Update: WorldVentures has lost their appeal of a decision by the Norwegian Gaming Board that said they were a pyramid scheme. WorldVentures is now judged to be a pyramid scheme in Norway.

Claims Exposed in this WorldVentures Review

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment!

WorldVentures™ has made a commitment to being the most-trusted name in the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy.

Thanks to its commitment to superior value, its innovative products and its good corporate citizenship, WorldVentures has become one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. With a network of more than 110,000 Independent Representatives in 24 countries, the company offers a unique opportunity to make money doing what you love. In other words, you can make a living, living!

WorldVentures Scam Reality


DreamTrips One Time Fee $199.95 Monthly Fee $26.99
DreamTrips Life One Time Fee $199.95 Monthly Fee $54.99
International DreamTrips Life One Time Fee $199.95 Monthly Fee $49.98
Luxury DreamTrips One Time Fee $999.99 Monthly Fee $99.99
DreamTrips U One Time Fee $99.99 Monthly Fee $20.99

Become a representative $99 one time $10.99 per month.

$360 to start with a DreamTrips package and become a representative.

Do DreamTrips include flights. No. You have to book that separately. What a dream!

You can get similar pricing and package deals, INCLUDING airfare, elsewhere.

Refund policy

14 business days

The WorldVentures BBB Rating is now a C+ it was a D at the time this video was recorded. (The ratings provided by the BBB are a scam in my opinion.  The complaints are not.)

WorldVentures had a F rating with the BBB at the end of 2013.

Below is one of the BBB complaints.

After accessing and exploring the website I found that the destinations were the same but packaged differently to make the website seem more expansive.

I called the Regional Manager again to complain about the destination and availablity issues, and again I got the run-around and was offered another suggestion, which was to shop other travel websites and if I found a destination on another website they would match the cost, if this was the solution to my issues then WorldVenture is offering a service that is free from other travel entities, so why should I pay fro something that is free.

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The Regional Manager then stated that if I got others involved in WorldVenture My cost to travel these destinations would be less. I told the regional manager that it would be difficult for me to involve a friend or associate in a business venture that I was completely dissatisfied with, and that I was opting out of the program because of the false advertising and marketing practices, lack of destinations/opportunities promised and not received from WorldVenture services

Income Disclosure

77.51% Earned no income.

Average income for an independent representative was $203.59

95% on average are losing money according to their own income disclosure and reports that take into account expenses have WorldVentures ranked as one of the worst MLMs for you losing money: 99.97%.

The World Ventures Compensation Plan will make your eyes bleed because it is so confusing.

There are compensation caps at various levels and a 65% PAYOUT CAP RULE.

Read more about: Richard C. Wayne & Associates

Wayne Nugent tries to say that you and he are the same.

You are not the same as Wayne because the top positions are owned by Wayne and Mike.

Both Wayne and Mike are tax frauds.

When you get the car bonus, keep in mind, you are the one that takes the car in YOUR name, YOU pay the insurance on it, and if any customers you signed up drop out or cancel their membership and you fall below the quota required to keep that car, YOU will be stuck with the payments.

Essentially all your fees for joining and monthly membership go into a “piggy bank”. Unfortunately these are not all available immediately, expire after a year and are only good for DreamTrips Rewards (not normal DreamTrips and not airfare).

WordVentures Court Case 2011-2013

Alan Waters CFO explains why it is normal for management to place some people high in the compensation plan as a perk.

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So far, WorldVentures has kept out of trouble with attorneys general, shamed or litigated former reps into silence, and successfully parlayed its rating from the Better Business Bureau up to a C. But the two most damning lawsuits from former reps may soon be joined by a third. Jeffrey Ostrove, a former WorldVentures rep who was involved for seven months, is preparing a class action suit against the company. More than 200 people have signed on, he said. “This is really ethically wrong, it’s morally wrong,” he told The Observer. “It’s taking advantage financially of people without them knowing about it.”
– Source New York Observer

2.5 Total Score

It’s highly recommended that you STAY AWAY from the WorldVentures scam. It is not only ranked as one of the worst MLMs for you losing money: 99.97%, it’s also life ruining. Avoid!

  • Pyramid Scheme
  • One of the worst MLM in the market
  • Life Ruining
  • Unethical
  • Bad Payout
  • Legally Infamous
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