Safe Trust Wealth LTD: Untrustworthy Ponzi Scheme (2023)

safe trust wealth ltd
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Safe Trust Wealth LTD’s official website frequently refuses to reveal its administration or executive information. 

Safe Trust Wealth LTD’s official domain website is, which was publicly established on March 30, 2023. 

Safe Trust Wealth LTD gives a formation document for Safe Trust Wealth LTD in the latest effort to make this legal. 

Certificate of Incorporation of Safe Trust Wealth LTD

On March 30th, Safe Trust Wealth LTD is purposefully established in New Zealand.  This is mostly related to Secure Trust’s claim to be a financial consulting firm with a New Zealand branch. 

In addition to the accessibility with which fraudsters can construct shell businesses with fraudulent data, these documents are also irrelevant to MLM’s verification. 

Safe Trust LTD’s advertising approach emphasizes this, stating that;

Safe Trust Limited is a New Zealand-based worldwide reputable and accountable financial organization controlled by the New Zealand Securities & Registration Agency’s Regulations & Rules. 

The “New Zealand Securities & Exchange Authority” does not exist. The Financial Services Commission regulates equities in New Zealand.

Apart from the shell company, Safe Trust does not appear to have any genuine connections to New Zealand.

WealthPool is mentioned in the underlying source of Safe Trust’s official site.

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wealthPool has a daily return of the Crypto Ponzi scam, basically launched in late April of 2023.

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WealthPool’s advertisements have narration by a robodub, a practice that is common among non-native English-speaking authorities.

WealthPool is mostly located in the United Kingdom & looks like it has previously failed. 

Safe Trust Limited is run by the same con artists as WealthPool. 

Our Methodology

We look at 34 different data points when analyzing and rating online money-earning opportunities. Once the research on these data points is submitted, expert contributors reach out to the company’s customers and associates to get more insight into their operation. Finally, all the collected information is presented in the form of this expert review.

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All the data is extracted from publicly available information and the sources are given in the transparency section at the bottom of every report.

These reports are made possible by the collective efforts of contributors like you. If you would like to become a contributor then contact us here.

As always, if an MLM firm is not honest about who runs it and who manages it, think long and hard before participating and managing any funds that anybody can contribute. 

Safe Trust Wealth LTD’s Products 

Safe Trust does not have any retailable items or operations.

Associates can advertise Safe Trust affiliate memberships.

Safe Trust Wealth LTD’s Compensation plan 

Safe Trust associates make investments in cryptocurrencies in USD counterparts. This occurs in exchange for a guarantee of promised returns the following results:

Affiliates Invest Receive 
Economy $206.2% a day 
Deluxe $30009.3% a day 

The MLM side of Safe Trust pays referral commissions on invested cryptocurrency down three levels of recruitment i.e. Unilevel. 

  • Level 1- 3%
  • Level 2- 2%
  • Level 3- 1%

Joining Safe Trust Wealth LTD

Affiliation is completely free.

An initial commitment of twenty dollars is required to fully participate in the linked income potential.

Safe Trust invites investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion of Safe Trust Wealth LTD 

Safe Trust, like WealthPool, is a straightforward crypto Ponzi scam. According to Safe Trust Wealth LTD, it produces outside income through a collection of outstanding online assets.

There is not any proof of this portfolio, and it generates very little outside income. In addition, Safe Trust presents no evidence of registration within New Zealand’s FMA.

Even though you invested in Safe Trust because it is domiciled in New Zealand, this indicates that the corporation is engaging in fraud regarding securities. Fraud in securities & pyramid schemes are inextricably linked.

Safe Trust associate recruiting, like all MLM scams, will dry up when fresh capital ceases. This will deprive Safe Trust of Return earnings, ultimately contributing to its demise.

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Ponzi schemes’ calculation ensures that whenever schemes fail, a great deal of those involved lose income.

Safe Trust Wealth LTD’s Customer Feedback 

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  • I put money in for 55 days! It’s a blatant rip-off!

The customer stated that I had been spending for 55 days when it abruptly ceased yet I had also invested. I contacted support to resolve the issue, but they’re asking me to contribute to an API cost of 190 United States dollars. I paid for it, but it remains blocked. Please understand that this is a large hoax. I informed Binance. I squandered more than $1500. 

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  • Fraudster Investment organization!!

They’re fraudulent individuals, I cannot remove the funds from their account, and the automated system no longer works. I wrote them a few times but received no reply. Stay out of this website.

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What is Ponzi Scheme?

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A Ponzi Scam is primarily a fraudulent financial scheme. It entails leveraging money received from prospective shareholders to repay previous stockholders. Ponzi scheme organizers typically offer opportunities to put away the funds that they receive to make extraordinary earnings with no or little risk. 

The Beginnings of the Ponzi Scheme

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In the year 1920, the phrase “Ponzi Schemes” was first used after a fraudster titled Charles Ponzi. Nevertheless, the initially reported instances of this sort of financial fraud may be dated back to the mid-to-late end of 1800 when Adele Spitzeder from Germany & Sarah Howe from the US allegedly staged it. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Safe Trust Wealth but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Dismantling Ponzi Scheme

The Ponzi scheme is an investment scam in which investors receive promises of large profits. Businesses that engage in fraudulent activities devote their entire effort to attracting prospective customers. When newcomers make investments, the cash is gathered & utilized to compensate those who initially invested in the form of Returns.

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How to Guard Against Ponzi Schemes?

A person ought to look into any individual who assists him handle his money in the exact same manner as a shareholder who investigates a firm whose stock he will soon purchase. The simplest method to proceed is to reach out to the Securities and Exchange Commission & inquire whether its auditors have any open inquiries. 

Also, when participating in any program any individual has to look out all the accounting records of the business to ensure that they are legitimate.

Safe Trust Wealth LTD: Untrustworthy Ponzi Scheme (2023)
Safe Trust Wealth LTD: Untrustworthy Ponzi Scheme (2023)

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