Quantrix Capital – Is It Safe to Invest Here? The Truth Exposed! (2023 Update)

Quantrix Capital
Quantrix Capital is not a legit company to consult when it is about investment and starting a trade in the online platform.
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Quantrix Capital, a trading platform, aims to provide its traders with full support to achieve financial independence. Unfortunately, this broker has a very low score and is considered dangerous because of its high-risk activities like spamming and phishing. Consulting this organization to gain financial support in the trading market can result in a pathetic end for novice traders.

These platforms are created to lure investors into their bogus schemes and try to deceive them and steal their investments. The Financial Services And Markets Authority noticed that there are various fake online trading platforms, whose main intentions are to mislead the investors and earn money.

What is Quantrix Capital?

Quantrix Capital is an online trading platform that is designed to assist online traders to trade and invest in the exchange market. The main goal of this business is to ensure a smooth income from the investments and to provide financial freedom and independence to the traders because it believes that everybody has financial dreams that need to be actualized. Hence, they prioritize helping the traders make successful investments and profitable trades.

The website of Quantrix Capital is well designed, which is indeed attractive and looks quite professional. It claims to have resources and videos on financial education and everything that is needed to materialize financial freedom. In addition, it keeps updating the traders on current affairs and up-to-date information. The organization also offers its users a customized journey that suits their trading budgets, expertise, goals, and risks. Furthermore, their support team consists of trading experts who are available 24/7 to provide solutions to the customers.

Is Investing in Quantrix Capital Safe?

Investing in this organization can be highly risky because it does not have valid regulations. The registration process for creating an account is quite simple, which is doubtful because most reputed brokers need so much information to complete the registration process. This simpler registration process strongly indicates that this business can be risky and that you are using an unregulated broker for trading purposes. Also, many users have criticized this business and advised others not to invest money there. Almost all of the users reported a common issue, which is forcing them to withdraw the money.

Let’s see a few of their suspicious issues.

Valid Regulation

The website claims that the company is located in the UK without any proof, and even the FCA does not regulate it. As a result, there is a chance that the authorities could shut down this organization’s operations at any time. The broker thinks that using a fake address and location is enough to fool the traders, but it is not always the case. Even novice investors are now smart enough to catch false information. Even though there is a possibility that this broker is warned by well-known authorities, such as FINMA, FCA, CNMV, ASIC, CySec, etc., A warning against a broker from any of these authorities indicates that the organization is not a good fit for investing and trading.

There is a high possibility that Quantrix Capital has been warned by reputed regulatory authorities like CySec, ASIC, FCA, CNMV, FINMA, etc. Warnings issued by any of these authorities clearly indicate that the broker is not a good fit to invest your hard-earned money with.

Fund Safety

As an unlicensed trading broker, it will put your investments at high risk. Even your personal details can be uncertain if shared on this platform. As a user, you must check their nuts and bolts because it is about your investments and your money. That’s why, before you consult any brokers, your main responsibility should be checking their regulations and operational guidelines.

Withdrawal Methods

From the user reviews, we have found that the website rarely has any details on the payment methods. Although you will find a bunch of processes, most of them do not work or are broken. Therefore, the customers’ investments remain in a dangerous situation to make trades. The minimum requirement for depositing is $250, while the minimum withdrawal requirement is $100. The lack of details on their payment methods clearly indicates how much this broker cares for you.

Accounts and Leverages

Real brokers never ask for high deposits as they know that lower deposits are favorable for the traders, but Quantrix Capital charges a gigantic amount of deposit that is pretty questionable. The demand for this large amount of money is the first thing that you should think about before investing. The same is the case for leverage. While legit brokers start with small amounts, this one offers high leverage.

Trading Software

The trading software provided by Quantrix Capital is quite unprofessional because the platform has a minimum of features, or, as it is better to say, close to nothing. It seems that the main purpose is to lure the newbie. Instead of adding trading options, the broker relies too much on the appearance and visuals. There are confusions about the involvement of third-party charts because many people have reported that the platform has borrowed from the third-party charts. If this is the case, no business or dealing can be done smoothly.

What Are the Possible Spam or Phishing Activities of Quantrix Capital?

There are too many scam activities by this broker, but we will mention the most common of these activities so that the novice can easily avoid them. To validate these activities, you are free to conduct a cross-validation study.

  • The withdrawal process is not legitimate, and the bonus policy seems to be unbelievable.
  • The organization keeps calling mostly the new traders and urging these investors to invest more money to get more profit, which surely raises the suspicion level because professional brokers rarely urge their customers to invest a higher amount.
  • Traders will rarely see any risk warnings, which are actually kept hidden.
  • While withdrawing, the broker will show their illogical rules for withdrawing the money that they did not explain before the investment. It makes it very difficult for the investors to withdraw their money smoothly.
  • The website may shut down too often because it lacks any valid regulations.

What Do the People Say about Quantrix?

Though there are both positive and negative reviews about this organization, you will find the negative comments dominating over the positive ones. Many people mostly complain about their withdrawal process. According to their reports, the broker either forced them to withdraw the money or the broker intentionally approves the withdrawal of the customers’ money even if they do not send any withdrawal requests.

In this process, many people have lost their investment without knowing the whereabouts of it. A few of the complaints said that the company did not send the money; instead, it asked the complainants to pay for the taxes within two days, or the team would freeze the users’ accounts. Once the team received the money, they blocked the access. Consequently, the users found out that everything about Quantrix Capital was a lie, and the company is a fraud.

One of the reviewers reported that the website kept pushing him to pay for the taxes when he wanted to withdraw his investment. His transaction was stuck, and the company again asked him to pay more to recover the money.

3.1Expert Score
Investors should avoid them

Quantrix Capital is not a legit company to consult when it is about investment and starting a trade in the online platform. Based on the reviews and their spamming activities, we are recommending the novice investors avoid them. This company operates this business without having any licenses. It keeps charging the customers in the name of taxes and recovery. Once they take away your money, you cannot take any legal steps against them because everything they use is completely wrong. Also, never consult any recovery agencies to recover the lost money because these guys will ask for their service fees at first, and you will eventually understand that your money is lost once again. As an investor, you should carefully choose a reputed broker because in this case there are no chances to lose your money to the scammers.

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Quantrix Capital – Is It Safe to Invest Here? The Truth Exposed! (2023 Update)
Quantrix Capital – Is It Safe to Invest Here? The Truth Exposed! (2023 Update)

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