cant find it?

  2. Probably ask him about his PPE contract that he got from the NI Health Board for 32 million – Company still only has one employee listed

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