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Tony Kazal Dubai: The businessman with updated deceiving skills?

A Fairfax Media and Huffington Post investigation has revealed a shocking story of bribery and corruption in the oil industry, focusing on the Monaco-based company Unaoil. 

Tony Kazal Dubai, a businessman from Sydney, and his brothers are masters in cozying up to authority. Prime ministers and premiers have attended Labor fundraisers at the family’s opulent Sydney restaurants.

Unaoil is a firm based in Monaco. Unaoil claims to provide industrial solutions to the energy sector. The firm operates in the Middle East, Central Asia & Africa. The firm has private ownership and deals in Oils.

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Tony Kazal

The Sydney Morning Herald published exposés about them. Charif Kazal, Tony Kazal Dubai’s brother, was judged to have committed an act of corruption by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption by trying to influence a public official to further the family’s commercial interests in the Rocks.

The Kazals had connections to some of the most influential families in Libya and the United Arab Emirates when they traveled from Lebanon to Australia. And Tony Kazal has been in charge of keeping these contacts throughout the Middle East.

Tony Kazal brought a senior executive from Monaco-based oil industry fixer Unaoil to a pair of Libyan businessmen who, according to hacked emails, were “close friends of President Gadhafi’s [sic] son” during one of Tony Kazal’s several journeys back to the Middle East.

1/12/2023 Update
As of now, Tony Kazal has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

 Tony Kazal Dubai Connection With Mustafa Zarti

Owner of a business that supplied tuna to Europe, Mustafa Zarti was one of the persons Toni Kazal introduced. Even though he had a thriving fish business, Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, the hard-partying son of Muammar Gaddafi, who had been executed, was far more significant to him than his fish business.

After meeting Kazal and Martin Abram from Unaoil, Zarti was named deputy director general of Libya’s sovereign wealth fund, a government-owned organization with $65 billion available for investment, a year after their meeting.

image 36
Mustafa Zarti, the business partner of Tony Kazal Dubai

Zarti’s potential value to Unaoil, which serves as the super bagman for the international oil sector, was entirely evident to Abram. Following the meeting arranged by Kazal, Abram updated Unaoil CEO Cyrus Ahsani. He said that Ranhill, their Malaysian client, was in a position to help Zarti get a significant state-sponsored flat-building project in Libya. All attempts up to that time had been fruitless.

Aarti invited Abram to dinner at Tripoli’s Marina Club a few weeks later. There was a man named Dr. Mubarak waiting for them. He had the power to affect how the housing contract would turn out. Here is how Abram describes it: “Dr. Mubarak is a brilliant and modest man, and he promised us he will do his best to choose the right candidate for the post,”

It was not long before Ranhill had a contract to build thousands of apartments for the Libyan government, and Zarti had an agreement with Unaoil to be paid up to $4 million for his help. Even though Tony Kazal Dubai had made the most critical introductions, there didn’t seem to be anything for him. He continued to add to Unaoil’s offerings despite this.

The Illegal Businesses of Tony Kazal Dubai

With Unaoil, Tony Kazal’s next transaction was about petrol and inflation. Kazal had to divulge how far he had penetrated Qatar for this task. Late in 2008, the South Korean government ordered Unaoil to look into finding $30 million worth of liquefied natural gas. Tony Kazal knew a person who could assist in finding a supply for it.

Saman Ahsani, the chief operating officer of Unaoil, mentioned in one email that Tony Kazal appeared to be connected to a prominent Qatari politician. With 14% of known supplies, Qatar is the third-largest petroleum exporter in the world.

But before he offered his assistance, Kazal demanded a deal from Unaoil so that he would be compensated this time. Kazal traveled to Europe in November 2008 to meet with Ata Ahsani, chairman of Unaoil, and Cyrus Ahsani, the company’s CEO. He departed the conference with what he believed to be a $1 million consulting fee that had been promised.

image 37

However, Saman Ahsani instructed his brother to adopt a cold-blooded attitude in response to Tony Kazal Dubai’s invoice and request that his money be transferred to a Dubai bank account of his company, Australian Global Trading. You ought to tell him over the phone that the company hasn’t yet benefited from his business. Thus, accept this gift immediately as a sign of our gratitude for a project whose nature has altered, and then let’s concentrate on conducting business properly as a team.

Unaoil & Tony Kazal Dubai Troubled Partnership

As part of a “closing out” agreement, Unaoil transferred $350,000 to Tony Kazal Dubai in December 2008 and pledged another $650,000 the following time they functioned as partners.

It was not surprising that Unaoil and Kazal struggled to reach an agreement on favorable terms on behalf of their respective clients, the Koreans and the Qataris, given the lack of confidence in the backdrop. Month after month, nothing happened.

Any petrol deal had only one guarantee: the price would be exaggerated. By 2010, Unaoil informed Kazal that they would need to add “2% at their end” “to convince the customer to make us a commitment.”


All parties agreed in March 2010 that a compromise should be reached. Nevertheless, the emails that Fairfax Media and the Huffington Post found could state whether or when a contract was finalized. Kazal did not reply when contacted for comment. Tony Kazal Dubai and his brothers are experts at flattering the powerful.

Prime ministers and premiers have participated in Labor fundraisers at the family’s luxurious Sydney restaurants.

Unaoil and Tony Kazal’s role in brokering deals with Libyan businessmen highlights the lack of accountability and transparency in the business world. 

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  1. This man is not trustable and all his schemes are fake, all he knows is that to have connections with big families and use the royalty for being on the top and wants to reflect as being a legitimate dealer, but in the name of providing any profit they will never respond to any of your messages, this article has basically tried to tell us that investing with them isn’t the right choice.

  2. Nor reliable for investing will be providing no profit their main focus is on building relationships with high-profile businessmen and then providing zero profit to their people. The real problem is that they can never be their true personality, and you will have to be prepared for suffering any loss.

  3. Avoid dealing with him and make sure you are not feeling lonely and you are having all the money and feeling problems regarding your investment.

  4. Tony was earning bigger profits as he was dealing in petrol and had all the money with him and his partners aren’t provided with the money so dealing with him isn’t the right choice, otherwise you will have to get all the problems.

  5. I would never ask anyone to do any sort of business with Tony Kazal not a trustable person as he is not making any difference after making any form of profit to his users so it is our responsibility to avoid people like Tony and opt for some better option.

  6. I will suggest you avoid doing any business with Tony Kazal as he is involved in various nefarious scams and is still connected to fraudulent entities sitting in offshore locations dealing with users in our country.

  7. The company was getting favored by several high-profile businessmen so it grew rapidly, which turned their mindset.

  8. The world is full of scammers the only thing you have to keep in mind is that they aren’t affecting you, after knowing their reality you should maintain a distance from them and keep this mind that they aren’t able to affect you through their fake deals and nefarious mentality, it is observed that companies like them aren’t feeling the fact that they have committed some crime, it should be never the case that you are blindly trusting them.

  9. This is all fake news and illegal accusations. Article should be deleted
    He has been issued a formal apology on newspaper

    here is a screenshot of the Newspaper first page.
    Posting photos in reply is not allowed here.

  10. If government officials will only favor these scammers then how can we trust the legal authorities for our security?

  11. Making these people suffer for their fake and non-trustable business trades is going to make them suffer a lot, it is very much important for punishing them.

  12. The political connections with influential people will help you a lot in doing any type of business, the only required thing will be money, anything can be bought with money.

  13. Most of the time it is seen that people like Tony don’t hesitate to ask for help from the political and influential people in their nefarious businesses their main target is to earn money through illegal means and never get exposed.

  14. It is very important for the officials to keep these high-profile businessmen under the legal influence.

  15. The company was not at all doing good to its business partners they were using its influential powers to run its fraudulent business.

  16. The government authorities need to be very attentive while attending any type of party or function so that none of them could the indirect support from them, people Tony are misusing their contacts for scamming others.

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  18. The world needs to make these criminals understand their mistakes and allow their users to understand the problems and make them suffer for their crimes.

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