Crowd-source funding is the prefect cover for running a cash gifting scam. Cash gifting is almost always promoted as a way for you to mutually help others. In reality, it is a scam. The latest twist on the cash gifting scam is to use bitcoins. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into BTCPanda. Here is what I have found.

What BTCPanda Claims To Be:

Traditionally, acquiring business funding requires you to produce extensive business presentations, followed by directly approaching individual financers or financial institutions. This process is lengthy and could potentially lead to nothing.

The equity-based BTCPanda Crowdfunding platform is the most innovative solution to this as it evolves the entire process by raising capital through collective investments from large pools of individuals in the BTCPanda network.

You become a member of the BTCPanda network by contributing Bitcoin amounts to the community which provides other members the opportunity to gain financing. In return, you earn a profit on the financial aid you provided and will also be entitled to obtain financing yourself.

Ultimately, BTCPanda presents its community a much more effective approach to gaining financing solutions for their ventures.

Here is how this money making opportunity is presented:

The Truth about BTCPanda

Information on the creators of BTCPanda is not provided on their website.  This is a giant red flag.   It was launched in December of 2015.

Here is how BTCPanda works:

1. Register.

2. Log in to your BTCPanda Member Account.

3. Authenticate.

4. Add Funds.

5. Buy Pins.

1 Pin costs $10

6. Provide Help (PH).

Put in an amount you are willing to give to the community.

7. Wait and collect interest.

First Month – 1% daily
Second Month – 1.1% daily
Third Month – 1.2% daily
Fourth Month – 1.3% daily
Fifth Month – 1.4% daily
Sixth Month – 1.5 % daily
Seventh Month – no interest (Max 180 days only)

8. Click on Get Help.

RP is needed for you to Get Help (GH). In order for you to GH 3 BTC you need 3 RP. RP is earned if your referral Provides Help (PH). For example, your referral PH 10 BTC, you are entitled to get 70% of your referral’s BTC as your Reward Point (RP) which is 7 RP. Once you earn this RP you may use it to GH or you may transfer it to others who need it.

Since they are using the Blockchain, the amount of your Get Help will be different from the amount you will receive. This is due to a Fee of 0.0001 BTC per transaction.

BTCPanda is a cash/bitcoin gifting system that helps you make payments to others so you can receive payments.  You are required to recruit people to get money from this scam.

Each members played an important role in promoting and sharing the love of Bitcoin and BTCPanda community in order to grow the system. Apart from just PH and GH, each of us help the system by sharing the joy of earning with at least 2 new members every month to ensure a healthy growth for the system. – Source

Cash gifting is illegal and in some states you can get up to 7 years of jail time for running one of these scams.

No matter how these schemes are presented, the bottom line is the same for all – cash gifting schemes are illegal….

The Attorney General Of Michigan

Cash gifting is a pyramid scheme and all 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes.

Ask yourself three questions in order to evaluate dubious money-making opportunities:

• Do I have to pay money and recruit others into the program to make money?

• When I recruit another person into the program, will I receive money as a result of their purchases?

• Will the person I recruit have to do the exact same thing as I have done to make money?

If the answers are “yes,” steer clear of the scheme, don’t give in to tempting claims online and never buckle under to high-pressure sales pitches, even when they come from the mouth of a trusted friend, co-worker, neighbor or church member.


1 Pin costs 10$

Pins are needed before you can make any kind of transaction within BTCPanda.


BTCPanda has no products for you to retail to customers.

Compensation Plan

Depending on your rank you can receive commissions 12 levels deep in your downline.

Helper (H)
Fundraiser (F)
Charity Helper(CH)
Angel Helper (AH)
Venture Helper (VH)

Recent changes to compensation plan:

Old Provide Help (PH on & before 14 June 2016)

All members pending Get Help (GH) for Profit/Capital will be cancelled and return back to running Provide Help (PH), interest will be calculated as normal from the day it was GH. (Example: if one member GH 10 days ago, the member will enjoy the extra 10 days interest, and the pins will be credited back)

As old members have enjoyed good and stable returns for the past 7 months, we would require them to assist in maintaining the community stability ratio, as such, they can perform Get Help Profit only. (The option of GH Capital will lock for up to 3 months), which can be performed tomorrow but as everyone will GH profit at the same time, the GH matching will take up to one or two weeks.

The interest calculation for Provide Help (PH) will be extended from 90 days to 180 days .

The daily interest calculation will be revised to reward those who Provide Help for longer duration.
First Month – 1% daily
Second Month – 1.1% daily
Third Month – 1.2% daily
Fourth Month – 1.3% daily
Fifth Month – 1.4% daily
Sixth Month – 1.5 % daily
Seventh Month – no interest (Max 180 days only)
This is to encourage members to just GH profit instead of GH All.

As for active members, the GH Referral and GH Unilevel will resume normally.

All account PH limit will be automatically increased to 30 BTC and Referral Bonus will increased to 10% per account (max 3 BTC) for one time only and not every month. (Example: If your downline PH 10 BTC this month, you will get 1 BTC (10%) Referral Bonus. If he GH and PH again 15 BTC, you will get extra 0.5 BTC and not 1.5 BTC).

The Manager Bonus and Marketing Plan will remain the same.

New Provide Help (defined as those PH on & after 15 June 2016)

They are not affected by the implementation and they can enjoy full GH Profit or GH Capital after 25 days of Providing Help. The Get Help Profit will be still 48 hours as usual.

In order to reduce manipulation of the system, Get Help (GH) All (Capital + Profit) will take up 15 to 20 days to match.

Starting from 1st July 2016, all account must be verified before able to Get Help. It will be updated into the system and members must provide 2 clear Photos IDs (a photo of ID card and yourself while holding your ID card).

Those who failed the KYC/verification process/manipulated the system; their funds will be locked and deducted to initial capital (minus 10% management fees) and refunded after 6 months.

Income Disclosure

They provide no income disclosure for how much people are actually making.

Refund Policy

They do not offer a refund policy.

BTCPanda Scam Conclusion

This BTCPanda review says, BTCPanda is a cash gifting scheme acting as a crowdfunding platform. BTCPanda is promoted as a way for you to mutually help others. Instead, it is a way to make money from people you recruit into a pyramid scheme. You will have to purchase pins, “give help” to others, and recruit people to make money.  Each individual who profits, therefore, does so primarily from the payments of others who are themselves making payments in order to obtain their own profit. I would avoid the BTCPanda money-making opportunity scam.

3.9 Total Score

BTCPanda is an extremely shady business and should be avoided at all costs!

  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Scam
  • Untrustworthy
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