Solgen Power – Numerous Complaints and Poor Service

You may have heard of Solgen Power through their online ads in Pasco and Cincinnati. Or, you may have heard of them through their marketing efforts and PR where it claims to be an industry leader in solar energy. 

You may have heard of them through the various Solgen Power complaints available online where people are sharing how this company scammed them out of thousands of dollars. 

Solgen Power has gained a lot of notoriety in the last few years because of its lack of concern for clients and scummy practices. Before you do any business with them, read the following review: 

About Solgen Power LLC:

Solgen Power is a solar energy company based in Pasco, Washington. Their office is located at 5715 Bedford St, Pasco, WA 99301, US and their contact number is 509-931-1663. 

The company makes many attractive claims about its services, the most popular one being offering solar installation on $0 installation. However, it’s a misleading claim like the rest of their marketing efforts. 

This company is the brainchild of Chris Lee and Daryl Kelly. Chris is the CEO of the company while Daryl is the COO of the same. Both of them reside in Pasco and founded this firm in 2017. 

Although the company claims that its mission is to build a brighter future for their people, the reviewers tell a different story. According to the various Solgen Power reviews online, it’s a highly unethical company which uses multiple predatory tactics to leech funds off of its customers. 

From hiding problematic provisions to ignoring customers after getting the money, Solgen Power Pasco has gained a lot of notoriety in the last few years. In the following Solgen Power complaints, you’ll read about how this company has wronged so many consumers: 

Solgen Power Doesn’t Resolve Any Issues

In the above review, Gary says that this solar company has horrible customer service. They promise you the moon but they don’t call you back if you face any problems. The company promised him to give a call back on 5 different occasions. However, they never followed through even once. 

Gary points out that there are plenty of options in the solar industry of Pasco. So, you don’t have to go with Solgen. 

Stephen had scheduled a meeting with Solgen after their representatives had approached him. However, on the scheduled day, his partner had to leave for work and the sales reps refused to meet with Stephen alone. They needed both of the owners to be present. 

Later, Stephen checked their promotion where they claimed to offer a $10k to $15k tax write off with zero down payment. He found out that they are able to offer this tax incentive because the client doesn’t get the complete ownership. 

Unless you put down the full cost of the solar panels, you don’t get the tax credit. Most people wouldn’t have the funds to put down the entire cost of the solar panels. When Stephen found out about this, he canceled the scheduled meeting. 

However, the company responded to his cancellation very unprofessionally and rudely. 

Solgen Power is a Scam and Tries to Take Advantage of Every Client

The above reviewer shares his terrible experience with this company. When Solgen Power completed his project, they installed his sense unit to the sub-panel of a detached garage. Hence, it was unable to track any power consumption of his house or the main panel.

Because Solgen Power installed the sense unit in the wrong place, it could only track the 4 or 5 outlets present in the detached garage. 

Also, the electrician left a 2.5” x 14” hole beneath his sub-panel which has become a big eyesore for the reviewer.

That’s not all.

The reviewer has already shared his gripe with 5 or 6 employees of the company. Each time, he had to explain the entire situation in detail and it has been 3 weeks since his first complaint. Yet, the company has done nothing about it. 

All they do is make an employee call his house who asks him, “What’s the issue?”

Finally, the reviewer reached the appropriate manager. But he had the wrong info. So, the reviewer had to explain everything all over again. 

Afterwards, the company refused to own up to its mistake. The company told him to buy another sense unit for $650 + installation costs. Also, their offered price for a sense unit is $386 more than the real price. 

Instead of accepting their fault and trying to fix the error, the company started urging the reviewer to spend more money on a useless product. 

The reviewer ends his complaint by saying that Solgen Power uses scummy business tactics. 

Below is the picture of the Sense unit Solgen’s installers put in the wrong place:

Solgen Power Makes Empty Promises, Gives Misinformation and Provides Underperforming Hardware

This reviewer warns people against working with Solgen Power. He highlights that the firm makes too many empty promises, gives misinformation and fails miserably at communication. 

Also, the firm struggles with having uninformed workmen. It provides you with underperforming hardware and tries to make up for your wasted time and money with a $25 gift card after waving benefits in your face which they later tell you you’re ineligible for. 

Obviously, Solgen Power doesn’t treat its customers with respect. 

The reviewer gave them the benefit of the doubt for a few months. However, their terrible communication skills showed him that the company takes no interest in customer satisfaction. 

The reviewer says that it has been so bad that everything only resulted in more disappointment. 

Ignoring customer satisfaction is a common trait among shady organizations. Solgen Power isn’t the only shady firm with this quality. Pacific Beneficial Mortgage Company is a notorious scam known for ignoring its clients’ interests. 

Solgen Power Doesn’t Perform Installation Properly

Chris highlights that Solgen Power has many problems in communication. He had started the process of getting a solar system with Solgen in March of 2020. Also, he had signed an agreement with them in April. 

But the company didn’t perform the installation until early July. Also, Chris wasn’t able to power on the system until the end of September, a day before he had to start payments for it. 

The delay in starting the system was because of the system failing multiple inspections. Also, the company couldn’t communicate the installation issues properly with the installers, making things worse for everyone. 

The first inspection showed multiple wiring errors and there was no paperwork on sight. So, the company performed a second inspection which also failed. Finally, they did the repairs but it took them weeks. 

By the time Chris wrote his review, they still hadn’t finished the last bit of installation repairs. The company has to install a Sense monitor but Chris hasn’t heard from any representatives for about a week. 

Solgen Power Scams People Into Paying Thousands in Cancellation Fees

Samantha doesn’t recommend working with Solgen Power at all. She saw an ad on Facebook which said she might be eligible for solar power. So, she filled out the survey and an agent contacted her the next day. 

She agreed to set up a zoom meeting with a senior energy consultant for later that week. Then, they had a meeting where they told her fiance that they were recording the meeting. 

After the meeting, the consultant asked them to e-sign a few documents to have a surveyor visit their property to ensure the viability of their buildings and electoral panel. 

Before signing the documents, Samantha’s fiance had asked the consultant if the documents had any contractual obligation to have solar panels installed. He told them that it was only a “formality” so the surveyor can visit their property. So, they signed the document and set up a meeting with the surveyor. 

However, they had to cancel the meeting due to a family issue. Solgen Power harassed her multiple times to reschedule. 

At first, she agreed to reschedule but the harassment was too much to bear. So, she canceled the appointment. 

Later, the company contacted her and said that she would be incurring unnecessary fees for canceling the meeting. They sent her a cancellation document which said she owed them $3,500 in cancellation fees. 

Immediately, she contacted the company and requested a copy of the zoom meeting they had. When she threatened them with legal action, the company “awarded” them a cancellation fee of cost. 

Samantha says that Solgen Power LLC is not a company looking to go green. It’s looking to trick people into agreements unknowingly and gouge them for wanting to back out. 

Solgen Power Takes Any Responsibility for its Mistakes and Doesn’t Stand By its Word

Jessica here had a terrible experience with this solar company. They put the solar panels in the front of her house instead of the back. So, the panels have ruined the look of her cape cod style home. 

Now, when she asks the company to fix this mistake they say they will charge her somewhere between $2,000-$8,000 for the re-installation. 

The company refuses to take any responsibility for its mistakes. Also, it doesn’t offer any refunds for installing the solar panels in the wrong place. 

Jessica suggests that you shouldn’t move forward with this company because it doesn’t stand by its installers, their workmanship, or their word. 

Installed Panels Don’t Work, Company Doesn’t Respond to the Customer

In this review of Solgen Power LLC, the person highlights that the company installed their panels a month ago but they don’t work. 

The reviewer has complained about this issue but the company doesn’t respond. They now have solar panels on their roof which don’t function at all. 

Eventually, the reviewer ended up sharing this issue with their neighbors so they can avoid this headache in the future. Also, the reviewer highlights that the people at Solgen Power were communicating properly before their loan was approved. 

As soon as the solar company got their money, it stopped communicating. 

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Is Solgen Power a Good Company? 

After going through the various Solgen Power reviews, it’s evident that you can’t trust this company for even a second. It lies to, manipulates, and cheats its clients to squeeze money out of their wallets. 

There are a ton of solar providers in Pasco, you don’t have to stick with the worst one. 

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A Pathetic Organization

The numerous Solgen Power reviews indicate that it’s a horrible service provider which lies to its clients and fails to provide basic services. It would be best to avoid dealing with them and find a different solar company.

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  1. 0.6

    Solgen Power will act friendly until you pay up. After that they won’t care about you at all. My husband has called them multiple times and nobody shows up to fix our panels.

    - CONS: Horrible service and staff
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    A pathetic organization that doesn’t care about its customers 👎

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  3. I used to work for Solgen. I have worked for a lot of solar companies, and this HAS to be the WORST one I have worked for. NO communication between the different divisions, My manager was a LIAR!! I thought I was hired for one position, but when I started work, I was put in a different lesser position. Terrible company to work for.

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